Dec 29, 2014

too many thing happen in 201


- Family all still peaceful

-Manage to organize few gathering within my bro and sister which is a breakthrough from the past year.

-I start attending sunday school and get closer to Jesus Christ so that we can be close friend.. Smile 

-Finally Zoey and Paris past through the year in healthy state , although both of them go through with few sick but overall is still ok .

-House renovation starter , slowly , hopefully earlier 2015 we are able to move to our own houses.

-no oversea travel , which is good for me and family to get closer.

-visit few places within malaysia by car (Melacca , Ipoh , Penang) , even genting we manage to explore some must visit place for children to have a decent

exercise instead of thempark.

-changing form IOS user to android user..although experience is not so direct but the impact is good at least I don’t need to squeeze my eye to see a small screen.



-thin got stolen suspect someone from within family member.

-part to a contract employment which is a tik tok risk for me.

-my technical lead keep resign , already 3 resign for the year 2014 , partly due to the ‘customer’

-my old ride start giving problem , although I have change few jobs but still I don’t really confident to change a car. Focus is giving to family as 1st priority.

-a lot of gossip internally within company on who is bad and who is good.

-no saving and still in dept.


Maybe good

-Got a lot of complaint from my end customer, at the end I am going to be replace by someone else from IBM and transfer to another account.

-Plan to exercise more often within weekend to improve personal health.

-getting more interview for other jobs . Jesus is listening to my call I believe. Hope to engage with a positive employer by next year.


2015 – Healthly life , Family and go out of ‘employee’ state is my 2015 goal…. How abt you ?