Jan 31, 2008

Water Rafting at Kuala Kubu @Selangor

Since so long nver being to anyplace for outting, and lucky Bro Eric from Onsemi got plan to go for water rafting.

Because it is event organise by his friend and we also last minute get call from him so we quicky invite our gang of friend to join . Tony Chai is the one them sporty men.

I think alot of people being to KK white water rafting before , and there is another one with level 4 rafting which me n jess haven't try yet . because on that time we don't have enough time to travel and some more it is weekend period where not many people is going except us. (Actually we went them to take Wedding Malaysia photos).

Below is the map to te destination, according to history last time tis town is flood again DAM water before and whole town is gone. But later development come and rebuild the DAM n the township.

Eric gang of friend...one of them even drive an X40 guess what car is it ..

me and my wife

All the survivor...:)

Brother tony enjoying cool water..watch out for crocrodile..:)

Jan 28, 2008

Look Out Point at Ulu Langat

This Saturday after fetching jess from office we go straigh heading back home to fetch my parent n ray ray to go for site seeing at Ulu Langat.(Thank Boon Ching for showing this place to us).

It really a bad traffic in Ampang main road till the last 2 junction and we make a right turn(Tesco). and after 2 traffic light we make a left turn and on the way to hill driving.

According to father said , this place last time belong to Selangor but due to not enough $$ to develop it , Selangor state push it to kajang to manage this area.

After 10 minute hill drive we saw the entrance and go straight up to more higher slot hill.(Suggest to go there b4 6pm , because at night car is pilling up to the hill and usually they will stop car to go up due to not enough car park.

There are 3 restaurant at the top, i will suggest for couple to go for the right most restaurant because of it romance view(caution maybe mosquito around). We try the lookout restaurant Asia food not western food. They recommend us a tomyat(RM19) and it really worth for the taste. Their HoneyMilk also nice as well + Nasi Lemak . Although this restaurant did't offer romance view but they did provide a good shelter for rain.

Here is the slide show , lucky i bring my 350d with me. Try to use the new diffuser flash and it really good to have it. I did't try the tripod because i not intent to shoot heavily over there .

Remember Toilet we must paid for ourself but there is a toilet at the lower area which is Free and clean.Although we need to queue up but i think free+clean should be our good excuse.

good info for blogger(chinese only)

Recently yahoo around on the net , i found out something which is very useful for web-owner who wanted to attract visitor to their site.

But it is publish in english , i try to use google translate to translate it but output is even 80% translatable....:)

Nvermind , anyhow i added a new search function in case to cater for Chinese reader to search through yahoo&Kimo dynamic search .(Check it out at right sidebar beside google search..

Jan 24, 2008

Malaysia education system ???

This morning while driving down to work , although KL is a alway bumper to bumper early morning. as normal while i trying to make a turn at left lane before i even turn it i will put in my car signal for around 5 minute and while till car in other car are stop and letting me to pass that.

While i saw a bike coming from behind and stop at my bad. Even i have make a signal for 5 minute and car behind already give me a 'can go' sign..That motorist still pulling finger here and there and before they by pass me. Sometime i even show a middle finger thumb up from them.

Is it something wrong with Malaysia education system ? I still have to said car driver is even more polite during heavy traffic then those motorist . Like they are even more rushing then us even they can squeez in and out from the space between car.

No wonder malaysia post higher traffic accident for motobike compare with car .

I do strongly agree to include ethic class for every driver to attempt. Instead of hard learning what kind of signal and how to 'drive' in the road. Without a proper manner on the road it will cause accident. as there is't any discipline/ethic .

In case someone don't know what is meaning of middle finger. check this out

Jan 23, 2008

Baby eye on malaysia in melaka ?? (correction )

Recently going to my x-collegues wedding in melaka and i manage to get a free 1 night stay with my x-collegue again together with my wife.

The next day , my friend bring us for trip in melaka town and i manage to snap this photo again using my baby nokia 6680.

She told me , it is a mini eye of malaysia. but for me it just like a fun-fair.located beside old bus station in melaka town.

Correction : Title change frmo Eye off malaysia to Eye on Malaysia.

Must eat & drink in ipoh

Last year , we have being travel around with our Italy gang (Same group of people which we travel together to Italy).

After confirm with Aunty Julian for accomodation and agenda.. here we go , as i did't bring my 350 to ipoh so i only take limited photos for this travel.

