May 8, 2012

A way to reprint Airasia boarding pass….

There is a time when we loss our boarding pass by accident , imaging we need to queue up to more then 20 person infront of only 1 helpdesk( Special thank to Airasia which make everyone can fly )..

assuming we already have our boarding pass printed , how to reprint ?

In Airasia portal , there will not straight forward way to reprint our boarding pass and if we can’t find it we have to call the premium helpdesk which charge us RM1.95 (below screen shoot) . I dont know why airasia want to do something like this .. Maybe they said already give you cheap air-fare..why still want to provide toll-free instead they want to charge us extra due to their shortcoming…. a shame for E2E Service Assurances…:(


so let save our blood earn money and do it ourself.

first , the booking id shall tag under your profile so that only you are allow to amend the booking id. If you did’t ever have a account with airasia , please start to create an account/profile with airasia.

second – if the booking was done by ipad/whatever app from android phone..the booking id was not link to your profile but you still can search and link it..

if the above 2 step was done , let’s login to airasia portal and manage your booking now and click my flights –> and manage my booking now.



A list of booking item will be display and now i wanted to reprint one of my booking is below. CLick View/Modify


Click Web Check in now (as below)


A page as below will display as the guest was already check in



So what to do ??? hhhhaaah,mmm…click cancel



Now you see it…a reprint button is we just need to key in our booking number and subsequent prompt will follow with standard printing procedure…

Got it ?  :) enjoy