Mar 4, 2010

a starter kits to learn about photograhic

I got the link from one of my fav forum .it is a youtube slide by a personal project from belgian photographer Bert Stephani (

As what mention on the project , Bert is shooting whenever and whatever he can with a full frame camera (Canon 5DmkII) and a 50 mm lens.

His goal is to become a better photographer (He already is as what i know) . by training his photograhic eye , working with limited equipment and shooting subjects that is not his regular jobs.

I am marking this URL so that i can spent my free time to learn from him

I have watch up some of his skill using just a 50MM but of cause a full frame Canon 5Dmk..and it is good to go through all of them..anyhow it is not the boring CBT anyway..
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