Jun 18, 2011

Source code testing for SQL statement..(syntaxhiglight)

Oop Smile ...it work great, time to save the earth and move my wordpress back to blogspot..:) I just install a syntaxhiglight for blogger with help from another blogger Han

and perfectly the below code was show as structure syntax method and each time I will need to embeb few code before I paste in the syntax into my Live writer.

<pre class="sql" name="code">

Truncate DB , drop tables ;;;;

SELECT count(1)
FROM dual;

If you are using the Blogger in Draft version and are looking for the Online Edit HTML Feature for Blogger/Blogspot blogs, you can for the time being access it at the URL:

http://www.blogger.com/html?blogID=[YOUR BLOG'S ID]

If you don't know your blog's ID, just go to your Blog Dashboard Page for the particular blog, and copy the blog ID from that URL Address. The entire URL is like:

http://draft.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=[YOUR BLOG'S ID]#overview

My SQL 2008 just finish install , have to thank you for this i5 laptop which do the job much more faster then any other core2..:)

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