Jul 17, 2008

CMDB -Configuration Management Database+ new link

Why i write about CMDB , because as vendor provide services we need a source of repository about IT Assets which we scope for our customer .And a few organization do keep accurately even reach 80%

As we all know when Mainframe time , each asset of company is easily record because of it size and values and even those software which run on them can easily counted by finger.

as time past till today . thousand of license/OOS software is release each year and even hundred of computer accessory /peripheral is produce each day.It continouse to grown in web2.0 , internet , intranet computing.

And that is why we need CMDB to record and maintain IT Asset information, but who will take responsibility for integrating all those disparate data ? At what point should change on Assets is captured ??

It really like a puzzle till i intouch with ITIL framework and when i join HP.

I reliaze important of those information is needed when we need to provide a better service to our clients.

And CMDB is heavy link with what we call Configuration Management (ITIL). To provide foundation for successful IT Service Management and underpins every other process.It is these assets that deliver IT service and they are know as Configuration Item(CIs).
Wat apart of CMDB with normal inventory system is CMDB recording relationships/links that define how each CI is interconnected and interdependent with it neighbours.

For example. When we want to record a Server Name, we will likely think of what is install on it , Specification of the server , Application running on it , License of the software/hardware ,SLA of the vendor who provided the hardware/software ..etc. In database team it server just like a multivalue DB which can either go horizat or vertical.

How we going to do that if we are a big MNC(MultiNational Company). Yes auto-discovery. CMDB itself will communicate with hardware/software inside our client network and populate those information in places.

If you still like to read out more detail of CMDB ,can goto this site

Just found out this site which i crawling news from google reader.

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