Jul 30, 2008

Squarespace & Oracle Coherence

Today receive notifiction about LewisC blog abt Oracle Servers Up blog site Squarespace.

I'm being with oracle product around more then 6 year. Being eager to try any of their product during my free time.

Although currently i'm blogging at blogspot and wordpress but i will like to try out how is thiss SquareSpace work as well.

Lewis and I also have the same though when we saw that news Oracle , because we both also think that maybe a RAC will run on it . But with a luxury brand such as Oracle i also wonder how SquareSpace going to get any profit because that S/w is even expensive than the H/w.

So later Lewis found out that they are using Oracle Coherence -What is that ?

Coherence provides replicated and distributed
(partitioned) data management and caching services on top of a
reliable, highly scalable peer-to-peer clustering protocol.
has no single points of failure; it automatically and transparently
fails over and redistributes its clustered data management services
when a server becomes inoperative or is disconnected from the network.
When a new server is added, or when a failed server is restarted, it
automatically joins the cluster and Coherence fails back services to
it, transparently redistributing the cluster load. Coherence includes
network-level fault tolerance features and transparent soft re-start
capability to enable servers to self-heal.

Let's me to test it out and give a field report by this weekend...ooo...PC Fair is coming..:)

Jul 27, 2008

Malaysia ranked 3 in global outsourcing ?

While searching for pcfair information , i found some information article at Pikom' which qoute from Bloomberg News about outsourcing in malaysia.

I put my comment in bold+italic tag

June 19 (Bloomberg) -- The outsourcing industry in Malaysia is trying to find its niche. It isn't an easy task because everyone else, from Brazil and the Czech Republic to suburban Cincinnati, is trying to do the same even Russia , Vietnam also starting to boom.

The recently released edition of the Black Book of Outsourcing, an annual state-of-the-industry report published by Clearwater, Florida-based Brown & Wilson Group, gives some clues about the hard road ahead for Malaysia.

Latin America and central and eastern Europe are witnessing tremendous growth in outsourcing, as global companies unload operations such as call centers, payroll processing, software development or technical-help desks to outside vendors.

China, the report said, is still low on customer satisfaction and will take another 10 years before emerging as a rival to India, the market leader. ---> I don't really agree on that as because they are heavy recruit more people from around the world to join them. It just matter of time.

Meanwhile, the U.S. is gaining from ``reverse outsourcing,'' the Black Book survey showed. Top Indian service providers -- such as Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. And Wipro Ltd. -- have recently boosted their North American operations.

Tata Consultancy started a 1,000-person code-writing factory in Milford, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati, in March. Wipro last year set up a unit in Atlanta.

Where does all this leave Malaysia, which ranked third globally, behind India and China, in consulting firm A.T. Kearney's global services location index last year?

Puzzlingly, Malaysia has so far performed below its potential. The multimedia super corridor, Malaysia's answer to Silicon Valley, has about 40,000 workers engaged in outsourcing work, compared with more than 1.5 million in India.

`Smaller Than Tier-3'

Given that Malaysia's population is just 25 million, a fairer comparison would be that the entire outsourcing industry there is ``smaller than a tier-3 Indian company,'' according to Zulfiqar Zainuddin, who works closely with outsourcing companies at Multimedia Development Corp., a government initiative to make Malaysia a competitive destination for information technology.

It has taken time, but Zulfiqar is optimistic that Malaysia is now ready to deliver the goods.

And there's no reason why it can't. Doing business in Malaysia is easy. The country's long history of openness to global trade and foreign direct investment has helped create a workforce, which although much smaller than India's or China's, is well-versed in supply-chain management, a promising area for high-value outsourcing.

A Frost & Sullivan study in November 2005 said Malaysia probably had more enterprise resource-planning professionals than any other country in the Asia-Pacific region.

New Opportunities

Besides, the government has made it very simple for vendors in the multimedia corridor to hire foreigners, clearing employment applications in just a few weeks. ----> this is only be done recent year

Some vendors have begun to exploit Malaysia's potential.

Among them is Teledirect Telecommerce Sdn., part of WPP Group Plc, the world's second-largest advertising company.

Teledirect's customer-service agents in Malaysia manage the reseller network in India, Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines for a large global company, which Chief Executive Officer Laurent Junique wouldn't name.

``We hire top-notch personnel, who are also multilingual,'' says Junique. ``They do a multitude of activities to grow the businesses of our client.''

Another lucrative outsourcing opportunity lies in supporting the growing Islamic banking and finance industries, in which Malaysia is something of a global leader.


