Nov 16, 2015

Trick to survive in bad economic - GST , weaker Ringgit in Malaysia–Part 1

Although life get tough during year 2014/15 with few implementation by governance and foreign currency. still there is way to stay calm.

Myself who work in Malaysia start from 1995 till 2015 = 20 year of working experiences. being go through few cycle of black friday especially in KLSE.

One thing for sure , don’t complaint about other factor in fact we should change ourselves to live in this conditions. Live Simple

3 basic thing which we should look into as primary objective first. A House to stay , food to survive , cloth to wear, work to earn living

Home – Every place in earth where cities located , housing price shoot sky high . don’t complaint the your dream house price is untouchable , why not pick some alternate places ?

for example like Kajang, Seremban , Sg.buloh ,klang …etc. there are public transport linked to this few places even if you don’t own a private transport.

Food – there are pletty of food/restaurant or even small stall around the corner serving nice food , Old Town Kopitiam maybe cheaper then other fine cuisine but still there are shop offer food even cheaper and tasty + cleanest environment too.

try to look around or ask people living beside you.

Cloth – I don’t buy cloth near the festival session because it can be mark up to certain extent which I personally see my current cloth is selling expensive after 1 year… Try to research on promotion/items or target certain non-luxury brand. For me I manage

to find some pajamas in good quality in tesco compare with jusco / KLCC/ Pavillion . Of cause if you being to places like Bangkok/ HongKong/ Indonesia (special thank to Air-Asia who make it everyone can fly) , you can take the opportunity

to shop around for cloth . We don’t need to wait for festival to buy those.

Work – We need work to earn money , don’t like your ego push you expectation too high . My current salary is 15* of my first job (after working 20 yr) . Right now I focus on

looking for job which near by my home location because it will save out petrol , less road tension ..etc. Yes , although the salary might be higher in cities but food + parking+toll already kill those extra money off.


There are still few cheat/trick to survive in current situation , watch up for more update later

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