Dec 3, 2015

Assessment study for Audi Q5

While looking for replacement for my old ride , I come across the seller putting a good bargain on an Audi Q5 2009 yr UK spec.

after google around low yat forum , ClubAudiMalaysia (forum , facebook group).

I decide to put all my survey and finding into my blog so that next time when I spot another Q5 I know what to check for it.

below are 3 key issue surround this Audi Q5.

Q5 endless oil leak issue with fix of 15-17k

1. Engine oil consumption issue can be rectified with an overhaul which is gonna cost around RM15k-17k

2. Based on the mileage, wear and tears parts especially the Printed Circuit Board which is connected to your DSG gearbox cost < RM2

3. Transmission jerk on gear 1 /2 - mechatronic change and resolve the problem.


Regular maintenance

1. Regular maintenance of RM450-600 for normal 10,000

2. Major maintenance depend still.


Service Center other than Euromobile

Eurowerks at Subang/Sunway Mohd Muzzhafar

Terminal R at USJ Jackson Tan

Imola Motorsports at Ampang Akib Nadeem

Driversion at Cheras Wayne Wee


Euromobile@Chan Sow Lin branch @Darryl

German Motor@PJ @Damansara Sunway technology park

+6010 221 0041
+6016 3737 303


Look like I got a lot of choice workshop ..Smile


Below are extraction taken frm CAM(forum) by Cire – some other key issue and comment from Cire.


1. The fly by wire driving condition learning process.

When one used to driving leisurely and light footed, the car will tend to keep that driving pattern to ensure smooth drive all the time. Gear shifts will be faster to conserve fuel. On the other hand, when one drives aggressively and in a sportier mood, the pattern will be kept the next time the car is re-started. Gear changes will longer than usual to harness in the power from the engine.

Owners have tried using Dynamic and S-mode to try to resolve the problem of hesitation and jerkiness, but it is not proven to have resolve the issue this way.

I think the rapid acceleration camouflaged the jerkiness.

2. Transmission Control Unit (TCU), requiring a re-flash.

Much like upgrading of software. New found issues will be reported back to Audi AG team and solutions will be made and send to dealers around the world in accordance to their respective issues.

Q5 exported internationally are programed to the specific countries respectively, and thus the problems also defers respectively. Current program may be applicable to older issues, and may not be on yours, so it is best that your problem/s is always registered with EM/Audi, officially. * pls ask to see registering of such complain, or have a print copy demanded.

3. Transmission's oil and filter.

Some comments have claimed that a the transmission oil somehow is contaminated with air bubbles / aerates. It could be a housing design problem where crevices in the gearbox allows for air bubbles to build up. A change of the oil only resolves the problem temporarily.

The ill fitment of the gearbox oil filter also causes aerates. A change of this filter also resolved the problem temporarily.

Next time, suggest this to your Service Advisor.

4. The hill-assist inherited problem.

Now, Q5 has this feature which is a wonderful feature to have. However, the system could be easily "tricked" when a certain driving style is performed, for example coming to almost rolling stop with a hard enough brake application, and then take off again. This condition may signal to the TCU that its on a hill stop and therefore the electronic braking system continues to activate even when the foot is off the brake pedal.

As we stepped on the gas pedal to coast off, there will be a conflicting signal sent to the TCU which will need to process the condition a bit longer to determine whether the driver is trying to crept forward or accelerate away.

So, when the pedal pressure is constant, the braking system will release and the car accelerated as required after a slight hesitation.

But when harder pressure on the gas pedal is applied immediately after the release of the brake pedal, the system will know that it is on coasting-acceleration mode, and will release the braking system simultaneously as the gas pedal application. A smooth drive will be anticipated here.

This explanation however may or may not have caused the problem of jerkiness but more likely for full stop to acceleration issue/annoyance.

A safety feature to avoid a sudden forward jerk or unintended acceleration.

5. Cam follower.

I don't think this has caused the jerkiness because your Q5 is still relatively new, and its on/off issue. There is also no acceleration issue like heavy jerkings when the pedal is stepped to the floor.