BUt it cover the must go place in Ipoh town , after highway toll exist at Jasco exists. and there we go.

Place cover such as Gerbang Malam (Chicken Rice , Kua teo noddle sup , pure soya bean w/o preservative.

Cute icon at Pavilion KL

While browse around for food at Kl Pavilion , saw this cute icon at Shiz Lin food center which is very famous in taipei when we first reach taiwan .The Tour guided will sure bring us there for junk & local food.

Without hestate , i quicky order 1 seafood mee to drink it out ,picture taken using my nokia 6680

Jan 21, 2008

Thaipussam is a holiday for Kuala Lumpur

Just receive a good news from HR department. Starting from this year onward. KL(Kuala Lumpur) people will have 1 more holiday to enjoy....!! YES..

Dear all,
As reported in the Media today , kindly be advised that Thaipussam which falls on Wednesday, 23 January 2008 has been declared as Public Holiday to include Kuala Lumpur. Therefore, HP business operations based in Kuala Lumpur will be observing this additional Public Holiday.
However, for shift and other business operations that requires the employees to work as per normal, it will be managed by the respective businesses and staff involved will be compensated via PH in lieu .
Please be guided accordingly.

Jan 20, 2008

Basic for photographer.

Usually when we bought our new camera either compact , DSLR we just go ahead to shot any scene which we come across during our holidays

At when we come back after holidays, realise tat some picture is taking wrongly n objective is not being captures.

Now Videojug have excellent five-step walk-through of important elements for photography compositions.

While reading back some backdate lifehack article , i found out a link which is useful for a beginner.

In a nuteshell, there are five rules to follow ,
Keep it simple -- ok
Rule of thirds to add dynamism to our photos.
Balance in term of colours
Framing the scene to give some contract and depth of the object we need to snap.

Okok ..let's go for the movie now

Photography: The Rules Of Composition

Reevaluate my online commitments-Cut cut cut

New Year should be a time to rethink of again whether should i continous to put more line time in my day to day activity something like lose weight , keep healthy /exercise ,more time for my family , blog , travel more , active in forum , LAMP project ,torrent movie...etc

But it is a new year, and it’s not a bad idea to at least try to change my bad habits , pick up a new skill, or do something to make myself happier.

I sugest everyone to start think of their commitment onlines. —that is, blogs, social networks (Twitter, Friendter,facebook,Hi5 ), Forum (PC ,Car, beauty,new gadget forumer) , IM accounts (Gtalk, Msn,Yahoo, Meebo) , Share online photo such as (Flickr,Picasa,smugmug,snapfish ..) .It is what i have right now.

Majority most of them is quiet time consume instead of productivity for myself.If it going to be like that i might end up talking with word such as hyperlink, laptop > 12 hours.(Even more work then my engineer). With 8 hour already spent on my office work...End up sleep less n getting more white hair. ...There are some infor to be read at lifehack

Time to change, Evolutions. Drop thing which are not important . Time to use what i learn from 7 habit.. (What is important & need urgent) ..laydown all this.

I stepping away from friendter & facebook(even i just join a couple of week). Use only Gtalk + msn(MSn can cross comm with yahoo) for IM...and continous to use flickr since majority of my photo still in yahoo .). Picasa is my major online photo sharing now.

I will not lay down my resolution for year 2008 over here so that i would't get boom by my boss when he/she read my blog..:)

Sayonara to friendster & facebook , Twitter is the next if it did't sound usefull for my blog as well.

Civic- Dominator Bk

Just manage to grab this picture at the net.

K20a with supercharge , 0.4bar can squeszz up 300 ps .
With Mugen rim + bodykits is enough to blow alot of turbo car away from seen...:)

But price is too much for me to reach maybe getting the bk at least can call it 'Replica'...ahhaha

Jan 19, 2008

Taiwan Trip - 台灣 15

Alot of people ask me where did i go when i plan for honeymoon. I though them Taiwan...and it really make they laught still drop from their chair. But i do have separate trip with my wife to Italy(City where romance start..ahahha ..)

ok ok , don't wanted to divert too much . When we arrive in taiwan it is a rainly session for them ..

Headline from newspaper..."
On 6th October 2007 typhoon Krosa slammed Taiwan with winds of up to 150mph. " guess we are in the middle of the wind when we travel down to Tainan 臺南

So our tour guided have change the route so that we don't need to stay in hotel for the rest of our trip.

