Aug 13, 2011

My IPhone app during Seoul travel


Below was a snapshoot of the Iphone app which I mainly use when I ‘m in Seoul


Seoul City is well plan and link with their subway train and it was easily for people like us especially to work around and transits from different lines too . Although it initial was confuse because from 1 line to another line , we require to walk a few instance but the sign on the subway was easily and most of the time we manage to get our way out and in.

JIhachui is one of the best provide offline subway map and enable us to find out the place we need to go. There was suggestion for faster or lessees stop . In Korea Subway it only count from source destination to target destination distance , no matter how many stop or transit you take it still the same prices ..Smile

App link -

I-Tour Seoul - Experience the best that Seoul has to offer with the i Tour Seoul app! The official travel guide app of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, i Tour Seoul gives you instant access to all of the essential information you need to navigate your life in Seoul, all on the go.

App link -

iCurrencyPad is just a simple mean for you to shop around in Seoul , really sometime you might overbuy a lot of thing and make it difficult to remember back the currency rate and it is not just a simple and elegant currency convertor and calculator.

App link -

TripAdvisor – A tools enable us to follow up closely on those reply , I got quite good quality reply from people around the way to guide me for free and easy time. I use it mainly to gather needed information during my route –planning.

App link -

VisitKorea- this was the new app just recently launched by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) .KTO is one of the first national tourism operators to provide countrywide travel information via the smartphone service.

App link -

Seoul Lonely Planet Guide- I believe everyone read book from lonely planet when decide to tour around certain country . Below was the advantages .

  • No roaming internet costs - our City Guides are designed as stand-alone apps
  • Enabled with GPS so you can see your current location and plot itineraries on dynamic maps
  • Hundreds of listings for bars, clubs, restaurants and more - filter them, mark them as a favourite or locate them by keyword
  • Detailed chapters on culture, history, food and art
  • Images from Lonely Planet's award-winning photographers

App link -

Seoul Metro -  I found out this later when my tour mate share it with me , this share the same function as JIhachui and enable us to put in starting and ending location

App link

Other apps

IPhone Map- (Iphone map was not working well because I didn't enable the data plan and mainly using Wifi hotspot to download the map whenever I come across any places with free Wifi.,,Smile

Skype -  Although I did’t enable data plan but Korea Wifi is really the best around , a 2 star hotel can offer speed bar with Unifi (Malaysia higher broadband running in fiber channel) , with 2 Star above we get 10MB up and down..Smile , There was a Network which I manage to connect but I did’t realize till my friend Alex told me that this network have open port for Skype and it enable me to talk with my wife at least for last few days .