So, we shall take this out of the equation.

There has been many "issues" with Audi's TFSI engine oil consumption.

According to some Audi and VW manuals, having to top up oil 0.9litre per 3,000km ( 1quart/1000miles) is considered normal. Anything beyond this, is considered as consumption of oil, and need to be monitor to check if the situation gets worse or maintaining at the same level.

Now, through extensive readings about this particular issue, I can safely conclude that the engine needs to be repaired.

The below are the common parts changed for most of the complained engines..

...Fix was performed.

-Replaced Crankcase pressure control valve / Separator.

-Replaced Front Crankshaft Seal

-Replace Piston rings

-Replace Piston

In my opinion, the main culprits by far are the top two items that needed to be changed- Pressure Control valve and Crankshaft seal.

Now, the pressure control valve regulates the engine's internal gas pressure. As the engine works, there will be gas from the combustion chambers and from its atmospheric containment. Too much pressure built up, engine received more stress, and less efficient. Optimum condition will ensure engine's potential is used effectively.

The failure or defective PCV will let more engine oil into the recycle chambers to be burnt, thus oil consumption. Recycling chambers is designed to burnt off excess oil before it is released into the atmosphere as exhaust. Dark shoot film can be seen on the tips of the exhaust pipes. That's why unlike older cars, you don't see white blume of smoke usually associated with engine oil consumption.

Some owners swore that due to moderately driving style (not hard driven), the pressure valves fails to work properly. Hard driven, the valves works and therefore keeps oil from flowing more into the recycling chambers.

There were calls also by technicians to owners to once awhile "to stretch the legs a bit .." on the car. High rev beyond 5-6k before changing gears. Sorta loosening up some dormant mechanism in the car/engine.

Crankshaft seal is replaced becos once the bottom part of the engine is open, a replacement piece is needed.

Check the cost out at Audi Euromobil.

But bear in mind that, the above two items may or may not resolve your total problem. Piston and piston rings too may cause oil to seep into the combustion chambers and got burnt. I believe the former procedure is less costly.

Nov 16, 2015

Trick to survive in bad economic - GST , weaker Ringgit in Malaysia–Part 1

Although life get tough during year 2014/15 with few implementation by governance and foreign currency. still there is way to stay calm.

Myself who work in Malaysia start from 1995 till 2015 = 20 year of working experiences. being go through few cycle of black friday especially in KLSE.

One thing for sure , don’t complaint about other factor in fact we should change ourselves to live in this conditions. Live Simple

3 basic thing which we should look into as primary objective first. A House to stay , food to survive , cloth to wear, work to earn living

Home – Every place in earth where cities located , housing price shoot sky high . don’t complaint the your dream house price is untouchable , why not pick some alternate places ?

for example like Kajang, Seremban , Sg.buloh ,klang …etc. there are public transport linked to this few places even if you don’t own a private transport.

Food – there are pletty of food/restaurant or even small stall around the corner serving nice food , Old Town Kopitiam maybe cheaper then other fine cuisine but still there are shop offer food even cheaper and tasty + cleanest environment too.

try to look around or ask people living beside you.

Cloth – I don’t buy cloth near the festival session because it can be mark up to certain extent which I personally see my current cloth is selling expensive after 1 year… Try to research on promotion/items or target certain non-luxury brand. For me I manage

to find some pajamas in good quality in tesco compare with jusco / KLCC/ Pavillion . Of cause if you being to places like Bangkok/ HongKong/ Indonesia (special thank to Air-Asia who make it everyone can fly) , you can take the opportunity

to shop around for cloth . We don’t need to wait for festival to buy those.

Work – We need work to earn money , don’t like your ego push you expectation too high . My current salary is 15* of my first job (after working 20 yr) . Right now I focus on

looking for job which near by my home location because it will save out petrol , less road tension ..etc. Yes , although the salary might be higher in cities but food + parking+toll already kill those extra money off.


