Jan 26, 2010

Computrekker AW ? Mini ? Slingshot 200 AW which camera bag to choice ?

It usually happen when we start reliaze that we need a bigger bag to carrier our gadget when we walk around to shoot picture.

I did't even care about this till recently when i have a new family member joining ( My baby girl Zoey) with her around , we usually carry alot of stuff such as diaper bag , milk-bottom , Baby push chair and so on.

I'm currently using a shoulder bag which come together when i bought my 350D in year 2007. With 3 compartment , middle server as body and the other 2 use for lense. In fact now i already make full use of it.

So i have to actually think of way to free out my hand so that i can help my wife when we walk around and snap picture. Although i got my N86 in action all the while but i do prefer to have snap my little girl picture with a SLR.

I ask around in google/forumer. In final someone have suggest me a Lowepro CompuTrekker , Lowepro Sling Shoot 200 and my college recommend me Mini Trekker AW.


SlingShot200 AW.Feature such as Sling design to go from Mix of Shoulder+backpack mode. I don't like it because i have a shoulder relocate before so it might be difficult for me to move around and further get me into trouble again.

Extra compartment on top to separate Camera stuff with others ,Water resistant , Weight 0.93kg


Feature of this Mini Trekker which i favor on is it now with All weather Cover , lightweigt , an integrate quick release tripod holder , attachment loops for optional Sliplock accessories and lots of pocket for my wire/Memory card. It is more in ergnomic look in wide and padded shoulder straps which will easi my shoulder when i carry it for a longer time.Material cover is a water-resistant ripstop . Which mean i don't really care about when i holding a Umbralla for my family i can put full concentration to them.Weight 1.16kg


CompuTrekker AW

Almost same with Mini Trekker but with padded notebook compartment which secure with a zipper and quick release buckle. A fully customizable padded dividers in main camera compartment .additional is a Weight 1.54kg . I believe this best use for photographer who need immediate process on picture to deliver to customer on remote location.

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