Initially our trip is Taipen -> Taitung
台东 -> Tainan -> Kaohsing - > Taipei but becauseo f this Krosa typhoon slam from the east coast .so we change to star from West coast instead.
Taipen -> Tainan - > Kaohsing -> Taitung

Photo is uploading at Picasa will publish those photo up here.

I will recommend people to go taiwan instead of Japan , Korea because Taiwan people are friendly and environment is cool plus food is either same or even best compare with Malaysia food.. Of cause all Non-Halal....:)

A bit translate for the above location -

Kaohsiung City
(traditional Chinese: 高雄市)
Taichung (traditional Chinese: 台中市)
Tainan City (traditional Chinese: 台)
Taipei (traditional Chinese: 台北市)

Jan 17, 2008

Report agains.

I can almost categories work for myself every months

1st week - Work assertment for my team
2nd week - KPI extraction from system
3rd week - Presentation preparation for Top management
4th week - Time to relax and prepare for next months.

Actually i can do all this thing daily but come to think of that it just the way i did for my previous assignment and it did't get me anyway but just the point i start.

Maybe it is time to think n invent ..did it sound familiar with company logo Xp Invent....:) As what mgmt said it other process is good and we need the process then we just follow them and use it wisely...sound like there is other meaning of it ???

Jan 16, 2008

Favour Bk to go for next time

Mugen = Blue ,
Spoon = Blue + Yellow

Jan 13, 2008

Finally $$ is back from Citibank journal

Continuous with my previous blog posting------

After logging call with Citiphone last friday(4/1/08), The official of citibank D.Perdana call up and told us that they found that missing $$ and will transfer back into my wife a/c. GREAT!!! Day of unrest , nightmare ,tension , pressure is all vanish...;)

But still it is a loop hole and i dont see there is a policies for them to be proactive.

1) If we don't complaints, where is the $$ going ?
2) If some insider found out that case before the depositor know what will happen ?

Now day ,everything is internet related - e banking , e filing i start to wonder what is they cause of action if the e-thing not working ??? Are we really to go for this kind of e-thing ?

There are still European country which still in manual & more personality engages instead of working with a machines. But over here country such as malaysia, singapore,thailand and some african country is starting to do more business in e-areas..

Are East going a bit faster then West ???

food & drink & nice view at kuala selangor

Due to my parent missing too much of kuala selangor, I think it is around 3-4 yr we did't go there because of another shorter distance + cheaper seafood in klang. hhehehe

After packing all junk food+drink , and we pack to go with mum 7seater MPV(Innova) , meeting my another sister at bukit Raja toll. then we use the old road Jalan Kapar all the way to kuala selangor.

taking from Wiki, kuala selangor is an old royal capital of Selangor. It was conquered by the Dutch in 1784, when they successfully attempted to expand from their base in Melaka to control the tin trade of Perak and Selangor. I even got infor that Chinese Princess 'Ha Li Poh' also resident here with his husband from melacca to here.

What is the attractive of kuala selangor ??? first thing is Firefly Park which we have to take small boat from kampung kuantan .

2nd is pay a visit to the Kuala Selangor Nature Park which underneat Bukit Melawati a visit.
3rd is Buit Melawati (not the melawati at Ulu Klang) , there is a lighthouse

which is a landmark for Kuala Selangor . And it still work now i remember when i still 15 yr old ,father alway bring all of us to visit the place and watch the sunset together with aiskrim

4. Seafood restaurant , majority all the seafood restaurant is located at Pasir Penampang after the bridge spanning the Selangor River. and their serve very decent price & values too.
I manage to snap a picture of the restaurant which still there after 4 yr we haven't being there but the place is extend to bigger sizes.

Of cause with it logo too ..big craw.

After our dinner we going back the the town and head to Bukit Melawati for sweet memory times..:)

. As that day is holiday private car can't really drive up so we are force to take a 'Do Do car' .

Here goes some family photos , of cause i not in there because i'm photographer.

