Oct 26, 2010

Jassal @Brickfield

This shop is famous in Tandoori and various of India sweet as well , it is located near by Monorail Station.

This trip is organize by my colleague Satya  and we invite VIshal to join us as well too.

This is the famous chicken which recommend by Vishal.

Try to shoot from far angle

Ooo…Flash accidently enable..(yes yes yes , my hand is filled with yummy tandoori chicken

Naan…quiet good .


Overall the food is very nice compare with one of the famous india restaurant in bangsa  area.

My 3M experience

Picasa Content

It have being sometime after i claim back my windscreen due to big crack previously cause by flying stone **&%&^%*&(. As we are heading to Ipoh next month and the Walau weather in malaysia is just very "HOT" , hence we decide use the claim money to tint back the windscreen. As usually reach the shop and ask for the boss and he demo and show me a few tint paper .

Technician clim up to fix the paper from outside before stick it back to windscreen.







While waiting for them to fix the tint , i browse around and try out my N86 again..

2 person for 1 job ? …In fact another person is working on another task .

At final everything done well.

Oct 16, 2010

Bandar Botanic Ballot @3Oct10

We totally lost fate on this kind of event ,developer itself occupany those unit and wanted to sell in higher prices.

Even Bumi reserve unit being call repeating also noone is showing up

No wonder every place the house unit being 'cook' to peak just because of small number of people trying to make a profit out of the opportunity , Wonder did their company really have any ethic of business conduct..