Nov 1, 2006

St Anne church at B.Mentajam

It is my first time at B.Mentajam , we going there to 'pray' for my father-in-law sister. On the way back we drive into St Anne Church to see it 'beauty'.

Since i'm the only camera 'men' available , while bc shooting picture ,I manage to snap a 10 Commandment rock at the church.

Let' follow it as principal of our life

Hari Raya trip to Perlis

During 06 hari raya holiday , i going out with my wife together to Perlis for siteseeing.

But due to 'Kao Wong Yak'/Rainly session we did't manage to step down from the car to snap some nice picture using my new DSLR 350D.

There are few place which we manage to visit , Border of Perlis&Thailand , Gua Keram , K.Perlis(fishing town with nice& cheap seafood- restaurant name is Hai Tien.We almost miss the restaurant because jessica(my wife) said she last visit is when she study at UUM@Kedah.

During our dinner at Hoi Tien , i manage to snap a nice view of sunset .