Nov 4, 2007

Learn with enjoy in italy.

After coming back from italy , i get strike how come a europe country with even 2-3 star hotel servering a good LCD with alot of channel + internet inside.

I strike me to research on it so that i can build 1 for ourself use in future.

While google around internet i found out there microsoft have a new O/S call media center and it is use as home-entertainment hub. More detail information can be found at

It is time to get more information on it , and check whether my existing hardware is enough to run this for kick off project..hahaha...

At my favor site Lifehacker i found out there is a cheaper way to build a media hub

It is time also to contact my audio+video friend to know more abt this technology and maybe give myself a trip to klcc , because i remember i found out there is a shop in 3/4 floor who do that on their showroom.

Time is ticking right now...let's start moving and move the system.
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