Apr 27, 2012

Skydrive space redue to 7GB , quickly act now before it was too late!!!(Apple/Android/etc smartphone)


There was alot of email about skydrive space reduce by microsoft in response to google drive or even dropbox and most of  the instruction in fact is for those people with PC on hand , but they forgot now day there was alot of people with Smartphone and the instruction was short of 1 screen (below was the screen capture i taken from my phone)



default we only can see the mobile version of skydrive by using our smartphone browser…:) , do click on PC site…then you will be able to see more option available as what we see from our laptop/PC.



Click on manage storage and there will be option available as below , since i already active it from my smartphone hence my option for 25GB is “disappear” …


I already got myself upgrade back to 25GB..imaging i need to put alot of effort in dropbox to get 25GB..:)   Watch up for Microsoft strike back …

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