Feb 28, 2009

Valentine at EL Cerdo KL

Celebreate delayed Valentine with my wife because she is outstation during 14th Feb , Remembr last time Tony share with us a Pork related Restaurant in Changkat Bukit

Specializing in pork dishes from around the world,

"El Cerdo", meaning "The Pig" in Spanish, is a restaurant dedicated to porcine delights.

At first they recommend the famous sucking pig but that portion is too big and both of us wanted to try other kind of food as well the 'chun' waitters recommend us on these appetizer Boquerones and the Marinated Pork Shoulder steak together..(sorry i just too hungry without waiting for my wife i already raid the food...haahahah Look small portion...:)


Boquerones if my memory still serve me is bacons were stuffed with white wine marinated anchovies and fried in olive oil. The bacon was crunchy and the delicately flavoured anchovies complements beautifully...I couldnt ask for more. The salad and onion rings were good, but the bacon rolls were definitely the worth for recommendation to friends.


Of cause we have to try some of their house draft...very fine...even better then carlberg draft as well...:)


Below are the desert & a shoot wine offer by the restaurant for us to tast it , noone should ever miss it because it is too good to be true to take aiskrim + wine..:)

can't miss it.. i forgot the name of the aiskrim ..it is mix-fruit + aiskrim + xxxx...:)


It just Simply Porkielicious!

- The dishes are so delicious, you'll be back for MORE !

Check out their url http://www.elcerdokl.com/ .. I just found out that they offer Kid Menu as what Chili do as well...<6 year is all free of charge...:)

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