Jan 24, 2008

Malaysia education system ???

This morning while driving down to work , although KL is a alway bumper to bumper early morning. as normal while i trying to make a turn at left lane before i even turn it i will put in my car signal for around 5 minute and while till car in other car are stop and letting me to pass that.

While i saw a bike coming from behind and stop at my bad. Even i have make a signal for 5 minute and car behind already give me a 'can go' sign..That motorist still pulling finger here and there and before they by pass me. Sometime i even show a middle finger thumb up from them.

Is it something wrong with Malaysia education system ? I still have to said car driver is even more polite during heavy traffic then those motorist . Like they are even more rushing then us even they can squeez in and out from the space between car.

No wonder malaysia post higher traffic accident for motobike compare with car .

I do strongly agree to include ethic class for every driver to attempt. Instead of hard learning what kind of signal and how to 'drive' in the road. Without a proper manner on the road it will cause accident. as there is't any discipline/ethic .

In case someone don't know what is meaning of middle finger. check this out
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