Nov 20, 2007

Travel in Italy - Venice

Since there is too much photos, let do something to make it easy for me and my visitor to check it out the photos. Google Slideshow is alway my best selections.

Venice is really a fun country to visit, peacefull and slow pace life. I do hope that i will come back again with my wife for our

Nov 19, 2007

Travel in Italy - Pisa + tuscany region

Here is the 2nd part of my italy travel..Pisa+ Venice in italy people call it as (Venezia) .It is a nice fine day when we start our trip from hotel to Venezia...

and some cute doggies picture...:)

Travel in Italy - Rome

Here is the picture we taken during our 4th day of Italy trip in Rome , some nice ting to see..of cause since i love car..there must be some car inside my pictures...