Jun 17, 2006

last day in office

Today is my last day work with Infopro(M) and also my first time to eat McD-Breakfast , according to my collegue emily it is the biggest size offer..Thank you Yee Lin..:)

as expected today not much of customer call , email also being redirect to my replacement..:) 5yr+ in this company but i feel like i'm working till the end of my jobs.

Still remember my first day coming in late and join this company with 2 of the other collegue (1 leaving last 3 day another one still stuck inside..hehehe)..:) Just joke ok Lam ?

Another short and simple farewell lunch with my lunch-mate , i can feel like my leg is getting much pressure when i walk at the compound. I try to use my remaining time to chit chat with all my collegue around .

I very thank to Infopro especially Chuah who give me a chance to work in even i don't have any solid experience in oracle , and i also being giving chance to work in BSN ,ICB group of branches as well in Africa. My first time to take helicoptor in Africa (lucky it did't drop on that day but second day..hehehe.:)

Thank you Infopro , Chuah , Irene,Priscila, Hairol, Matthew ,Monica ,Mok,SWLam,Emily, joe,Pang ,Sklim,Chris,Ekchong,BP,Eclim,GanKb,Kah Heng ,Shtan ,mah Siew Jin,Chui yi(who is at singapore right now) , Yee Lin , SweeIn,Jason,Khor,Joe,Benneth,Asmah,Ida, Liew Liew, Suiping and my other disco kaki(Sherin,Keat,Ck,Micky ...too many people i will like to thank on.

My Client BSN- Rohani, razalih(n his gang),ruzawati(n her gang too), Syed,Bala,Asmadi,Mr k, Helmi,Leza,Chang. Nice to work with you all

My Client ICB , Eben, TanKL,Rocky,Sidesh,AhMoku and other ghana icb stuff..

Wish you all good luck n healthy

Raymond (CSD dept)
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