Aug 21, 2008

HP & AMD lunch scholarship 2008

Just got this news ,

Hp & AMD is lunching a scholarship for 3 pax worth around RM 25000

* No Bonding
* Lump-Sum payout
* Package HP Pavilion tx2520au Entertainment Notebook PC*

Check out this link

Application ends 30 September 2008.

Aug 18, 2008

Sync Toy V2.0 fresh from microsoft technet

Recently i log a call to IT department for laptop repair due to overheat but timing is just not right because i'm in the midst of heavy reporting period so i need a workstation to backup my files and enable me to work in other workstation.

And i found out this tools from one of oracle blogger site , SyncToy
SyncToy helps you copy, move, rename, and delete files between folders and computers quickly and easily.

* Supported Operating Systems: Windows Vista; Windows XP

Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0
1GHz Intel P3 processor or equivalent
256MB RAM, 512MB RAM recommended
20MB free disk space

the configuration just very simple, create a source and target folder either local harddisk and remote workstation which we have access. I haven't try out with live Mesh/rapidshare

You can download this file from here.
the latest version is v2.0 just release from 8/15/2008.

Aug 13, 2008

upline - Share and backup your files anywhere

While browse around google , again i stop by a site which look very familiar with me.

A site call upline .

Data disasters don't have to devastate. HP Upline protects your digital world - whether your hardware fails , your computer is lost or catastrophe strikes. And also it allow us to share photos with friends and family ,access workfiles from anywhere ..

Although it is a paid service but i believe for those data which mean values to them is it worth it.
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Aug 10, 2008

WiMax -P1 experiences

During PC fair Aug 2 , i have registered myself for a test trial and P1 Customer service call me 4 day ahead to arrange to send in the equipment to me via Courier
but later call me back again on Thursday to change to deliver by WiMax engineer itself so i quickly confirm it and later i found out that it is 8/8/2008 Beijing Olympia date and time as well.

So on friday i quickly drive out to fetch my wife and jam all the way from Pj - LDP-NKVE till KL in peace and the guy Ramah already a very good person.

We try to test it out and found out that my area really out of coverage although (At P1 Coverage map Setapak did under cover).

So Ramah told me that , he will go back and double check again on the modem to make sure it did work and will come back to me.

On Saturday when i on the way to KLCC , P1 staff call me again and double check whether is there any engineer come to deploy the equipment and i confirm with them. ( Another great services ). and later he told me to put myself into their waiting list in case coverage is enable then they will call me back.

As myself is inside a service delivery sector, i believe they way they handle customer is really a 1 thumd up , which even Maxis, Celcom,Jaring and especially Tmnet fellow need to learn from.

Again i will recommend people to go for P1 just because i'm a long victim of Stremyx line because i don't have choice till i found one..

If you like to go for a 2 week free trial can goto tis P1

I also found out a blogger which also blog about P1. Do click on this Prasys' Blog

Red Cliff / 赤壁

Last week just finish watching Red Cliff (赤壁) episode 1,

The Battle of Red Cliff is started due to a women call Xiao Qiao which is Zhou Yu wife and Cao Cao also heavy admire her too.

and the battle is begin with Liu Bei and Sun Quan alliance together to defect Cao Cao 80 Millions army.

With Zhuge Liang n Zhou Yu serve as their advisory , they able to destroy Cao Cao army in the last battle.

If anyone need to read about this story in depth can go to this link

How about you ?

Aug 8, 2008

Beijing Olympic 2008 - A whole world event

Official logo of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games

Beijing Olympic 2008 also officially known as the Games of the XXIX Oympiad . As part of a chinese people around the world . I am so proud to hear that Beijing on today 8/8/2008 having a clear sky .There is a media notices on press conference on air quality of Beijing . Click here

Because on thurday 7/8/2008 . It air pollution index was recorded at 96 , which come close to exceeding the national level for accpetable air.

To help ensure clean air ! Beijing imposed drastic measures in mid-July, including pulling half te citys' 3.3 million vehicles off te roads, halting most construction and closing dozens of factories.

Let's pray and bless everything go in peace and happy during the events and be together to help n archieve it.

Ooopp ,although i'm not china citizen but i'm aproud chinese.

Aug 5, 2008

Malaysia credit card interest skyhigh 2008

Today helping my mother in law to check her 'lion' bank credit card and found out some incredible calculation which previously i myself never realize.

In conclusion - No matter how much we paid to settle as long as there is still balance inside our credit card account , they will charge finance charges base on last month remaining balance.

And here is the rest of it.

For example in Aug 08
Jul-08 Balance bring forward is 3000
1-Jul-08 Payment 2500
Financial charge 3000*1.5% =45

I also cross check my HSBC settle and guess what ? they use different formula using the same exampel as above

Jul-08 Balance bring forward is 3000
1-Jul-08 Payment 2500
Financial charge 500*1.5% =7.5

But when i google around and found HSBC got another interest rate calculate and it again confuse is the link .

Now i'm finding way to get in touch with BNM(Bank Negara Malaysia) since they are the one who build up the guideline on how it should do.

Will continous to update all of you when i found it out.

Just in case anyone want to stuck those bank via BNM. Here is the form to download .

Can also cross reference to here to read out the procedure .

A family tree for all of us.- Newnai, Kindo & Geni

Recently when i google around for online movie on and found a very cute advertise(I did click people advertise) and found out a cute family tree make in China. It is call
In translation it is about family,care and love . What is it about ? It is a family tree system which build around our family in social network. Every user can build their own family and share it with their family/relative and from there the tree will expand and build themself.

This is how cute there are

I manage also to look around for some english site because i'm a chinese Readonly...ahahha can't really type chinese letter in computer.

I found another site call genealogy- Free Family Tree - What main different compare with Newnai is - It allow private family tree so that only people which we give them access will allow to edit/add into our tree. Which i don't think it match what i wanted too.

ANother site call Kindo which support more then 10 language worldwide.Although don't have malaysia language...ahhahaha..:)