Aug 10, 2008

WiMax -P1 experiences

During PC fair Aug 2 , i have registered myself for a test trial and P1 Customer service call me 4 day ahead to arrange to send in the equipment to me via Courier
but later call me back again on Thursday to change to deliver by WiMax engineer itself so i quickly confirm it and later i found out that it is 8/8/2008 Beijing Olympia date and time as well.

So on friday i quickly drive out to fetch my wife and jam all the way from Pj - LDP-NKVE till KL in peace and the guy Ramah already a very good person.

We try to test it out and found out that my area really out of coverage although (At P1 Coverage map Setapak did under cover).

So Ramah told me that , he will go back and double check again on the modem to make sure it did work and will come back to me.

On Saturday when i on the way to KLCC , P1 staff call me again and double check whether is there any engineer come to deploy the equipment and i confirm with them. ( Another great services ). and later he told me to put myself into their waiting list in case coverage is enable then they will call me back.

As myself is inside a service delivery sector, i believe they way they handle customer is really a 1 thumd up , which even Maxis, Celcom,Jaring and especially Tmnet fellow need to learn from.

Again i will recommend people to go for P1 just because i'm a long victim of Stremyx line because i don't have choice till i found one..

If you like to go for a 2 week free trial can goto tis P1

I also found out a blogger which also blog about P1. Do click on this Prasys' Blog

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