This trip is really a nice trip only shortcoming is after we finishing the musem the sky is getting darks and all of us going to hide inside the building and lucky the aiskrim men also the same so father bought all of us an aiskrim & we observing all those money also moving down from tree and hide underneat the lighthouse

Jan 12, 2008

3 columns blogger

Just come back from HP GCM dinner ,no luck on getting any goodies and i really in mess feeling sick , lucky i stay here the area and i back to home at 20 minutes. since i promise Catrin to update them my new gadget (diffuser) while update on my latest finding on diffuser for camera flash. Accidently i found out a link to 'educate' me to setup a 3 columns blogger . yes..it just the way i want it 'ha ha ha ha haaa'

Ooo..i forgot where is the orig link ...????? maybe later i publish it back .

Feel free to comment on the new look for any visitor.

Jan 11, 2008

Camera flash diffuser from china

The first time when i hear philip told me that , there is diffuser for camera flash initially i dont really realise it is true till i saw it after we finish our meeting after 3 day abt Disaster Recovery plan.

And i straight away bought it after i saw the product myself , quickly after office i go back home and try it with my 350D and it fit well.

Let's me show case what is inside the packages of cause..

Here is how it look like when joining the hog+diffuser.

Here are the effect before and after i put it on my internal flash sockets.

**picture taken inside my room (room light + camera internal flash on )

Light get distort after putting the diffuser , i will said it is a good combination with Canon because canon colour alway act natural and with this diffuser it restore back the overexpose flash...

Nice to budget photographer , 2 thumb up

Jan 10, 2008

Wow...a good yourtube education

Just receive this yourtube from Ong,

The title of the email is so call 母语教学大纲 but it actually teach people how to talk cantonen language , i don't know where it original come from..:)

Remember to open your speaker, you migth need to hold your chair tie so that you don't fall down from it...

yourtube --> link click and check it out

ps. Restricted for > 18 yr old and who know how to speak cantonene.

Jan 9, 2008



Saw this email before ? the trick is already famouns 3-4 year ago but it still manage to spam into my email, maybe it is time to complaint to google...:)

(WE ENCOURAGE GLOBALIZATION) ----> what kind of globalization are this guy talking abt...eheheh
Dear Lucky Winner,
Congratulations to you as we bring to your notice, the results of the First Category draws of E-MAIL LOTTERY organised by GOOGLE INTERNATIONAL. We are happy to inform you that you have emerged a winner under the First Category, which is part of our promotional draws. The draws were held on 31TH of December 2007 and results are being officially announced Today 9TH of January 2008. Participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn from 2,500,000 email addresses of individuals and companies from Africa, America, Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East, and Oceania as part of our International Promotions Program. Your e-mail address, attached to ticket number 675432890044/376, with serial number 200-373 drew the lucky numbers 1-0-11-44-3-222 and consequently won in the First Category.You have therefore been awarded a lump sum pay out of One Million(1,000,000.00) Euro, which is the winning payout for Category A winners. This is from the total prize money from 1,500,000 Euro shared among the 2 winners in this category.
Your fund is now deposited with the paying Bank. In your best interest to avoid mix up of numbers and names of any kind, we request that you keep the entire details of your award strictly from public notice until the process of transferring your claims has been completed, and your funds remitted to your account.This is part of our security protocol to avoid double claiming or unscrupulous acts by participants / non participants of this program.Please contact your claims agent immediately for due processing and remittance of your prize money to a designated account of your choice:

-----------------> i wonder if they want it to keep secret but anyhow they still send to my blogger email...ahahha..now everyone know...that is good
To file for your claim, kindly contact your CLAIMS Agent.
Mr Yorugos Papadopulos.
Marginlatrust Claims Agency
TEL: +306995905073,Fax+0030-694-409-5731
THINOS 73, 10722,
ATHENS GREECE --------> i have no idea google is located in Greece ???
You are advised to contact the agents by email.
NOTE: For easy reference and identification, find below your reference and Batch numbers. Remember to quote these numbers in every one of your correspondence with your claims agent. Reference Nr: AMC/2331-ILHWGI0431/06. Batch Nr: EOST/25/0496/TVUFS Congratulations once again from all our staff and thank you for being part of our promotions program.
Yours Sincerely,
MRS.Rita Brown.

Jan 6, 2008

Citibank ATM fail

In 8th Dec 07 my wife have make a cash payment to Citibank Cash deposit machine after she put in the money into the machine , the Cash deposit machine straight away stop functioning.

So She call up citiphone and ask them to check whether payment go through of not. and the operator confirm with her that payment is in.

