Jan 26, 2010

Computrekker AW ? Mini ? Slingshot 200 AW which camera bag to choice ?

It usually happen when we start reliaze that we need a bigger bag to carrier our gadget when we walk around to shoot picture.

I did't even care about this till recently when i have a new family member joining ( My baby girl Zoey) with her around , we usually carry alot of stuff such as diaper bag , milk-bottom , Baby push chair and so on.

I'm currently using a shoulder bag which come together when i bought my 350D in year 2007. With 3 compartment , middle server as body and the other 2 use for lense. In fact now i already make full use of it.

So i have to actually think of way to free out my hand so that i can help my wife when we walk around and snap picture. Although i got my N86 in action all the while but i do prefer to have snap my little girl picture with a SLR.

I ask around in google/forumer. In final someone have suggest me a Lowepro CompuTrekker , Lowepro Sling Shoot 200 and my college recommend me Mini Trekker AW.


SlingShot200 AW.Feature such as Sling design to go from Mix of Shoulder+backpack mode. I don't like it because i have a shoulder relocate before so it might be difficult for me to move around and further get me into trouble again.

Extra compartment on top to separate Camera stuff with others ,Water resistant , Weight 0.93kg


Feature of this Mini Trekker which i favor on is it now with All weather Cover , lightweigt , an integrate quick release tripod holder , attachment loops for optional Sliplock accessories and lots of pocket for my wire/Memory card. It is more in ergnomic look in wide and padded shoulder straps which will easi my shoulder when i carry it for a longer time.Material cover is a water-resistant ripstop . Which mean i don't really care about when i holding a Umbralla for my family i can put full concentration to them.Weight 1.16kg


CompuTrekker AW

Almost same with Mini Trekker but with padded notebook compartment which secure with a zipper and quick release buckle. A fully customizable padded dividers in main camera compartment .additional is a Weight 1.54kg . I believe this best use for photographer who need immediate process on picture to deliver to customer on remote location.

Jan 24, 2010

helper for busy parent

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Come to think of that when in economic crisis and increase life expensive in malaysia causing parent to both come out to work .

So who will going to clean our house ? Get a permanent maid which now will cost more then 8k for deposit and further if malaysia & Indonesia have settle their disrupt on importing Indonesia maid to malaysia , i suspect their salary will not like previous which is base on RM500.

If order to cut this cost and live with a duct+odor house ?? how ?

We need a robot which it will not complaint on Overtime/ extra work / MC / Fonema(Fomema Sdn Bhd was established in 1997 to manage and operate a mandatory foreign worker health screening system in Peninsular Malaysia.)

Currently in Malaysia market there are 2 brand heatup on in malaysia. Picabot(Still not sure but malaysia is hot cake) and IRobot(US)

How they work ?

It ‘work through a pre-define patterns through programmed .

Recharger ? Yes both of them once battery slow will go back the base docker station for recharge.

Clean object- both claim to clean microorganism like germs and dust mites on the floor.

Technique use – Vacuum and sweep

Area cover –Picabot cover general on 100 sq ft , IRobot depend on virtual wall /lighthouse which cover it distance.

Scheduling feature – Something like a “wake-up” call to start working .

Picabot1robotPic  - detail or future promotion can refer to Picabot-blogspot , price from OUB offer is around rm1.4k but actual price in market is rm1.7k





IRobot  - So far i did’t enquiry anything from local IRobot but will make my time to visit their showroom in Kelana Jaya soon






Comparison chart of robot in market

Jan 13, 2010

Conserve Energy via Microsoft ?????

It really surprise for me to see that Microsoft a company which develop software is also invent into this sector.
Microsoft is lunching a service call MS Hohm  but too bad is it only available through US only.

Some more with  US President proposes $10 billion in tax credits for improving home energy efficiency. Start planning now.

How it work ?
once you have keyin your postal code and Prefer email address.
Hohm w’ll ask you to answer a short set of questions about your home and your energy use. From just a few key facts- such as the zip code where you live, the size of your home, and the year it was built-  A customize Hohm energy report for you. As you can see below, the Hohm Center provides you with an overview of your annual energy usage and how your home energy costs match up to other homes in your area. In addition, from the Hohm Center you can enter your actual electricity usage- either by connecting automatically to your energy provider (currently available to the more than four million customers served by Xcel Energy, Seattle City Light and the Sacramento Municipal Utility District) or by manually entering in your usage.

As we all know Microsoft have nothing yet to do with Home Appliance so it rely on our data
 The more detail we input about our home and energy usage into our home Profile ], the more personalized we can make your recommendations. From here, you can create “to do” lists and easily track your progress on saving energy and money

Again Home is free, People who stay in US do try it out
Microsoft Hohm

Everyone make a different to our Earth and start saving for it, i wonder when Malaysia will have one also.

Jan 6, 2010

Standard or Framework whoes work ?

I start to learn standard when i work in a local SoftwareHouse which compliance in ISO kind of standard . but when i switch and start working in HP which strongly focus on ITSM/ITIL derive a framework.

