Jan 3, 2008

New Year eve count down @ The Curve@Damansara

Review of the count down events..

Today is last day of year 2007 but unlucky is is my wife is falling sick from yesterday till this afternoon.

As she also a organizer for today count down activity after she taking her medi pill then we up to go. Actually we already late to fetch up emily also but i believe emily will forgive us for these..:)

Of cause when count down, there alway bir,young chic,handsome guy(like me), money , mobile phone..sexy bareback...wat else Tiger bir , Guiness draffte..(did i spell it correctly

We invited Ryan my photo partner.hehhe , he wife of bluemoon..hahahah , YY,Emily,Jess,Irish(She come late after firework finish with boy friend), 3 Zorro(Drinker).
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