Mar 21, 2009

Today new panic for everyone


Although some of those recruitor might mention that last few year it is a employee year , Employee can do what evern they like

Either to be non-productive , dont want to listen , do what you want with me..

It depend on what kind of organization . In Malaysia.

If we work with government , there would't be any 'You are fire' , the only thing they will do is to move you around other department and dispense you out from their view...Some time even you are not working for 1 year there is't anyone notices it at all.

In private firm , everyone is watching each other back..Sorry not those team work attitude , everyone is trying to kick other out from it and make sure that Boss can only see them perform and other to be 'non-performer' . You can see them so quiet sitting there for years but when ever AGM / Departmental meeting., they will suddently become the constributor and supportor..

I will said it s type of working life in other side of work..But me or Us...we just need to go back and work either smart or hard work to earn our living...


Mar 17, 2009

KPI for Malaysia highway ?anyone

Last friday i'm damn pxxx off by one of the expensive highway in klang area , imaging when i first drive out from Klang interchange and it already start piling out car even long before the tolls.

According to bro Issac told me that it actually stuck till Taman Kebun.

So i wonder did Malaysia government actually measure KPI on those highway operator ? Did we put condition /criteria on how it should be operate.

Because we are paying for the service and if it can't deliver a non-interrrupt of service then we have to impose some sort of rebate

Did it make sense to implement it ?

Yes, I try to google around at the first seach result i found a document which put measure on highway.

  • % of highways that are either of an acceptable or high standard of cleanliness.

  • Number of days of temporary traffic controls or road closure on traffic sensitive roads caused by road works per km of traffic sensitive roads.

  • Condition of surface footway.

  • Condition of principal roads

  • etc...

So here we have the condition on measurement, i believe Europe and America have more rule and regulation build for that.

Highway business is money lossing business ????

With daily traffic getting increase day by day imaging new car plate is release out each day is around 1-500 , it mean 500 car per day in malaysia road.

and if 500 of those car goto the toll and make their payment for the service, and we must also ask them to provide 'good' service to us right ?

We can't really life in a environment in 'tidak-apa' attitude. RM 2 for the road per day and overall 1 year is around 365*2 = RM730.

With existing contract allow them to increase by 10-20% after certain year . I believe they are making a confirm profit on this and what we as consumer is

getting ?????

I 'm calculate base on a basic formular , We should use exponential calculation because daily is 500 , 1 year is how much car on the road ?182500.

I will leave the calculate to those who interested to know...time to get back to sleep now..

Mar 13, 2009

Warehouse Sales by HP & Intel

As what it qoute urfoto204.gif

"If there's ever been a time to splurge for a new computer, it's now. The snazziest notebooks, stylish desktop PCs, powerful workstations and a host of other cool peripherals could be yours for not just low or lower prices but the lowest prices! Don't miss out on the best deals in town.HP_Biggest_Sale_180x110.jpg

* Exclusively for HP employees, Citibank / Maybank cardholders, media and students only.

** Please bring your proof of verification to enjoy this privilege. "

In case for you who want to goto the place. .Doule Click on below map. will do.

Take the chance to buy good product at lower prices from this both IT giant.:)

Mar 10, 2009

My golden rules for goal setting

Goal Setting come into my mind when i start to learn about Time Management and 7 habits of Highly Effective People.

Both Time Management and 7 habit have 1 thing in common.urfoto638.gif

  • Habit 3: Put First Things First: Principles of Integrity & Execution

  • Task List by prioritze daily task list.

Both talk about priority on our life and setting up to archive our life of goal.

Although my company follow a different way of setting up GOAL but personally i incorprate what i learn from mindtools

Rule #1 .Set Goal that motivate Our . When we set goal for ourself in work , we don't set Goal which are aim for company wide objective but it is for personal ourself. Only with that then we are able to motivate ourself by going through all the hard work.

Rule#2 Set SMART Goals. As what i mention that my company actually have another method and this are one of them.

SMART stand for

Be Specifc - Goal must be clear and well define .It just like a map for us to go from 1 way to another way. urfoto816.gif

Measurable - Something we can measure whether where we are now and how we going to reach it.

Achievable - Make sure it is archiveable for ourself but not setting a too high goal which may later influence our way to archive. Instead of setting a Goal to be a Oracle DBA , we set it a little step by Getting Certify on OCP for example. urfoto509.gif

Relevant - A Relevant goal which will direct our life career to take.By this way we are able to work and align to it. With condition that we our current job is our base step to archive.

Time-Specific -Must have a reasonable deadline.

Rule #3 , Goal must be in writing .As what we study in our school. Thing which we writen down we will not forget it.urfoto328.gif

Rule#4 . Make Action Plan , Plan out the way we are going to archive on our goal.Cross those when we complete it make our more sure that we are in the right track and progress.

Rule#5. Stick with it , Stick with our goal and remember it alway, Goal is on-going as what our life is . Although you might end up in Oracle DBA but it have to be continous review and pursuit further. and remain high necessity.

Even in a bad economic, we can't just stop here and remain stall , Life is going on same as what Goal too.urfoto726.gif

Mar 7, 2009

A last minute dinner at SS2 Teo Chew Bak Kut Teh capture

Actually we didt plan to go for a last minute dinner but because on my team meeting i did't manage to collect '$$' so more in my pocket i don't have enough $$ to folk out for my team refreshment.

So after Gtalk with my wife , we decide to have dinner together instead of separate taking food for our dinner while she waiting for me to come back.

Before we decide to go SS2 for food , during afternoon session i have being discuss with Aaron about food in SS2. because i complaint to him that can't really find a good food around SS2.

Aaron inform here are pletty of nice food new Chow Yang , hence i told my wife let's go and try out luck there.

We spot a Teo Chew Restaurant call Chew Sang. , hence we stop by and give it a try.

According to the lady boss , She recommend below dishes for us since only 2 of us is taking the dinner.

a famous Teo Chew chili +salt vege


Teo Chew Bak Kut Teh , the soup is not as thinn as klang one

but anyhow it worth to try since I 'm klang Bak Kut Teh supportor

all the while and never try it


which is cooked with fermented soy beans and fresh chillies .

worth rm 22 per serves.


I marked this shop as one of the spot in case next time i have friend come down to KL.

Too bad the picture is not so clear but really no $$ to upgrade my 6680..:)

See ya

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