I realize that the difference a standard and a framework. You must comply with every element of a standard to be certified by an accredited audit. Whereas a framework is similar to a strong suggestion about how you might want to accomplish something; with an explicit encouragement to adopt the guiding principles then adapt them to the needs and requirements of your specific organization. Furthermore a standard is binary: one or zero, pass or fail. You either comply with everything or you don't. End of story. A framework such as ITIL seeks to help you create a better IT organization next month than you had this month. There is no compliance to set standards, no pre-defined checklists and no IT bible. - -> George Spalding is co-author of ITIL v3's Continual Service Improvement core volume,

I hear alot of my college around talking about checklist , standards for ITIL , actually they is't any at all but a framework itself. but the core thing still come from Deming Circle

Although in reality ,it mean that we sure got job to do even we have solve an issue but there alway alot of pending issue hiding beside tree/stone ...for us to find and tackel them

As what written in ITIL v3 . Continual Service Improvement (CSI)

And this kind of relaton mean that CSI evolve in each lifecycle

That is why in ITIL there is't any standard checklist/ process around because it is a ongoing improvement over time to derive a bette rresult for IT organization.

Check out this link for more detail info. .

P.s above posting is just my view in ITIL.

10 Hot business in US , how about in Malaysia ?

I past out this information from BNet , According to Challenger, Gray & Christmas' job market index, 8.7 percent of job seekers started their own business in the second quarter of 2009 , as usual Malaysia will only get the effect after 3 to 4 year time..

  1. Green power. Cleantech, including smart grid, solar, biofuels, and batteries, overtook IT and biotech to garner 27 percent of all venture capital in the third quarter of 2009, according to Cleantech Group.

  2. The senior market. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, three of the top 10 industries with the fastest employment growth relate to "aging services," including healthcare, elderly and disabled services, and community care facilities for the elderly. USC even has a new master's program in aging-services management.

  3. Discount retail. At Wal-Mart, dollar stores, and resale shops, business is booming. While sales at Neiman Marcus dropped 14.8 percent, Family Dollar had record profits of $291.3 million in 2009. And according to the National Association of Resale Professionals, sales at secondhand stores grew by 31 percent last year.

  4. Local business. The Department of Agriculture says that farmers markets have seen 5 percent annual growth for the past five years. Major chains are introducing "Locally Grown" sections to their produce departments and the USDA recently launched a "Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food" marketing campaign.

  5. Education. There's no better time to retrench or reinvent yourself than a bad economy. Revenues at institutes of higher education are expected to grow 4.9 percent to $421 billion in 2010, according to IbisWorld.

  6. Parental outsourcing. The new name for childcare, housecleaning, and other domestic services, "parental outsourcing" is booming. And revenue for tutoring, test prep, and driving schools is expected to increase to more than $7 billion in 2010. Likewise for sports coaching.

  7. Health and wellness. Revenues from healthcare and social assistance grew 3 percent to $452 billion during the second quarter of 2009, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. And the Home care industry grew 7 percent annually over the past five years, according to IbisWorld.

  8. Texas. The Wall Street Journal named Austin and Dallas top "Youth Magnet" cities, and Texas cities dominated a host of 2009 "best cities" lists for relocation, home-building, and job creation.

  9. Affordable alcohol. We're still drinking just as much, if not more, we're just drinking lower-cost booze and we're doing it at home. In any case, the alcoholic beverage industry is expected to see record revenues of $455 billion in 2009.

  10. Pets. Americans spent $43 billion on pets in 2008, and that number's expected to grow by 5 percent for 2009.

But why not we start thinking what shall be a Malaysia version out of US version of Hot business in 2010 ??

Let's start to think off this...and comment

Jan 1, 2010

GoodBye 2009 , Hello 2010

Today is last day of 2009 , so i though of wrap out all thing happen around in me and counter check my past 2009 resolution

2009 Resolution

-Learning new technology - I have done my Mysql further study and it is completed

- Reform my team member in office to create opportunity on knowledge sharing and balance of skillset.

-Be Organize on personal and work , So far for Work i manage to be well organiz but only in personal life still alot of catch up to be done

-Archive my career goal - Done in my 2009 Focal Point Review but again company did't raise any apprecation ..too bad ..:(

-Fully deploy "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People " into my work & personal

  • Habit 1: Be Proactive: - Done

  • Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind - Done

  • Habit 3: Put First Things First - Partially

  • Habit 4: Think Win/Win: - Done

  • Habit 5: Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood - For personal life i still lack on this

  • Habit 6: Synergize - Done - Although i alway be Synergize but still at the end of the day we still need some reward /recognization to continous the spirit ..:)

  • Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw - Not yet deploy - In 2010 Resolution.

- Free of Debt , so far i still not able to manage it due to fact that the salary is too low for me...:(

- Setup a HTPC , I manage to setup for my father in law and now my in law family don't need to rely on local TV/Satellit Channel already.

- Restruct my income tax debt , i manage to solve out the issue and agree to have monthly installment payback to Inland Department.

- Went for at least 1 oversea trip for a break , I didt manage to do that because i not willing to leave my baby aside and further financially i not able to do it as well. But i manage to organize a few Malaysia local-delight.

- Provide better content and gain more traffic to my blog , Just check my result at the right side ---> look like it still need to pickup alot.