Jan 28, 2008

Look Out Point at Ulu Langat

This Saturday after fetching jess from office we go straigh heading back home to fetch my parent n ray ray to go for site seeing at Ulu Langat.(Thank Boon Ching for showing this place to us).

It really a bad traffic in Ampang main road till the last 2 junction and we make a right turn(Tesco). and after 2 traffic light we make a left turn and on the way to hill driving.

According to father said , this place last time belong to Selangor but due to not enough $$ to develop it , Selangor state push it to kajang to manage this area.

After 10 minute hill drive we saw the entrance and go straight up to more higher slot hill.(Suggest to go there b4 6pm , because at night car is pilling up to the hill and usually they will stop car to go up due to not enough car park.

There are 3 restaurant at the top, i will suggest for couple to go for the right most restaurant because of it romance view(caution maybe mosquito around). We try the lookout restaurant Asia food not western food. They recommend us a tomyat(RM19) and it really worth for the taste. Their HoneyMilk also nice as well + Nasi Lemak . Although this restaurant did't offer romance view but they did provide a good shelter for rain.

Here is the slide show , lucky i bring my 350d with me. Try to use the new diffuser flash and it really good to have it. I did't try the tripod because i not intent to shoot heavily over there .

Remember Toilet we must paid for ourself but there is a toilet at the lower area which is Free and clean.Although we need to queue up but i think free+clean should be our good excuse.

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