There are still few cheat/trick to survive in current situation , watch up for more update later

picture taken from .

Dec 29, 2014

too many thing happen in 201


- Family all still peaceful

-Manage to organize few gathering within my bro and sister which is a breakthrough from the past year.

-I start attending sunday school and get closer to Jesus Christ so that we can be close friend.. Smile 

-Finally Zoey and Paris past through the year in healthy state , although both of them go through with few sick but overall is still ok .

-House renovation starter , slowly , hopefully earlier 2015 we are able to move to our own houses.

-no oversea travel , which is good for me and family to get closer.

-visit few places within malaysia by car (Melacca , Ipoh , Penang) , even genting we manage to explore some must visit place for children to have a decent

exercise instead of thempark.

-changing form IOS user to android user..although experience is not so direct but the impact is good at least I don’t need to squeeze my eye to see a small screen.



-thin got stolen suspect someone from within family member.

-part to a contract employment which is a tik tok risk for me.

-my technical lead keep resign , already 3 resign for the year 2014 , partly due to the ‘customer’

-my old ride start giving problem , although I have change few jobs but still I don’t really confident to change a car. Focus is giving to family as 1st priority.

-a lot of gossip internally within company on who is bad and who is good.

-no saving and still in dept.


Maybe good

-Got a lot of complaint from my end customer, at the end I am going to be replace by someone else from IBM and transfer to another account.

-Plan to exercise more often within weekend to improve personal health.

-getting more interview for other jobs . Jesus is listening to my call I believe. Hope to engage with a positive employer by next year.


2015 – Healthly life , Family and go out of ‘employee’ state is my 2015 goal…. How abt you ?

May 27, 2014

Nissan Serene Hyrid really 7 seat MPV w/o sacrify comfort??

There wasn’t much choice in Malaysia if we really want a 7seat MPV and price < 200K RM.

although there are model to choice from Innova , Nissan Lavina , Honda Stream , Mazda 5 , Toyota Wish (grey importer).

What determint the buying factor ?????? Fuel Save  , Bigger space if more then 5 person  , Comfort Riding + other misc feature.

During last week church period , on the way back we visited Nissan showroom to check out about this Serene with Hyrid

“Nissan Serena S-Hybrid, the first Hybrid MPV in Malaysia had just launch by Edaran Tan Chong Motor (ETCM) with the attractive price from RM149,500 OTR.
Safety specification have in Nissan Serena S-Hybrid are, Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC), Hill Start Assist, driver and front passenger SRS Airbags, and ABS+EBD+BA

The roomy of Nissan Serena S-Hybrid interior  The Nissan Serena S-Hybrid powered by 2.0L MR20DD able to produce 147 PS at 5,600 rpm and 210 Nm at 4,400 rpm, and matted with Xtronic CVT gearbox.

What on the paper actually meet my requirement as family MPV + fuel saver whic h also a factor for me as I will be using it daily to travel from klang to Klang Valley for work and customer visit.

Below are some snapshoot taken from google image , I  will update more on the ride comfort once test drive done on earlier of Jun 2014.




WIll continue

My Pudu豆原@Experience

Pudu our normal lunch place as there area offer Pork Belly(Char Siew) , Noddle , Tai Foo . 

My first visit to Pudu豆原 is with jessica , as I advice jessica that I need a break and same goes with her as well .

So I order the healthy milk coffee and jess order another milk coffee as well to claim her down due to overstress.

While jessica was working on her work again , I start to notice the surrounding area  like the Cofe flower cup  and very light coffee smell..)

2014-05-21 12.50.592014-05-21 13.01.502014-05-21 12.55.54


Below are the picture taken again on 23/5/2014 when my collegues farewell with me after ‘Wong Mei Kei Siew Yok’ session with them

This time as Vivian and SiewEng both are Coffee lover , they order more strong coffee . Again thank you all for the lunch and it was glad to be you all.


2014-05-23 14.05.522014-05-23 14.06.02


I just recall now that this coffee shop also have their blog hosted at blogspot too .