Dec 16, 2006


after getting my SLR camera,here are some of the potrait taken on jess doggies..:)

It really fun to get their attention to look at the camera.

the big dog ,we call it jacky iii

that small one , name is come from a horse race track name by jess father as 'Bo Bo Win' .so we transalate into 'Bowi'..hehehe

Nov 1, 2006

St Anne church at B.Mentajam

It is my first time at B.Mentajam , we going there to 'pray' for my father-in-law sister. On the way back we drive into St Anne Church to see it 'beauty'.

Since i'm the only camera 'men' available , while bc shooting picture ,I manage to snap a 10 Commandment rock at the church.

Let' follow it as principal of our life

Hari Raya trip to Perlis

During 06 hari raya holiday , i going out with my wife together to Perlis for siteseeing.

But due to 'Kao Wong Yak'/Rainly session we did't manage to step down from the car to snap some nice picture using my new DSLR 350D.

There are few place which we manage to visit , Border of Perlis&Thailand , Gua Keram , K.Perlis(fishing town with nice& cheap seafood- restaurant name is Hai Tien.We almost miss the restaurant because jessica(my wife) said she last visit is when she study at UUM@Kedah.

During our dinner at Hoi Tien , i manage to snap a nice view of sunset .

Aug 13, 2006

Our best friends

11/8/2006 is really a day to remember , because me and my gal gal got a date with Desmond one of our best friend which we knew in our x-company(Infopro).

After work we rushing to Sg.Wang to do some survey on diamond and other wedding preparation.

We looking around in the shopping mall for ring , cloths , ideaa ..Doremon..:) and mobile phone .

After our 2 hour rough shopping desmond call out that he able to join us for a short dinner and we decide to go Starhill to try out a new vanues of dinner area.

That shopping center is really like luxury hotel because even we finish our 'restroom' tension there is someone who will hand us a tower and pull in some water in the ancents sink for us to wash our hands got no choice but to give him a small tips (is really a big tips for me because i nver give tips in notes).

after that we start our hunting for food and we end up going to Western Steak house , at first we though the food will be very lousy by looking at the shop and after a few tast and we all agree that their steak and Lamb cop is up to the standard and even better then 'Kapal' house..:)

It really a full for both of us(me and desmond)and some more i even need to finish 2 bottle of Skol bir at least it is cheaper then if we order separate wine and bir..:)

We have a good time to discuss on our work experience and share our idea and comment on recent bomb plot in Uk since he and my gal gal will fly over to US later on and it really give pressure to them now..:(

Do hope the tension will be release soon. and we continour our dinner to a mamak stall near by sg.$$$$.. and after that we go back home sweeet dreams

Aug 4, 2006

my very first redang trip

We start early morning on the way to KLIA , because of our trip my future parent in law wake up early morning just to fetch us to KLIA airport.

At the airport ,we meet our with our friend emily and this boy boy eric. I realise that we can wear slipper in this 'cheasket' airport.

45minute flight to KT airport , it look even worse then Kokata(Ghana) airport..ahaha..

1 1/2 hour ship cruise reach at Pulau Redang , it really a nice and clear sea water. After lefting off all the ludggage we prepare for my first even snoorking.

soilder without Weapon

Even with soilder who has alot of war experiences, if we are going to send them to battle without give them a proper weapon .

Is it like sending people to heaven..:)

This happen in any place in the world..:)

I believe when my friend saw this , they will know who i mention on .

Jun 17, 2006

Software warss..

I get this url from jess email , and it is very interesting , do click and check it out

last day in office

Today is my last day work with Infopro(M) and also my first time to eat McD-Breakfast , according to my collegue emily it is the biggest size offer..Thank you Yee Lin..:)

as expected today not much of customer call , email also being redirect to my replacement..:) 5yr+ in this company but i feel like i'm working till the end of my jobs.

Still remember my first day coming in late and join this company with 2 of the other collegue (1 leaving last 3 day another one still stuck inside..hehehe)..:) Just joke ok Lam ?

Another short and simple farewell lunch with my lunch-mate , i can feel like my leg is getting much pressure when i walk at the compound. I try to use my remaining time to chit chat with all my collegue around .

I very thank to Infopro especially Chuah who give me a chance to work in even i don't have any solid experience in oracle , and i also being giving chance to work in BSN ,ICB group of branches as well in Africa. My first time to take helicoptor in Africa (lucky it did't drop on that day but second day..hehehe.:)

Thank you Infopro , Chuah , Irene,Priscila, Hairol, Matthew ,Monica ,Mok,SWLam,Emily, joe,Pang ,Sklim,Chris,Ekchong,BP,Eclim,GanKb,Kah Heng ,Shtan ,mah Siew Jin,Chui yi(who is at singapore right now) , Yee Lin , SweeIn,Jason,Khor,Joe,Benneth,Asmah,Ida, Liew Liew, Suiping and my other disco kaki(Sherin,Keat,Ck,Micky ...too many people i will like to thank on.

My Client BSN- Rohani, razalih(n his gang),ruzawati(n her gang too), Syed,Bala,Asmadi,Mr k, Helmi,Leza,Chang. Nice to work with you all

My Client ICB , Eben, TanKL,Rocky,Sidesh,AhMoku and other ghana icb stuff..

Wish you all good luck n healthy

Raymond (CSD dept)

Jun 14, 2006

WordCup for Japan

Being watching Japan with Australia team on group matching.

Can't believe that Japan team did have a good spirit but lack of stamina during 2nd half times.. Don't know what happen that Japan goalkeeper come out from his home(Gate) and rushing to catch the ball and give Australia chance to strike their 1st goal..

Japan still need more stamina to fight rest of the matches , within 10 minute they can lost 2 ball on that...really unbelieveable

May 30, 2006

My sabah Trip

Sabah in located at East of Malaysia Island , there are so many special thing happen over there...te most interesting is White Water ruh , visiting night market just beside our hotel , climbing below that Kota Kinabalu Mountain which local people call it "God of the mountain" .according to local , this mountain have a spirit story.. which will protect those urban people in their harvest..

19 jun 2006

On that day is my last day to work in my current company..:(

5 year is not much but it still a big way to go ...:) starting from first day working , On the job training on application support , lucky i can touch Oracle..

But my first customer is using an Old version of Oracle 8.0.6...some more running in MVS...really suck when i first get in touch of this system.

I start loving it because there are not much Bank in Malaysia who using this system , and i have the feel of conquer that Big Box..:)

Day by day working , midnight get call for support on site...driving in the middle of morning to customer site to troubshoot the system..(it really a bad habit..)