Jun 10, 2007

Environment verse Economy

Here are some picture which i taken on the way to cameroon using simpan pulai toll, malaysia govornment is trying their best to attract tourist to malaysia.

It is true that this new road can bring more safe,shorter path to Cameroon but it also cut alot of tree on the way up , and one of the picture did show that landslide did happen. Everythough last time i went up on yr 06 . the landslide is there as well.

According to an research saiding that 1 tree cut is approx 10 ac gone in Cameroon. Imaging now we can go up easily but in later maybe 5-10 year time. our children might not able to see all those tree, enjoy the cold temparature.

even those farmer such as strawberry,cactus, vega farmer is keep getting more land for harvest but w/o proper 'controling'. Today picture will become tomorrow history.
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