Nov 7, 2011

Restaurant "Great Taste Great Life" for yummy dinner @Low Yatt area

Whenever we went to Low yatt , it alway end up with limited choice of food or even expensive food .

Last 2 month when i shop for an printer, infact we plan to drop by for japaneses fast food but we end up going from different door before we turn back to Low Yatt main entrance , we saw a shinning new restaurant just beside Old Federal Bowl. "

The place was baby friendly with good ambiances and food was serve in less the 10 minute . Just nice to clam down Zoey and let Jess to have meal before both mother and baby was hungry.. :)

Zoey was alway not able to just sit and eat , this time she stand up..:(

Food was there was in standard like Wong Kok n other HK style fast food but it was newly up and food n place was really nice for family like us.

good ambiance

enough spaces /room

sweet n sour pork

tau fo far + other bean

Enough hygine -

it make me now hungry to see this mint-pork + fry egg

nobody know what she is thinking about but sure a naughty one.. :)

Sep 7, 2011

GeekBench–an alternative benchmark tools for laptop/desktop or even workstation

I believe a lot of D.I.Y fan know names such as Hyper PI ,CPUMARK,CrystalMark etc  and the one bundle with Window 7 Window Experience Index.

I saw on forum where people use this to benchmark server !!!! and size only at 5MB..Smile

I use it to quick test my laptop


Below was the result on my I5 Core machine , I will going to test it out once my order deliver to my door step..a Sandy Bridge CPU..Smile


Check out this link where you can download the free version for x86 CPU but if you want to have X64 version you will need to pay for it..Smile

Aug 13, 2011

My IPhone app during Seoul travel


Below was a snapshoot of the Iphone app which I mainly use when I ‘m in Seoul


Seoul City is well plan and link with their subway train and it was easily for people like us especially to work around and transits from different lines too . Although it initial was confuse because from 1 line to another line , we require to walk a few instance but the sign on the subway was easily and most of the time we manage to get our way out and in.

JIhachui is one of the best provide offline subway map and enable us to find out the place we need to go. There was suggestion for faster or lessees stop . In Korea Subway it only count from source destination to target destination distance , no matter how many stop or transit you take it still the same prices ..Smile

App link -

I-Tour Seoul - Experience the best that Seoul has to offer with the i Tour Seoul app! The official travel guide app of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, i Tour Seoul gives you instant access to all of the essential information you need to navigate your life in Seoul, all on the go.

App link -

iCurrencyPad is just a simple mean for you to shop around in Seoul , really sometime you might overbuy a lot of thing and make it difficult to remember back the currency rate and it is not just a simple and elegant currency convertor and calculator.

App link -

TripAdvisor – A tools enable us to follow up closely on those reply , I got quite good quality reply from people around the way to guide me for free and easy time. I use it mainly to gather needed information during my route –planning.

App link -

VisitKorea- this was the new app just recently launched by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) .KTO is one of the first national tourism operators to provide countrywide travel information via the smartphone service.

App link -

Seoul Lonely Planet Guide- I believe everyone read book from lonely planet when decide to tour around certain country . Below was the advantages .

  • No roaming internet costs - our City Guides are designed as stand-alone apps
  • Enabled with GPS so you can see your current location and plot itineraries on dynamic maps
  • Hundreds of listings for bars, clubs, restaurants and more - filter them, mark them as a favourite or locate them by keyword
  • Detailed chapters on culture, history, food and art
  • Images from Lonely Planet's award-winning photographers

App link -

Seoul Metro -  I found out this later when my tour mate share it with me , this share the same function as JIhachui and enable us to put in starting and ending location

App link

Other apps

IPhone Map- (Iphone map was not working well because I didn't enable the data plan and mainly using Wifi hotspot to download the map whenever I come across any places with free Wifi.,,Smile

Skype -  Although I did’t enable data plan but Korea Wifi is really the best around , a 2 star hotel can offer speed bar with Unifi (Malaysia higher broadband running in fiber channel) , with 2 Star above we get 10MB up and down..Smile , There was a Network which I manage to connect but I did’t realize till my friend Alex told me that this network have open port for Skype and it enable me to talk with my wife at least for last few days .

Jul 10, 2011

Goodyear F1 Asymmetric 2 maint & run

I got to thank Kl Peace rally , today at Kapar Road tyre shop was not much of customer.

Below 2 are my old donut which last me for < 2 year , GY F1 Asymmetric also the inner side thread was totally “eat in”….terrible for a FD2

Home 298Home 299

There wasn’t much of choice as my idea Nexen was out of stock and left only Yokohama S.Drive which is around rm3xx ..but I though this was a very old old model and the comment was not really good.

Michelin PS3 make in Thailand but was quote at rm 49x….terrible expensive. so I ask that lady about the new GY Asym 2 and she said there was stock on it and I  can immediate mock it once payment done and further it was make in Germany..

So I told myself , this was my only time and last time to run a Germany tyre ,and it better work and durable..

Home 293Home 294

On the left was D5 and right was Asymmetric 2.

Home 298Home 297

This was the front and side shoot of this F1 Asymm 2..look nice ???

