Jul 19, 2007

Just to share some photos early this year when we have our Trailblazer APJ(asiapacific+japan) Workshop.

In this workshop we learn on how to be leader , collobration among team .

really thank for our APJ ADM to sponsor and make this happen to us , so much so that we all earn something back.

China(Xu Tong ) , Sg(Kay Eng, Eugune)

Jul 15, 2007

What did i do at the end of the show ?

Whenever i start something , there sure some thing to add on top of it and whenever i finish my part and someone take over the job.
The merit is alway on the person who follow up but not the person who build the basic and fundamental.

Why I can't finish the work ? because I dont have the creative/innovation/sweet talk for all this. and someone have it and he continous that.

One tha bad side is BOSS will only see end result . In the world there are many people like me , and alot more people like the one who 'continous' my jobs.

So what can people like me do ? Be creative or act creative . It just part of the Philosophy.

Jul 10, 2007

Office Exercises - Good for you guy...

this is one good article i receive from my friend around the web , so i intend to publish it at my blog so that everyone and i remember to do some exercises before our bone get wax up in front of computer..

1st : Warming up

sam fu kap~~~~~~~~

kap hei~~~~~~

fu hei~~~~

ok. now can FONG PEI ~~~

(must read in cantonese)

2nd : Stretching

pom cak cak pom cak cak...

3rd: the upper body exercise

4rd: lower body exercise (moving to left and back)

5th: lower body exercise (moving to right and back)

6th : Head exercise (make sure to do the 2nd part, it works!)


i got TIE TAO GONG!!! ai ... Cah ~~~~~

7th: whole body exercise



i wana buang all SUI HEI...

8th: Jumping exercise: The Pose is the key! but remember to jump!

9th: relax



LV3 over: Well done!

money money come...

money money come.....

Jul 2, 2007

My finland collegue - Marjo

Marjo who coming from Finland for knowledger transfer for my team , she indeed a women who care and friendly , due to limited time , i not able to partner her to walk around kl . I manage to arrange my Personal time + friend time . and we goto Midvally one of the place where we can find anything over there.

After our vietnam dishes(pic as above) , it already 8pm so we quickly walk down and site seeing those shop to see whether anything marjo needed to buy. Me and jess manage to wrap a small gift for her as our guest from Finland.

Marjo , take care and we hope to see you again when we goto finland for tour in future.

Sport car, GT car

Nissave Skyline[G35]

2 Great Nissan car in bolehland(Malaysia apa pun boleh) , but it only good for those 'AP' people who dare to dream .
The first one is call skyline which is a bit different with Skyline GT..it is born in the year 2001 at Japan . In US people call it 'Infinit G35' and thre are alot in the 'pure' bolehland in US...everyone can own one..

Saw another damn sport car ..i google around the net , it is call Silvia S15. this one is face-lift model. Too bad it is discontinous after
---- paste from Wikipedia.
[Production of the Silvia ended in August of 2002 amidst Nissan's efforts to reduce its myriad of platforms. Nissan's sole sports car platform in the world is now the FM Platform, which underpins the current Fairlady Z and Skyline; marketed in the United States as the 350Z and Infiniti G35 respectively.]

beauty and the beast

When female beast face with a cute cute pretty baby ...:) guess what migth happen ?

Bobowin is looking at baby grace hand ,because she saw some food at her hand.

Animal is alway like that..food alway come first then play...:) , as what 'she' keep steering at grace hand...