Jul 19, 2008

Why window tint car ?

In a tropical country like malaysia , Sun is alway on top of us.

So window tint is require to keep our car as cool as possible at least when we jump into the car we did't feel so hot as well.

In last 2 year of malaysia market . Vkool is the top among other brand such as 3M,Ecotint.

When i check around car accessory recently i found out that we have more branded tint now. and due to malaysia inflation happen such as Fuel price hike . Every price also getting increase like a chain effect.

That is why nowdays alot of motorbike/car robbery happen . And here come the security tint which they said it is a few mil thinker then normal one.

In market right now we have llumar 4mil-8mil paper ,Wingard 2in 1 ,Vkool secure and most of their price is around 1.6 onward till 2.2k for whole car.

Why security tint -
1) Violent breakage
2) Accidental breakage
3) Windborne Debris - not in malaysia
4) Anti-Graffiti/Vandalism

Can refer to llumar site for explanation.
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