Jul 9, 2010

Mybookface is the best redirect for FREE Host ??


Recently i got a blog hosted in a free host site , and it got redirect to a ‘funcky’ page through mybookface.ABC .

I quickly log a call to the support guest what is the answer from them

Your account has been utilizing a great deal of resources on free hosting which has led to the suspension of your account, this suspension is not because you did something wrong but rather the effect your site activity or traffic is having on network is quite noticeable.
I have re-activated your account and recommend that if you wish to stay on the free hosting network that you consider optimizing your site which if you need guidance on we recommend reading using Google and searching for how to optimize your particular scripts to implement caching.

Lucky i have google analyst enable for my blog and test it out and it show that with daily < 40 visitor…how can i go up and utilize the available so call CPU ??? I still wonder.



So i use our good friend google to search around and found out alot of host site use this redirect technique to teach those “free for life” user a lesson… Check out this posting  which i found from google.

Still i rather park back to blogspot….freefor life ..