Jan 22, 2013

Security score on your pc ? OPSWAT

As I recently upgraded my PC to window 8 , everything was seen to be news to me and metro GUI , Block Widget..Smile

It is time to settle down and tied up my pc security.

So how to do that  ? there was a new product from OPSWAT..

Actually what is OPSWAT

OPSWAT is the leading provider of software management and security technologies. Our solutions are simplified and comprehensive, solving complex development problems to reduce time and costs for your engineering and testing teams.

Our Vision

  • To create a single multi-platform software development interface to manage all software applications
  • To create a global partnership program, open to all software application vendors, to promote integration with many technology solution vendors
  • To create the fastest, most robust multi-scanning solution

The direct download link is for the security score and be found from here --->  http://www.opswat.com/products/security-score

Below was my pc security code , then from there onward you can look and see which is to be improve further by yourself.SnapCrab_NoName_2013-1-21_23-16-11_No-00

for me my public sharing was score 2 /5 ..it is because I use several file sharing /P2P program..Smile

you can still click on your score to get more detail and improve from there.


I believe today user experience is much more important as refer to service/product given to end user.

with this tools , it improve the end user experience and simply point out necessary weak point at the same time work out the best solution for customer.

Jan 13, 2013

New Iphone 5 case and better protection–Bond / SGP Slim Armor <> James Bones..

As a lesson learn from owning a new iphone especially very expensive iphone…%^$*)Star  , sometime it really a heartattach if we don’t protected it through various of accidents,

so after I get my iphone (2 hour long queue at klcc center) I straight away go up and get a Bone casing (Yes I research through the net , in fact I already order my SGP slim armor but it was due for deliver from US).




Look solid ???

Another case which I currently using is from  Bubble Bone(dog bone) , it come in package with a free screen protector , a replacement home button(really scare it drop and eat by my baby girl).

This product was made in Taiwan and with silicon ( made of environment-friendly silicone material , recyclable , non-polluting and earth friendly too).

Dirt Resistant (Washable by normal water) see below

All ankle was well protected with buffer space to allow shock to be absorb into it.

Overall cost (Machine store- RM 69)..



Jan 1, 2013

Restaurant SekMechoy another food joint @ branch out of Jalan Sg Besi

This restaurant was intro by Ricardo to me for their specialty on Pepper Bak Kut The , they even have their own facebook fan page + url www.sekmechoy.com.my


This was our first time so we pick a cozy area + aircon , and the chief recommended food was all publish on the big bulletin board , let’s start the food order..


The Hakka “Mui Choy Kau You” .. nice and decent..Smile



The Pepper Bak Kut Tea---thumb up for the watery taste , the herb smell wasn’t strong compare with those traditional and according to the written Pepper also help to stimulate food digestion (check out the bulletin board if you know chinese)



The Assam fish – decent at least don’t have the moldy smell


The Hokkien vege fry rice but try for Hokkien lan like me…Smile


As I always emphasis , every meal we need to have at least 1 vegetables dishes


Overall the cost wasn’t expensive but only problem was finding car park .

the next day saturday I wanted to bring my family to try but they wasn’t open..!!!!

Will try them out again if we feel bore on center KL food..