Jun 24, 2007

100 best places to work in IT

I just found out from one of my favor blog that , there is actually a list of 100 best places to work in IT lines.

Among all of them , i can only find around 10 in Malaysia...:( (sign).

best 100 IT jobs in the world

Look like someone should start reading this and fly out to hunt for jobs..dream jobs.

Wonder how come google is not in the list ? if you want to find out why and how here is another link to follow.

Why & How

Jun 10, 2007

Environment verse Economy

Here are some picture which i taken on the way to cameroon using simpan pulai toll, malaysia govornment is trying their best to attract tourist to malaysia.

It is true that this new road can bring more safe,shorter path to Cameroon but it also cut alot of tree on the way up , and one of the picture did show that landslide did happen. Everythough last time i went up on yr 06 . the landslide is there as well.

According to an research saiding that 1 tree cut is approx 10 ac gone in Cameroon. Imaging now we can go up easily but in later maybe 5-10 year time. our children might not able to see all those tree, enjoy the cold temparature.

even those farmer such as strawberry,cactus, vega farmer is keep getting more land for harvest but w/o proper 'controling'. Today picture will become tomorrow history.

Jun 9, 2007

Celebrate father birthday at Cameroon Highland. 07

Father and mum going together with 2nd sister on friday to visit and fetch jenny on the same day and me and my wife will go on saturday.

I only reliase that the saturday is Agong birthday and the Sg.Buloh highway is really jam and teruk. Since promise mum that i will reach there at noon to take lunch with them so got to take some e.lane ..(sorry it is not those e-commercial lane) but those which alot of people will use during festival in malaysia.

We going through a Balan Tea Farm , Berinchan,Tanah Rata. TimeValley .

All restauarant we went is either full / serve only Steamboat/ tast lousy.

I still prefer to go Ok Tuak at Bringcan.

I manage to bring a bottol of wine and we celebrate in at the apartment . the special thing is we use special cup to drink.

at the Balan Tea Farm (BOH TEH), they have renovent a show house for introduction of tea farm operation , Tea sales, makan place. although going to the area is some how dangerou but if we going to Cameroon , it is a must place for us to go.