Jan 19, 2008

Taiwan Trip - 台灣 15

Alot of people ask me where did i go when i plan for honeymoon. I though them Taiwan...and it really make they laught still drop from their chair. But i do have separate trip with my wife to Italy(City where romance start..ahahha ..)

ok ok , don't wanted to divert too much . When we arrive in taiwan it is a rainly session for them ..

Headline from newspaper..."
On 6th October 2007 typhoon Krosa slammed Taiwan with winds of up to 150mph. " guess we are in the middle of the wind when we travel down to Tainan 臺南

So our tour guided have change the route so that we don't need to stay in hotel for the rest of our trip.

Initially our trip is Taipen -> Taitung
台东 -> Tainan -> Kaohsing - > Taipei but becauseo f this Krosa typhoon slam from the east coast .so we change to star from West coast instead.
Taipen -> Tainan - > Kaohsing -> Taitung

Photo is uploading at Picasa will publish those photo up here.

I will recommend people to go taiwan instead of Japan , Korea because Taiwan people are friendly and environment is cool plus food is either same or even best compare with Malaysia food.. Of cause all Non-Halal....:)

A bit translate for the above location -

Kaohsiung City
(traditional Chinese: 高雄市)
Taichung (traditional Chinese: 台中市)
Tainan City (traditional Chinese: 台)
Taipei (traditional Chinese: 台北市)
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