Jan 20, 2008

Reevaluate my online commitments-Cut cut cut

New Year should be a time to rethink of again whether should i continous to put more line time in my day to day activity something like lose weight , keep healthy /exercise ,more time for my family , blog , travel more , active in forum , LAMP project ,torrent movie...etc

But it is a new year, and it’s not a bad idea to at least try to change my bad habits , pick up a new skill, or do something to make myself happier.

I sugest everyone to start think of their commitment onlines. —that is, blogs, social networks (Twitter, Friendter,facebook,Hi5 ), Forum (PC ,Car, beauty,new gadget forumer) , IM accounts (Gtalk, Msn,Yahoo, Meebo) , Share online photo such as (Flickr,Picasa,smugmug,snapfish ..) .It is what i have right now.

Majority most of them is quiet time consume instead of productivity for myself.If it going to be like that i might end up talking with word such as hyperlink, laptop > 12 hours.(Even more work then my engineer). With 8 hour already spent on my office work...End up sleep less n getting more white hair. ...There are some infor to be read at lifehack

Time to change, Evolutions. Drop thing which are not important . Time to use what i learn from 7 habit.. (What is important & need urgent) ..laydown all this.

I stepping away from friendter & facebook(even i just join a couple of week). Use only Gtalk + msn(MSn can cross comm with yahoo) for IM...and continous to use flickr since majority of my photo still in yahoo .). Picasa is my major online photo sharing now.

I will not lay down my resolution for year 2008 over here so that i would't get boom by my boss when he/she read my blog..:)

Sayonara to friendster & facebook , Twitter is the next if it did't sound usefull for my blog as well.
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