Jan 21, 2009

Database Security in Economy Crisis

When there is a economic crisis , there are people loss jobs due to it and risk of important data lossing is there too especially with those people have privilege on data access.

For those fortune 100 company where theu outsource their IT function to india and other cheaper country. What will happen to their data.

Recently case for example Satyam accounting scandal , noone can predict how it can happen as because India is one major IT services exportor in the world , every company is doing their best to get good deal with cheaper model.Why it scandal still ? ---(I am a bit too far sorry)

Ok ok ,let's go back to security so how to further protect our data ?

- Keeping single version of database , Usually database company will release latest version security patch on their latest product instead of backward support old product.

-Remove default user/password during the installation

-remove Local direct access , all access need to go through such as NT/Authentication Or firewall.

-Throw away default installation.

-Remove unnecesary privillege - This also the difficulty case because when we deal with customer and their vendor instead to have some admin privillege for application security but IT manage buy their idea and forgone that securty break may happen outside of the application.

-Follow international standard such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), PCI DSS, HIPAA and other regulatory requirement.

Security is not something can be leave aside even in whatever Crisis.Because your company is responsible to the sociaty on protecting your customer/employee data from hacker (internal/external).

Jan 17, 2009

IT still the best way for reduce cost example Rothman roundabout

While going to fetch my wife at SS2 , i saw on VMS board mention that Damansara road is in slow moving , hence i
divert out from my usual Sprint highway and opt for SS17 University road, and my nightmare start from there from 6:30pm till 7:45pm i jam from Jalan University .

According the map on the left , you can see that there are 4 traffic direction coming to just across the round-about and goto their own direction.

This time i switch off my favourite My.FM to think how to really overcome the problem w/o Government spending all those Millions of ringgit end up to build a white elephant road.

Don't ask me why i said that.. let's goto the topic.

In a econimic crisis , Each country around the world is funding out Billions of dollar to stimulate their economic.

But think deeper. Why sent money for the sake of getting more short term jobs for unemployed worker by initial some white elephant project , buidling a non-values business area on other state.

Why not we utilise today technology to help us to simulate/automate those 'hot- cake' task.

I believe whoever stay in SS2 Petaling Jaya know about this road and if there is choice they will not wanted to go pass it..Trust me i will not go there again during weekday especially after office hour or even lunch time.

Why ? Traffic is coming from different direction and people rude attitude /Kiasu type could really make a deadlock out from this.

Sometime even if we got a traffic polis com , it did't even solve the issue .

They are people suggest to build 1 way road , short bridge to cross over via other direction . ALl this is really a bullshit w/o any figure to support and simulate.

Why Government not buying those simulation software such as Rockwell Automation , i believe that license itself will not cause even a few thousand for goverment purpose and we just need to get Uni student to gather survey/statistics around for 1 mth which will cause less then 5k assuming partime - 50 per day and 4 student = 4*50=200 * 30 = 6000 RM ???

And train them back to use the software for traffic simulation , Build a Proof of concept to show to Parlimen ..And that is..Either approve or reject ..

Although it sound simple but in econimic like this , every peanut spent is from our tax-payer..so call blood money.

IT is use to save money into better use (not pocket in) such as automation , reduce human error (Old day EDP concept) . And build up knowledge , intelligent on technology , package it to sell outside(opportunity).

So IT still the best way to look for cost reduction but not reduce employee.!!!!

Jan 9, 2009

Canon EFS 18-200 f/3.5-5.6 IS or Tamron 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC LD Aspherical IF Macro

This weekend , i am going out with my friend to shop n survey on this 2 lense.

So who will win ??? :) in the day of now , No bonus , no increment , no allowance...I think you all know what will i choice later.

Jan 6, 2009

Another email circulation of Google Office

At now economic crisis start to spread around the world. I don't know whether will google continous
to sustain on this 'free-concept' for their employee ?

Anyone know which office did are those picture taking from ?

From Drop Box

Jan 4, 2009

How to spent wise in 2009 !!

1) Office
-Don't bring back work from office , since there is't any increment or appreciation in a bad economic
-Work 9/5 sharp because if you come back late , it will be more jam then more fuel is gone .
-Work OT only if there is allowance available

2) Travel
-Alway travel more then 2 people in car example Car pool, take public transport if possible . So that we can cut parking expense , low mileage , Toll charge especially in malaysia where everyone must paid for once they gone out from their house.(except rural area where Toll is not popular)
-Alway travel below 3000 rpm assuming you are driving a 1500cc car , anything more then that will cost more fuel.
-Make sure air-pressure is enough for our tyre , to prolong our tyre as well.
-Promptly service our car so that lesser problem will face and alway go for a reputable service center & quality sparepart.

3) Personal career
-Don't spent out lunch time in fullness , utilize it to surf around net to learn something new by ourself.Because now i believe there are more company cutting /frosting training expense.
-Print out any document require so that we can read it during taking public transport or even trap in heavy traffic(Don't do that if i will u...:)

4) Increase Income
-Part time which are not job related, usually company policy will only bann stuff from doing similar work.
-Online sales .

5) Reduce expense
-Buy in bulk during sales period , and i found it true that especially in malaysia mega sales i manage to buy supplement  cheaper & with extra free bottol too. Check out Guardian or Watson.
- Don't work from home if company don't provide facilities as such , it might double the cost for ourself and company also did't save much due to central control electricity & ac.
- Check out on forum on where to buy cheaper with same quality , i manage to save rm4 for milk powder and in 1 year i will save around rm16(4*4week)*12 month = rm 192 just for milk powder.
- If really want to eat-out , check out forum for promotion and sales for restaurant. Sometime bloger also will post out their review on food.
- if possible , can alway look for 2nd hand product with good quality .Check out internet forum for reliable seller

6)Reduce our tax
-by spending more for our own career & family such
as buy new PC + Zero instalment plan
- Paying for Parent & our
family member health-check every year.
- Buy book or going for further study to improve ourself.
- Only buy enough insurance for life , medication ,investment . Because our tax formula put in Retire Fund + insurance and sometime our Retire-Fund deduction is even 'par' on the limit.
- Paid once for Financial Planner to plan our our financial expense + income.

Remember if we think we can do it we can. :)

Jan 2, 2009

World Market today in Cartoon

This morning receive an cute email about Market today , There are alot of way for unhappy people to express their view and express in a carton way is a really a good one.