Nov 7, 2011

Restaurant "Great Taste Great Life" for yummy dinner @Low Yatt area

Whenever we went to Low yatt , it alway end up with limited choice of food or even expensive food .

Last 2 month when i shop for an printer, infact we plan to drop by for japaneses fast food but we end up going from different door before we turn back to Low Yatt main entrance , we saw a shinning new restaurant just beside Old Federal Bowl. "

The place was baby friendly with good ambiances and food was serve in less the 10 minute . Just nice to clam down Zoey and let Jess to have meal before both mother and baby was hungry.. :)

Zoey was alway not able to just sit and eat , this time she stand up..:(

Food was there was in standard like Wong Kok n other HK style fast food but it was newly up and food n place was really nice for family like us.

good ambiance

enough spaces /room

sweet n sour pork

tau fo far + other bean

Enough hygine -

it make me now hungry to see this mint-pork + fry egg

nobody know what she is thinking about but sure a naughty one.. :)