May 26, 2008

Cool as Ais @ KL Pavilion 28 May - 1 Jun

A small fellow from HP is going to there waiting for us at KL Pavilion.

And it is as Cool as Ais.

Remember to make your appointment at 10am-10pm 28 May till 1 Jun 2008.

Target audiences should be - Blogger, Photographer , SME , Styling lady and gentlemen who
want a different look from others.

Will update on my blog on this launch.

HP acquire EDS

A cute picture send by my friend to me when HP announce the news of acquisition .

May 25, 2008

Cord blood

I believe everyone will ask what is a Cord Blood ? Initially before i being approach by those salesgirl, i will told it is the cord which join from baby and mother and it will be the one will store into a cell bank.

But after discuss with them , i reliaze I'm wrong on this and slowly i found out abt this cord blood in more details. According to last time when Dato’ Dr Chua Soi Lek who has rightly spoken up against the current Cord Blood Banking Hype. In Malaysia, the only active Cord Blood Banks are the private ones which provide the service to cryopreserve (freeze) your newborn’s Cord Blood stem cells for purported “insurance against future illnesses”.

In Malaysia previous ,cancer patients and other blood disorders like thalassemia will need a Bone marrow transplants and usually offered only at major oncology centers.

But with bone marrow it is alike 10/80% that we will get a matched bone marrow. But if our children have store their cord blood during birth time. They can use it perfectly 100% for them self. Because baby cord blood able to adopt to new environment easily in inside any strange place. Compare with Bone marrow which sometime it will get reject after a few month transplant.

In Malaysia , this have not gone in popular 1st is because cost is higher around 4-5 k in year 2000. As of now the price is going deep down. we can see a few player in the private sector is trying their best to tackle any pregnant lady at any hospital/specialist.

CellSafe Internatioanl

I am doing comparison between them right now but after going through article i found out there is still some grey area in front..:(

Should we protect our children future by now or wait...i believe every parent will opt for the first (if $$ is ok for them)...:)

Next continous will come soon because 3 of them offer me a 'discount' during this month only. I know it just business talk...hahahhah

See ya

May 24, 2008

Visiting Sungai Klah Hot Springs Park at perak

Was plan to go on Saturday during a long holiday (3 day off) with family but parent decide to wait till Sunday so that everyone can go .

So that agenda is depart from kuala lumpur and make a stop at Tanjung Malim for the famous Yik Mum (Ayam/kaya/Kacang Pau located at Jalan Slim River@Tg Malim.

After that we headback to highway and goto Sungkai going to the hotspring for some hot n cool bath. that place is really a clean n well arrange resort and it is locate another 5-10km drive to depth forest.

Of cause we must paid for the clean environment which cost adult - Rm10 , senior citizen (Rm7) , Children (Rm3) . I will said it really worth the money to go.

Here is some of the picture i taken , i really don't have plenty time to enjoy because i'm carrying a SLR camera and taking care of my photos.

Facilites such as octopus pool(warm water ) ,food massage therapy , hot spring , egg boiling time , family hot pools.

let's rate this articles...

Received my ITIL certificate from EXIN

Today when i saw a big envelope from EXIN , it really give me a surprise what is inside because i though i will only receive my result through the exam center and alot of people told me that they don't receive the ITIL (pin). But now it here at my desk.

It mean something special to me because it is the only certification i got through my hard work (after going through 20 days of study the guided and some of those braindump which is outdated) after being 1+ year working in Hx.

I also will like to thank for my news boss who arrange it for me to attend our internal workshop . although it is so much of boring but i seldom fall asleep only after 1 or 2 heavy lunch break ~~ normal .

Now i going for another exam to show to other ,i still in touch with technology and best practise.

Now I'm an ITIL foundation certification , it is time to use what i learn on my current jobs

There is a paragraph i got some the material.

No matter how much you know today, you have to know more tomorrow.

May 23, 2008

Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian

After watching the Chronicles of Naria. 1st episode The Lion . The Witch , and the wardrobe at year 2005 . Since then this movie alway a demo show around every LCD or Plasma showcast.

And i'm going to watch this movie with my wife n her friend later tonight at 1U.

But the bad news is i hitting a bad sore throat & cough recently so no more coca +Pop coip while rest@home for my medical leave today , i google around a trailer of this latest movie
from Apple

I believe it will again bring excite and gossip around during our dinner/lunch/breakfast with all our friend around.

Let's enjoy it.

May 10, 2008

K9 in Botani Garden at Klang

At sudden another K9 organizer pop out an email , inviting all dog lover to go for social activity.

So i pack up my camera and umbrella and shape out our bobowin doggis and let's go..

Guess which puppy is ours, i don't know why but noone actually dress up their puppy ....:)

After that day , i fall sick because of the hot weather even i wear hat lucky jess is ok.

Just advice for others - next time only bring camera+hat+dog+small bottle of water..

Trying out with picasa feature ...hhm...look creative..!!!

May 5, 2008

Where to find earthquakes information ?

Just now while i checking on my blog for visitor i found out there is someone coming from another side of world 'Brazil' to be exact.

So i goo around on Sao Paulo blog and found out this blog Daily Lifein Rio and Expat in Brazil , after leaving them a comment , I browse around and find out that this country recently shock
an earthquake hit off the coast of São Paulo State. 5.2 on the Richter scale .

And the author of ExpatBrazil show a link abt Earthquake Hazards , to me again our mother nature is getting sick because of all those 'flu' ---{Pollution, Cutting of tree, abuse of nature resource].

To my surprise ,all those earthquakes according to the link is happen around coast area. Again indonesia fear of Tsunami (2006 yr). If you check out this link . You can see that more then 20 earth 'dancing' happen around the world.

UCGS Earthquake Center

Everyone of us is the son of our god, and God make earth a place for us to stay . Please don't shock it and destory that only place we or even our grandchildren place of staying.

May 3, 2008

Please click comment !!! Outbrain

Hi Visitor,

I just install outbrain a coment rating & recommendation plugin and it fit into my blog quite well.

In order to improve myself on blogging and learning to build a better common platform for sharing knowledge and though.

I need your help to click on the star to rate n comment my content. This plugin also enable someone without leaving a comment can rate my blog by just click on that.

Come click click click

Best Regards

Voice from Japan --> Go Go go...Earth day is near

Recently when me and my wife surf around the web, we found a little interesting thing abt environment and it is original idea from Japan.

Come check it out at my other blog and join to save the EARTH .

if every house can plant a tree then it will at least help to
protect our environment.

Japan have started , what we are waiting for ??

May 1, 2008

Passing ITIL Foundation certification

Finally after days of reading and support given by jess and other.

I suggestion is - read the guided not thosee braindump it might not be the question which you are going to answer .

Even I'm involve in incident , problem ,service desk management but i still not scoring alot of point on this few sector.

Anyhow here are some link for online exam material which is useful only if you have read the study guided.

Don't know whether will i getting the green pin

* green, for the Foundation Certificate
* blue, for the Practitioner’s Certificate
* red, for with the Manager’s Certificate

Time for exam is finish , now let start the big project now....:)