Nov 28, 2008

December 1st - World AIDS Day

The 1st of December , World AIDs Days, is the day when individuals and organisationsfrom around the world come together to bring attention to the global AIDS epidemic.

2008 marks the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day.

Here are the official site of World AIDS Days 2008

Base on Statistics on 1 Aug2008 , the number of people living with HIV has risen from around 8 m in 1990 to 33 m today, and is still growing. Around 67% of people living with HIV are in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Again just for those people who asking what is HIV.
It stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. After a period of time
this virus damages the immune system, and this causes a variety of
symptoms known as AIDS.
This time period varies, depending on factors such as access to AIDS
drugs, and possibly such factors as nutrition, the presence of other
medical conditions, and stress. In the absence of treatment, the
average time between HIV infection and progression to AIDS is around
ten years.
So it mean that person who infect by AIDS will going to struggle at most 10 years...:(

According to

Try it out for your country to see how well is your country accountable for . Click

November 26 mark bad for Mumbai

Today - November 26 , Teams of gunmen stormed luxury hotels, a popular restaurant, hospitals and a crowded train station in coordinated attacks across India's financial capital, killing at least 101 people in Mumbai

Mumbai bombing and terror attack is spreading around my office when 80% of my collegue are from india. Many of them feel very sad and angry on those muslim terrorist . I even have a collegue who is helding a wedding celebrate in Mumbai. So far we haven't hear anything from him yet.

The needle of the suspicion is on the Lashkar- e- Toiba and Student Islamic Movement of India combine (Now they credibly calling and proving them as Indian Mujahedeen terror group).

The incidents took place one day after the reported arrest of Lashkar -e-Toiba linked Raheel Sheikh by the Interpol in London. Raheel is one of the alleged masterminds of the conspiracy and was involved in the funding of the July 11, 2006, Mumbai serial train blasts that killed nearly 200 commuters and wounded over 500 people on that fateful day.

Country outside of India also express their

US newly appointment President Obama who has condemned the Mumbai attacks saying the United States must work to strengthen ties with India and other nations to "root out and destroy terrorist networks

The White House has held a meeting of top intelligence and counter-terrorism officials after the deadly attacks in Mumbai and said it stood ready to help the Indian government.

Even a economic crisis have hit all world around but those 'MF' terrorist again is trying to attrach world attention by taking hostage and killing Innocent people .

Let' pray together for world peace and again. Let's the good be here and let the bad for gone.

Nov 11, 2008

Google Office in 101 taiwan

While browsing around Pchome site , found out some interesting stuff benefit in Google but now is at Asia country Taiwan.

They office is located at 37 floor initially but later due to expansion they climb it up to 73 floor.

Here is something for us to see . Do hope my company can adopt this ..:)

As for their pantry if not mistaken i did an identical one at some of those office at KLCC.

Nov 5, 2008

The Future of ITIL@V2 certification

Usually we alway follow what other organization offer upgrade course and blinding follow just for the sake of certification.

Now for ITIL ,EXIN one of ITIL exmination board want to hear from us whether to expiry V2 or not . Now is it up to our voice to feedback to them.

This survey is anonymous and will take only a minute.

For any ITIL practitioner please go and perform the survey .

Support what is ready and refuse what is still in draft , no pressure should force us to accept V3...:)

Click here to goto the survey.

Reaching 200 post today

Just reliase that my blog is reaching 200 post start from last year when i start blogging.

Look like it is time to celebrate and continuous my journey of blogging to another hike.

Just as what America is doing right now 'CHANGE' and the first in history. Obama victory is your.

Good luck to you and to me as well..:)