Jan 13, 2008

Finally $$ is back from Citibank journal

Continuous with my previous blog posting------

After logging call with Citiphone last friday(4/1/08), The official of citibank D.Perdana call up and told us that they found that missing $$ and will transfer back into my wife a/c. GREAT!!! Day of unrest , nightmare ,tension , pressure is all vanish...;)

But still it is a loop hole and i dont see there is a policies for them to be proactive.

1) If we don't complaints, where is the $$ going ?
2) If some insider found out that case before the depositor know what will happen ?

Now day ,everything is internet related - e banking , e filing i start to wonder what is they cause of action if the e-thing not working ??? Are we really to go for this kind of e-thing ?

There are still European country which still in manual & more personality engages instead of working with a machines. But over here country such as malaysia, singapore,thailand and some african country is starting to do more business in e-areas..

Are East going a bit faster then West ???

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