Jan 11, 2008

Camera flash diffuser from china

The first time when i hear philip told me that , there is diffuser for camera flash initially i dont really realise it is true till i saw it after we finish our meeting after 3 day abt Disaster Recovery plan.

And i straight away bought it after i saw the product myself , quickly after office i go back home and try it with my 350D and it fit well.

Let's me show case what is inside the packages of cause..

Here is how it look like when joining the hog+diffuser.

Here are the effect before and after i put it on my internal flash sockets.

**picture taken inside my room (room light + camera internal flash on )

Light get distort after putting the diffuser , i will said it is a good combination with Canon because canon colour alway act natural and with this diffuser it restore back the overexpose flash...

Nice to budget photographer , 2 thumb up
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