Till recently when she wanted to make the payment and try to call up citiphone operator to get outstanding amount then the operator inform her that the payment is long overdue for Nov 07. Which mean citibank did't receive any money at 8th Dec 07. She realise something went wrong and again call up the operator and this time a operator comment that the payment make on 8th Dec already bank in and he will waive up the due charge for Nov 07. Again operator highlight that money will be bank in on this month payment. So my wife did't log a complaint as they confirm the payment will go in at Jan 07.

After 2 day later , someone from citibank call up my wife and inform her that she got overdue and offer her an Loan on Phone program . Then my wife realise again something goes wrong with her Nov payment. Quickly call up citiphone and ask them to check again. But the luck is not with her. 2 operator she call up non of them confirm the Nov 07 payment is in.

So both of us together goto the incident branch and log a report . According to the Custome service rep. they need to open the machine and investigate the roll. (Maybe transaction history). and ask us to wait for 2 more day for citibank to call back us.

As both of us work in bank environment before. Money is really important as long as credit & debit is not tally . Bank are not able to close for the days.

For our case, that cash deposit machine receive additional RM1k but if it did't kredit the 1k payment to any of the deposit account then Citibank should alert on this on 8 Nov. But how come no action being done ???

What i can see from here is
1) This bank don't have a good system to handle journal/transaction tally ?
2) Is there an insider job to take the money and bank into their own account!!!!!
3) They so call voice machinse recorder did't effectively record what their staff actually conversation with their customer ???? BlackBox ???
4)Operator is not fully train , Answer is not consistent ? Sometime yes and sometime No.
5) A world bank but a lower class detection system ? I know bank have alot of money but they can't just simply take people money from an unknow account ?

If not mistaken , last time my mum also have this cases, once she report to the bank they immediately close the ATM and start investigation.This kind of service come from a malaysia local bank.

If there still no response from them , our next step is to log a complaint report to Bank Negara(Malaysia Central Bank) to interfere this cases.

Wish us good luck

Jan 5, 2008

blogger need a translation ?

After installing the live traffic feeding, i start thinking as blogger is browse by global . As i not good in typing chinese in my blog . How to enable people who can read only chinese, european language to understand what i'm going to talk abt ?????

They idea come in when i browse a chinese blog which have a option to translate their blog into english blog. FUN!!!!! Google around and i found out there is actually 3 way to put translation in our blog.

1.Google available in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean and Chinese (Simplified)
2.BabelFish but it only available in a few language such as English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese
3. Wordlingo as it is a charge service ,so i rather stay with option 1 & 2.

As i not good in translate in Chinese , so i decide to give google trans a try. You can check it out the country flag and see whether did it translate in a good manner or not. I try out with chinese simplified and it work fine for me.

A translation cover 5 continental should be ok for me..:)

btw ,it work to translate my page out from a pop out new window but from there it didt work to translate back to my english page.. Take note loh..超酷

Reference link for google translation code is available here

Jan 4, 2008

Honda Civic -Spoon

When searching on the net for Civic , stop by a link where it comment abt Civic 07 model in Japan.

info paste from the link above
"There currently is no Civic Type R in an FD/FA/FG chassis in the Land of the Rising Sun, not even an announcement or concept release from Honda to tease the imagination. And making matters worse, the Japanese have been saddled with only four-door sedans. That's right; there's not even a Civic coupe available to buy. Talk about payback for every year of having it good."

Just don't know wat Japan think abt themself, they don't even have a good Civic type R , but i wonder there is alot of S2000 , DC5,DC2.

Spoon famour in yellow colour + blue..which we can see from the brake rotor+ enginee cover.

Personally i like the bodyskits and it pretty much normal and not really fierce as what Mugen CTR

Picture taken from Paultan, Honda Tunning Magz sites..

Jan 3, 2008

New Year eve count down @ The Curve@Damansara

Review of the count down events..

Today is last day of year 2007 but unlucky is is my wife is falling sick from yesterday till this afternoon.

As she also a organizer for today count down activity after she taking her medi pill then we up to go. Actually we already late to fetch up emily also but i believe emily will forgive us for these..:)

Of cause when count down, there alway bir,young chic,handsome guy(like me), money , mobile phone..sexy bareback...wat else Tiger bir , Guiness draffte..(did i spell it correctly

We invited Ryan my photo partner.hehhe , he wife of bluemoon..hahahah , YY,Emily,Jess,Irish(She come late after firework finish with boy friend), 3 Zorro(Drinker).