Dec 31, 2012

My experience - Hung Kee Wan Tan Mee trip @Jalan Loke Yew

This wasn’t my first time to this shop , I still remember my father use to bring all of us there for a wan tan mee  and their famous “cha siew” .

We order 1 pax of cha siew just to test the water and the price , (lesson learn from Imbi famous ;”cha siew” which cost us > RM50 for 2 pax)

But this cha siew was mix with enough juice and really nice and big portion for 1 pax…1 thumb up



My “Sui Kao” .. there was at least 3 sui koa compare with other shop which give 2 …Smile again this was nice



The Wan Tan Mee was nice as well but I still recall the China town one is the best .



Their steam rice which recommend by ricardo  , this was the first time I know and it wasn’t impress me . but it is good for baby because of steam make.



Overall the food + price was nice , good for revisit again , I know there also serve Cantonese mew and hokkien mee as well , will try them up in next visit.


Hung Kee
28-5 and 28-6, Jalan Loke Yew
Kuala Lumpur

Dec 19, 2012

a simple lunch cost me rm 7 only @ Old Ampang town.

Today thank for Ricardo for introduce me a simple kopitiam in front Balai Bomba at Old district ampang.

a simple kopi+c and pork noddle cost me < rm 5 , I try to order smaller portion so that both of us can try their curry noddle + toast bread with butter kaya.



A simple pork noddle come with well done meat + fresh egg on top..Winking smile 



very local kopi+c…Smile


We agree that each week if we still on ampang project will come again for a simple lunch at least to redemptive our sin of food tasting..Smile

Dec 5, 2012

My experience at Chong Yen (Steam Fish) at Jln Sg Besi

I have being to this restaurant as when I still pak tao with my wife , this was the first time after I resign and join my new company.
This time I go there together with my colleagues , as far as I know they are famous in steam fish but which various of it ..I don’t really know.
Once we reach there and I immediate active my foodspotting (Iphone) , and found out few recommend  dishes

Nov 17, 2012

A pomegranate a day keeps the cardiologist away–a kind email from my sister…


It used to sell at RM 5 per fruit in hyper markets. Nowadays you can pick it up for RM 2.50 for 1 from the hawkers .
“Bypass your bypass surgery” by Dr Syed Zair Hussain Rizvi
Two things are full of benefits for the human being, lukewarm water and pomegranate (石榴).

Pomegranate is a seasonal fruit in Pakistan, so I tried an experiment with dried pomegranate seeds.  I prepared a decoction boiling the fistful of dried seeds in half a litre of water for 10 minutes, squeezed the seeds, strained the decoction and advised those patients suffering from painful angina to use a glass of lukewarm decoction on an empty stomach in the morning.
An amazing result was observed, the decoction of dried pomegranate seeds worked like magic.  The feeling of tightness and heaviness in the chest and the pain had gone.
It encouraged me to try more experiments on all types of cardiac patients.   So, I tried other experiments on patients who were suffering from painful angina, coronary arterial blockage, cardiac Ischemia (insufficient blood-flow to the heart muscle) etc., waiting for a bypass surgery.
The same lukewarm decoction was used on an empty stomach in the morning.  The patients experienced quick relief in all symptoms including painful condition.  
In another case of coronary arterial blockage, the patient started using half glass of fresh pomegranate juice everyday for one year.
Although all symptoms were completely relieved within a week, he continued taking it for a whole year.   It completely reversed the plaque build-up and unblocked his arteries to normal.
The angiography report confirmed the evidence.   Thus, this decoction of dried pomegranate seeds, fresh pomegranate juice or eating a whole pomegranate on empty stomach in the morning proved to be a miracle cure for cardiac patients.
But the lukewarm 'dried-seeds decoction' proved to be more effective, compared to eating a whole pomegranate or fresh pomegranate juice. 
Use of pomegranate, in any way, has demonstrated even more dramatic effects as a blood thinner and as a pain killer for cardiac patients.  It also lowers LDL (low-density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol) and raises the HDL (high-density lipo protein or good cholesterol).

There are more than 50 different types of heart diseases; the most common being Coronary Artery Disease (CAD), which is the number one killer of both women and men in some countries, and there has been no medicinal cure for this disease.
Many cardiac patients have reversed their heart diseases on my advice, using one glass of lukewarm decoction of pomegranate dried seeds, half glass of fresh pomegranate juice or eating a whole pomegranate on an empty stomach in the morning.
It was the very first real breakthrough in the history of cardiology to successfully treat the cardiac diseases by the use of a fruit.

