Mar 7, 2009

A last minute dinner at SS2 Teo Chew Bak Kut Teh capture

Actually we didt plan to go for a last minute dinner but because on my team meeting i did't manage to collect '$$' so more in my pocket i don't have enough $$ to folk out for my team refreshment.

So after Gtalk with my wife , we decide to have dinner together instead of separate taking food for our dinner while she waiting for me to come back.

Before we decide to go SS2 for food , during afternoon session i have being discuss with Aaron about food in SS2. because i complaint to him that can't really find a good food around SS2.

Aaron inform here are pletty of nice food new Chow Yang , hence i told my wife let's go and try out luck there.

We spot a Teo Chew Restaurant call Chew Sang. , hence we stop by and give it a try.

According to the lady boss , She recommend below dishes for us since only 2 of us is taking the dinner.

a famous Teo Chew chili +salt vege


Teo Chew Bak Kut Teh , the soup is not as thinn as klang one

but anyhow it worth to try since I 'm klang Bak Kut Teh supportor

all the while and never try it


which is cooked with fermented soy beans and fresh chillies .

worth rm 22 per serves.


I marked this shop as one of the spot in case next time i have friend come down to KL.

Too bad the picture is not so clear but really no $$ to upgrade my 6680..:)

See ya

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