Mar 31, 2007

Online bookmark resync

Recently i just found out some usefull addon for firefox bookmark after my office laptop crash (thank to Win XP n HP) all data is gone.:(

All my important document,bookmark , data is gone, Yes yes yes i should backup it but as it is company private data , who should i go for backup ???? Nope, there is't nope of policy and only thing we have is sharepoint which we keep final version of document on it.

So all my bookmark is gone as my office is a big MNC company and there is alot of group and intranet around. It is very difficult to know which URL we suppose to go.

So i search around internet and found Lifehack which introdue an online bookmark sync which enable us to sync our bookmark within the same account ...Great

The URl is foxmarks too bad is IE did't have it till now..:(

My next step is to find a way to backup my work..:(

Mar 24, 2007

Wwoww....really nice broadband tested..

I just discover on that net during my torrent hunting , there is a GUI site which can give us info on our ADSL speed at least better then tmNut..:)

Somehow it show that my subscribe 1mb is 352 kb downlink and 69 kb uplink.

As usually tmNut did give people some false info on their packages ..1MB 88RM..:)

Mar 20, 2007

small little RSS call Snarfer

Today just found out that there is an FREE , small/little

* No adware
* No Spyware
* No Malware..

so what we still want ? It is call Snarfer Snarfer , i will try it out later on if my add on for my Firefox is not really working good..:) .

My Current addon is Sage(addon) for Firefox 1.5, 1 think i like is it can import my blogline blogroll.

Mar 17, 2007

My Team

Finally i have time to setup a slide show which show all my collegue/engineer.

Something to remember always.

Mar 3, 2007

Wwow....sported 3 car in 1 day...

Today is my lucky days as when we driving out , we spotted 3 sport car

See what happen when pollution come in places..

Before haze flow from Indonesia, clear sky ,fresh air..

See what happen....:(

let's discuss...where to go

Family meeting at my bedroom, only privillege photographer is allow...:)

Wow..tough car..

Taken during HighTea at TimeSquare & something extra...

Night Outing at PuppyDoll Pub.

All picture taken Nokia 6680