The country also has a deep talent pool to serve the oil and gas industry, which has been in Malaysia for 130 years, notes Zulfiqar of Multimedia Development.

This, too, is beginning to happen, with Lysaker, Norway- based Petroleum Geo-Services ASA, the world's third-biggest surveyor of oil and natural-gas fields, setting up a data- processing center in Malaysia, its second-largest such unit after Houston.

but it also depend whether did malaysia company know how to lower down our cost to compare with them. Cost of fuel spike also effected our living expenses and company profit turnover as well.

At 2,500 ringgit ($765) a month, the starting pay for an undergraduate in Malaysia is more than double the level in India. but after 2 year they will be a big gap where malaysia 2 year experience is still around rm3k but india will be around rm 3-4k due to competitive job market in india.

That, in itself, is not an insurmountable challenge, says Scott Warner, chief operating officer at SRG Asia Pacific Sdn., which runs customer-contact centers. Throw in Malaysia's superior telecommunications infrastructure and ``we can be very competitive with our prices,'' Warner says.

Besides, wage inflation in Malaysia is much more muted than it is in India, while employee-attrition rates -- a big headache for Indian vendors -- are more manageable.

Clock Is Ticking

``Higher costs compared to India and the Philippines are our advantage,'' says Junique of Teledirect. ``We are guaranteed that no one will outsource activities that are worthless to them.''

Annual revenue will grow 30 percent until 2012, according to David Wong, chairman of industry group Outsourcing Malaysia.

``If we do not grow at 30 percent, the rest will catch up,'' says Abdul Hamid Sheikh Mohamed, executive director at Symphony House Bhd., a Malaysian information-technology company whose business processing unit prepares payrolls for clients and manages call centers.

In the crowded marketplace of services outsourcing, Malaysia's main competition isn't with India; it's with time and itself.

When you finish reading it ,maybe you will have your own comment on it please share it out with me too.

Full article can be view from here.

Jul 21, 2008

New theme , new direction

Hi friend/first time visitor,

I just change my blog recently with a new clear n tidy . My direction is changing since i have host my other interest to another blog ( Car related, photo skillset ,PC D.i.Y, new techi thing which i bought , dream lifestyle) .So that visitor will not get confuse to find info from here.

Please drop and give some suggestion for me to add on to provide value added information for all of you.


Jul 19, 2008

Why window tint car ?

In a tropical country like malaysia , Sun is alway on top of us.

So window tint is require to keep our car as cool as possible at least when we jump into the car we did't feel so hot as well.

In last 2 year of malaysia market . Vkool is the top among other brand such as 3M,Ecotint.

When i check around car accessory recently i found out that we have more branded tint now. and due to malaysia inflation happen such as Fuel price hike . Every price also getting increase like a chain effect.

That is why nowdays alot of motorbike/car robbery happen . And here come the security tint which they said it is a few mil thinker then normal one.

In market right now we have llumar 4mil-8mil paper ,Wingard 2in 1 ,Vkool secure and most of their price is around 1.6 onward till 2.2k for whole car.

Why security tint -
1) Violent breakage
2) Accidental breakage
3) Windborne Debris - not in malaysia
4) Anti-Graffiti/Vandalism

Can refer to llumar site for explanation.

Jul 18, 2008

Anyone require D.I.Y Resignation tools ?

Anyone even think of doing a DIY resignation letter tools ? I think someone did it just now after rumors saying that Mr Yang of Yahoo CEO is missing in action , and someone go and create a domain and site purposely for a laught.

I try this tools but it generate a rubbish email out from my outlook , maybe you want to try it out ?

DIY Yahoo! Resignation Letter

Be Honest i still prefer the world with Yahoo , MSN , Google is around at least internet world is much more balance instead MSN taking over Yahoo. Only people who love it so much should be the stakeholder of yahoo itself .

Jul 17, 2008

CMDB -Configuration Management Database+ new link

Why i write about CMDB , because as vendor provide services we need a source of repository about IT Assets which we scope for our customer .And a few organization do keep accurately even reach 80%

As we all know when Mainframe time , each asset of company is easily record because of it size and values and even those software which run on them can easily counted by finger.

as time past till today . thousand of license/OOS software is release each year and even hundred of computer accessory /peripheral is produce each day.It continouse to grown in web2.0 , internet , intranet computing.

And that is why we need CMDB to record and maintain IT Asset information, but who will take responsibility for integrating all those disparate data ? At what point should change on Assets is captured ??