Home 296

As result of first customer , I manage to get a discount on Nitro gas for all of my tyre.Smile 

According to her , this gas is lighter and if we travel long journey it is cooler then normal gas..Smile





Anyway I am going to eat mix-rice for the rest of my month to recover back the extra budget.

Jul 4, 2011

Seagate GoFlex vs Toshiba Canvio


This was the first time I’m doing a benchmark to compare both of my external 2.5 portal hard drive.

Both GoFlex and Canvio did support USB 2 & USB 3.0 as well ,although GoFlex have a flexible on convert to e-Sata but Canvio also have it feature of shock resistant which both selling at lowyatt at Rm 199 .

I attach now print screen by running CrystalDiskMark 64bit(I’m running a 64bit Wind0w 7) and also download and setup USB 3.0 driver for my new workstation.

Seagate is on left and Toshiba is on right , with USB 2.0 itself  Toshiba is able to outrun Seagate with few MB/s.and per other category also outrun seagate

seagate usb2toshibausb2

Now it is time for USB3.0 , it clearly show that with USB 3.0 the speed is up to 200% increase of the speek from Seq to 5.12k transfer category but as of 4k and 4kQD32 it only show a little improve over USB3.0 .


SEAGATE USB3toshibausb3

Let me check out further on how to improve it over USB 3.0 but overall I’m impress with Toshiba and oversea forum review was correct it was worth the money to gain a distance.

See ya

Jun 18, 2011

Source code testing for SQL statement..(syntaxhiglight)

Oop Smile work great, time to save the earth and move my wordpress back to blogspot..:) I just install a syntaxhiglight for blogger with help from another blogger Han

and perfectly the below code was show as structure syntax method and each time I will need to embeb few code before I paste in the syntax into my Live writer.

<pre class="sql" name="code">

Truncate DB , drop tables ;;;;

SELECT count(1)
FROM dual;

If you are using the Blogger in Draft version and are looking for the Online Edit HTML Feature for Blogger/Blogspot blogs, you can for the time being access it at the URL:[YOUR BLOG'S ID]

If you don't know your blog's ID, just go to your Blog Dashboard Page for the particular blog, and copy the blog ID from that URL Address. The entire URL is like:[YOUR BLOG'S ID]#overview

My SQL 2008 just finish install , have to thank you for this i5 laptop which do the job much more faster then any other core2..:)

Why buy IPAD ? (Malaysian only)


There are a lot of reason for buying IPAD

1) It was stylish / In

2) It got a logo call “APPLE” (trademark!!!!)

3) It suitable from baby till Ah Kong

4)The product can last longer because someone said there is spirit around it after few worker dead from China factory..Smile

5) We are able to claim tax-rebate out from there , as it was classify as tablets.

6) If we bought the package with data plan then that plan will allow us to claim for Broadband rebate as well..

7) It is the only product manage to pull down Nokia/Samsung mobile as rate as 1st in US/ World.

What else..Smilemaybe you can think of others ..Smile

May 7, 2011

My 4.3.2 Jailbreak experience


This was not my 1st time to jailbreak my iphone but it was the first time

on Window 7 64bit and I almost got my phone lock up in (recovery mode). later I will discuss about how to I resurrect my phone back alive..Smile 

Before we do anything we must have backup , and itune is the only way and help me to recover back what I have save b4.

I will recommend 2 uRL from redmondpie to Jb my iphone to 4.3.2 , although they was other around but I found his instruction and link is much more updated.

1) Step by step instruction

2) Video tutorial

Let’s talk about what happen during my upgrade using itune (10.2.2)

During the upgrade it suddenly come out with error message 1103 and it look like the phone is in recovery mode (DFU)

at first I try to Hold home + power button for more than 10 seconds to force it to reboot release power button and continue to hold home button for 10 seconds to go into DFU mode but still it did’t work.

and lucky I’m online with another Guru and she mange to find a instruction for as below

Step 1. Start –> Programs –> Accessories
Step 2. Run Notepad or WordPad
Step 3. Click “Open..” from File menu.
Step 4. Browse to Windows/System32/drivers/etc
Step 5. In “files of type:” select all documents
Step 6. Open “hosts”
Step 7. Delete all line that has “” or something like that
Step 8. Hit Save
Step 9. Restore your device

and I try it and it work for me…greats.

after the upgrade , then it is time to jailbreak the phone I kick start Redsn0w and again it hang on upload ramdisk I wait for around 10 minute till nothing was changes , again google around and found out that on Window 7 there was additional step which I need to take ,so I break the process by kill it .

If you are using Windows 7, right click redsn0w and goto properties. Check the Compatibility mode to work in Windows XP.

5. Then start Redsn0w by right clicking redsn0w.exe and Run as Administrator.


Finally everything was working fine , and lucky because the next day firmware 4.3.3. was out in market..Smile

Jan 6, 2011

A special home cook briyani from my good old friend


Today is some special day , one of my college make a special lunch for me . Special make with mutton tooSmile

It will be a unforgettable one as he was moving out from my team..Smile with a better career path.

Usually when my team go off , usually I don’t have much of though except for some special case .

Wish him a good journey and we will meet again in future to take my 2nd briyani rice

And it is time for me to enjoy my long holiday ..Smile