More super foods to obtain even faster results for cardiac patients, (which are most promising for curative and protective agents) are fresh raisins, quince, guava, prunes (dried plums), natural vinegar, mixture of grape-fruit juice and honey in the morning (on an empty stomach), basil leaves, chicory leaves, powder of oregano leaves and rock salt in equal quantity (in case the patient is not hypertensive) and sesame oil as cooking oil for cardiac patients.
I regret to say that treating the heart patients and bypass surgery has become a far more profitable business around the world, which has failed to help avert life-threatening heart attacks and life-time cardiac complications, resulting in an almost paralyzed life.
A regular use of pomegranate (in any way) ensures a healthy cardiac life, thinning your blood, dissolving the blood clots and clearing the obstruction inside the coronary arteries, maintaining an optimal blood flow, supporting a healthy blood pressure, preventing and reversing atherosclerosis (thickening of the internal lining of the blood vessels). 
From whatever I have experienced and observed in the last several years, I can definitely say: “A pomegranate a day keeps the cardiologist away.”

Nov 13, 2012

Compact SUV in Malaysia market- CRV ,CX-5 ,XV …..

After our second baby join our family , it become difficult now when we wanted to travel with family , time of moving car seat , trolley in and out from our car became very frequent .
at the same time , I also feel that it is time maybe to change my Wira , after 8 yr free of car installement .
I’m looking for a stylish SUV at least it don’t show that I’m still Uncle Raymond.
Mazda CX5
Price around 159RMk (Fully import Japan), Bose S , 2000cc
Transmission -6-Speed Automatic
Power 155HP/2000NM (114kw/6000rpm)
Torque 200/4000 (Nm/rpm)
Fuel consumption = 6 Liter /100KM
Safety 6 airbag

My personal experience – I haven’t test drive this because all of the dealer don’t really registered their car (according to them there was not enough stock left due to higher demand 6 month waiting period)
Safety, interior and exterior was very good but last yr Jun it might be a CKD model and we can expect accessory will reduce (common practice among Malaysia car manufacture although car build up price was reduce)

Subaru XV
(CKD) Made in Malaysia
Price around 143k(during soft launch) , 1995cc
Transmission (Lineartronic CVT)
Power -150ps/6200(rpm)
Torque - 196/4200 (Nm/rpm)
Fuel consumption = 7 Liter /100KM
Safety 3 airbag
My personal experience – car was stable and solid when drive in rough road especially malaysia road ..Smile , engine was responsive and able to pick up very fast as when we flow the acceleration pedal.
Only thing was – the resales values (I wonder why I want to sell it off ) , lack of service center around malaysia and Kuala Lumpur  . Maintenance pair was almost par with BMW …

Kia Sportage
(CKD) Made in Malaysia
Price around 139k , 2000cc
Transmission (6-speed automatic)
Power – 166ps/6200(rpm)
Torque –197/4600(Nm/rpm)
My personal experience – Korea car but build quality was even better then some of the japan brand , so far I haven’t tested this car yet will update once I finish the test drive.

Oct 31, 2012

Upgrade to Win8 the internet way ???–Part I

Recently just saw a few post about getting new Window 8 Upgrade if we have purchase .

Refering to this information from Microsoft .(as below was the min requirement)

We’ve got you covered.

Buy a Window 7 PC and get Windows 8 Pro for RM$49.92.

This price is an estimate only. The actual price of US$14.99 will be billed in US dollars. Offer valid June 2, 2012 through January 31, 2013.

Refer to the information below for the offer details.


Eligibility Details

The offer is for customers (e.g. home users, students, and enthusiasts) who purchase a qualified PC. A qualified PC is a new PC purchased during the promotional period with a valid Windows 7 OEM Certificate of Authenticity and product key for, and preinstalled with:

  • Windows 7 Home Basic;
  • Windows 7 Home Premium;
  • Windows 7 Professional; or
  • Windows 7 Ultimate.

The promotional price is limited to one upgrade offer per qualified PC purchased, and a maximum limit of five upgrade offers per customer.

So let’s start the journey .

of cause first we need to download files from Microsoft to assist us on upgrading , click and download the upgrade assistant and let the ball rolling ,

Please follow the instruction and get the journey started.

Below was the link to registered your new pc based on the condition above to entitle for promo price in (Malaysia) (different country different promo ) I believe this was globally offer to each user who meet the condition above. 

I still in the midst of download the binary , and I will opt for ISO and USB copy for backup purpose as we all know Internet in Malaysia wasn’t stable so far..except for Unifi and Maxis.

I will keep you all posted for my Win8 journey part II.

May 8, 2012

A way to reprint Airasia boarding pass….