It really like a puzzle till i intouch with ITIL framework and when i join HP.

I reliaze important of those information is needed when we need to provide a better service to our clients.

And CMDB is heavy link with what we call Configuration Management (ITIL). To provide foundation for successful IT Service Management and underpins every other process.It is these assets that deliver IT service and they are know as Configuration Item(CIs).
Wat apart of CMDB with normal inventory system is CMDB recording relationships/links that define how each CI is interconnected and interdependent with it neighbours.

For example. When we want to record a Server Name, we will likely think of what is install on it , Specification of the server , Application running on it , License of the software/hardware ,SLA of the vendor who provided the hardware/software ..etc. In database team it server just like a multivalue DB which can either go horizat or vertical.

How we going to do that if we are a big MNC(MultiNational Company). Yes auto-discovery. CMDB itself will communicate with hardware/software inside our client network and populate those information in places.

If you still like to read out more detail of CMDB ,can goto this site

Just found out this site which i crawling news from google reader.

Bookmark and RSS on this 3 site for more news.

1) Itilversion3.com - free article on ITILv3
2) itSMF
3) realITsm -- Might get a free book from the Author itself.
4) itiltrainingZone. - Free mindmaps is given after registered as member.

Dont' miss your chance to be part of ITIL member around the world!!!!

Let's rescue our world!!!

Recently being tie up on world and my personal blog at jessiray.cc.co , no time to update blogspot.

Finally time is come , although i still left out 1 report not yet present to my manager but it should't stop me from saving our world.

How to save our world ?

With all my petrol , aircond , Bt-download already alot of waste in nature energy. So let's start to save some carbon.

I got the idea from one of my favor site at mobile01.com*Chinese** , although alot of people will think if stay in landed property will have more space to plan some tree/flower. But according to the author ,he spent time to decor his balcony and squezz out a small place for planting.

Every start be part of earth saving ,later in 10 year our little flower/plant will become a 6-7 inch tall.

Although i already got my 2 cactus sitting ourside of my balcony but i think it just not enough to save world. Let's plan more....as picture below .

Cute and nice

Jul 7, 2008

My own blog - jessiray.homedns.org is going to decomm

What is inside jessiray.homedns.org , it is about HTPC, new gadget , Car, Photographer, Pc Modding , Talk abt my experience on setting up a blog using PHP/MYSQL/APACHE.

After running my own blog for about 2 month , i decide it is time to stop my own hosting.

1) Environment friendly . Because i'm running a resource hungry old cpu +mbox which is not power efficient enough and i'm running it 24x7 for 2 mth which bring some warm air at my room as well.

2) Economic not friendly - Due to oil crisic ,everything price sky high but salary is not. In order to further reduce cost incurr , i have to decide to move it to other web hosting site.

I plan to take 2 week to totally decommisson my own blog and move all it content it to a free host website which surprising run faster then what i expected.

Here is the new Url http://jessiray.co.cc , why jessiray again ? hahaha..because it will be me and my wife blog in future which i will going to sub-domain it later on.

But not to worry , mghong.blogspot.com will be still here around to share other news ..:)

As of what will be the old pc will going to be ? it will be my testing ground for HTPC and p2p..hahahah..:)

See ya

Jul 1, 2008

Stremyx slowness is back again July 08

Don't know whether because of fuel price increase , more and more people is surfing net at home or watching online movie.

I call out to tm helpdesk and they even rest 'port' but still can't get back the speed and it is very obvious after 2pm till now which is around 10pm. Each night i almost fall asleep when i try to post my blog. I even test ping at yahoo,google,blogspot ,amazon all of them have requet time out .

I trying to search around low-yat net for more information and found out there are alot of people with disappointment on service offer by telekom.Here is the thread for lowyatt.net

Even i notice that when i sign the package but i don't have much of choice available. Because it monopoly the whole malaysia line connect to house or what they call it "last mile".

Last time when we encounter slowness happen , we try to get other proxy /dns server to work on but this time nothing much we can do. I a bit suspect that WIreless@KL have something to do abt this.

Malaysia just not mature enough to give Free WIFI for whole city because of it infra and inter-link connection is not even 'broad' enough and further it is monopoly by a giant which 'eat alot' , 'talk more then do' , 'poor manage'.

Although our nation election just finish with big 'changes' but for Broadband i doubt anything will change for coming 2 year ahead. So far i tested Umobile , Maxis3g is 'sxck' at my area the final
hope is WiMax. Let's bless for malaysia surfer future on them .