Mar 23, 2010

4MB highspeed Internet Connection ??


Based on below picture , it is not a western restaurant /coffee shop who offer this facility but a local well know food and beverage shop..urfoto875



Also with VAD(Value Added Service ) Handphone charging area tooo…:) 

Nokia Ovi magazine ?


Yupe , now Nokia not only produce great smartphone also they have launch a new magazine to show case their news ‘online’ ..Yes , this magazine is a online version .  If you looking to get more info /tweak/latest unleash from your mobile phone. This 1st issue is talk about OVi . Share Organize , Play , Discover .

Total feature discuss over the magazine are

It break down into OVI Mail feature , Ovi Share – share our life as it happens.

Ovi Contact & Calendar – Manage your contact through our Ovi service so that we don’t have to worry more about getting last of phone and contact

,Ovi Music – Share and organize your favor music when you on the move

Ovi Maps – Never get lost again , although it is competing again Google Map and other map producer but as it have more seamless integration with Nokia own OS hence i suspect we will have any problem on using this map.

Inside the magazine it also introduce a utilty “JoikuBoost” from JOikusoft to boost out our existing 3G  connection with our mobile network provided, but too bad is i already cancel off my 3G access with Maxis as previous i have make a accident move by “enable” my 3g when i going for outstation and when Maxis send me back the bill , it actually cost me more then RM 300..for just 50MB data transfer.

Ovi Files – Another free storage ?

Click here for the detail info about the magazine

I am going to set a to-do list to try out all this feature . To unleash the power of my Nokia N86..:)

Mar 12, 2010

Kuala Selangor , the fishermen villege

While cleaning out my picasa album , i accidently found out all this picture which i upload into the net w/o even publish it into my blog.

I spending almost 10 minute to put in some caption/remark for this.

This trip did't include my wife as it was taken on 2008 Jan 4.. I wonder where is Jess???

Mar 4, 2010

a starter kits to learn about photograhic

I got the link from one of my fav forum .it is a youtube slide by a personal project from belgian photographer Bert Stephani (

As what mention on the project , Bert is shooting whenever and whatever he can with a full frame camera (Canon 5DmkII) and a 50 mm lens.

His goal is to become a better photographer (He already is as what i know) . by training his photograhic eye , working with limited equipment and shooting subjects that is not his regular jobs.

I am marking this URL so that i can spent my free time to learn from him

I have watch up some of his skill using just a 50MM but of cause a full frame Canon 5Dmk..and it is good to go through all of them..anyhow it is not the boring CBT anyway..

Mar 2, 2010

Up up - Malaysia style ...Hot Ballon Fiesta

I saw this news from a old last year magazine available at office receiptionist, without any delay i went up to my desk to google around for Itinerary.

Ok...The 2010 Fiesta will be availabe on 18-21 March 2010.

Checking out my gadget - Still shopping for better lense..

Checking out my schedule - Shall be ok if everyone is fine with the schedule .

OOo...forgot to light up the balllon..

Will blog out more detail soon.. anyone who interest can check out this site for more info

Dilbert way of working in ITO




Saw this new cartoon from Dilbert.. Dilbert.comWe use to have alot of SPOC(Single Point of Contact) but some how it did’t work as normal as because alot of job is being loaded to a single person even thought he /she got responsible call SPOC…:)