There is a time when we loss our boarding pass by accident , imaging we need to queue up to more then 20 person infront of only 1 helpdesk( Special thank to Airasia which make everyone can fly )..

assuming we already have our boarding pass printed , how to reprint ?

In Airasia portal , there will not straight forward way to reprint our boarding pass and if we can’t find it we have to call the premium helpdesk which charge us RM1.95 (below screen shoot) . I dont know why airasia want to do something like this .. Maybe they said already give you cheap air-fare..why still want to provide toll-free instead they want to charge us extra due to their shortcoming…. a shame for E2E Service Assurances…:(


so let save our blood earn money and do it ourself.

first , the booking id shall tag under your profile so that only you are allow to amend the booking id. If you did’t ever have a account with airasia , please start to create an account/profile with airasia.

second – if the booking was done by ipad/whatever app from android phone..the booking id was not link to your profile but you still can search and link it..

if the above 2 step was done , let’s login to airasia portal and manage your booking now and click my flights –> and manage my booking now.



A list of booking item will be display and now i wanted to reprint one of my booking is below. CLick View/Modify


Click Web Check in now (as below)


A page as below will display as the guest was already check in



So what to do ??? hhhhaaah,mmm…click cancel



Now you see it…a reprint button is we just need to key in our booking number and subsequent prompt will follow with standard printing procedure…

Got it ?  :) enjoy

Apr 27, 2012

Skydrive space redue to 7GB , quickly act now before it was too late!!!(Apple/Android/etc smartphone)


There was alot of email about skydrive space reduce by microsoft in response to google drive or even dropbox and most of  the instruction in fact is for those people with PC on hand , but they forgot now day there was alot of people with Smartphone and the instruction was short of 1 screen (below was the screen capture i taken from my phone)



default we only can see the mobile version of skydrive by using our smartphone browser…:) , do click on PC site…then you will be able to see more option available as what we see from our laptop/PC.



Click on manage storage and there will be option available as below , since i already active it from my smartphone hence my option for 25GB is “disappear” …


I already got myself upgrade back to 25GB..imaging i need to put alot of effort in dropbox to get 25GB..:)   Watch up for Microsoft strike back …

Apr 12, 2012

Window of the world @shenzhen

Actually travel in shenzhen was really relax because their metro (LRT- Malaysia) is very convenience even with European can also understand where to go ..not like malaysia all too much focus on single language.

All picture was taken by using my iphone with my college together , on that time the temperature was at 29’c ( suddenly hike up from 19’c yesterday) .. it make sense also because the session is going to change to summer from spring..Smile

We manage to cover the whole area at least but there was some activity which require additional $$ hence we did’t go for that … further because of our budget constraints (We are going there to work but not to play principal) , hence we need to rush back to take our train and bus transit…Smile 

Enjoy the clip.


How to go there ? I got a short note on this , check it out.

By Subway:
Shenzhen Metro Line 1 and get off at Shijiezhichuang (Window of the World) station
By Public Bus:
From the railway station, take sightseeing bus 1 or bus no.101
From the airport, take bus 327 to Window of the World directly.
From other parts of Shenzhen, take bus 21, 26, 105, 113, 201, 204, 209, 210, 222, 223, 230, 232, 233, 234, 301, 311 to 'Shijiezhichuang' (Window of the World) station or 'Baishizhou' station, pass through the road and walk about 300m, and you will get there. 
Shenzhen Bus / Subway Search
By Taxi:
If you take a cab from the railway station, the estimated taxi fare is 50RMB.
If you take a cab from the airport, the estimated taxi fare is 70RMB.

Jan 21, 2012

Bye delivery , it was time for me to move to front seat to grab better picture on the whole services


This was my 1st post for year 2012 , i tender and leaving HP last year to pursuit something different which yr doing for 5 year plus.

Still remember when i start my 1st job in IT line , i was working in a division size and it grown up to a department within the same company for 5 year , and i straight jump to SI sector for 6 yr in financial sector.

From 1995 till 2011 , i learn alot of stuff and engage alot kind of people from Malaysians , European , US , Korea, China , Singapore , African .  From White , Yellow , Black Skin..:)

HP was a total different area of work which talk about service and delivery . Service is like when customer wanted HP to grab part of their business process such as BPO/ITO/DC/Network/Payroll and so on… it involve not only IT actually.

My new jobs was position as solution analyst , no more team lead/SPOC/ Programming /On call / Midnight call …  it was about design and document a solution which can be deploy and sales to our customer and the area was about Manage Services. Interest !!!! .

I will blog more about this area in future , do watch up my blog.