Nov 4, 2007

frustrate to changes

My baby wira is serving me very well during the year from 2k till now. I personally think it is time to get him retire because i feel he should rest and i very proud of it to make myself till today in good hand.

Budget , car park , loan , model , performance ,safety is my concern .

If i bought a car which is too expensive then i will get myself into trouble of 'chaining the loan' again for a few year.

If i get a new car i will affair it will get stolen by those ^^&^%$##^ thieft.

if i get a big cc performance car then next year that %$^%%**^* gov raise the price of fuel again i get catch..

I know that my baby wira will not serve well to protect me and my future own family because of too much 'druker' in kl area. Should i stay back in home after 8pm everyday just in case some @$***%() driver make their mistake to kiss my car ???

What kind of car to choice ? japan/ continental. If i still young i will choice japan if i'm a mature people i will choice a 2nd continental because it is more safer . But also mean more money to maintain those continental car as well...What is the best ????

Car like this will nver appear in malaysia, In malaysia everything is can if you really got the deep pocket to import yourself..
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