Dec 27, 2008

Where to look for review in camera/lense

Since Economic is so tough , every spending need to think twice and triple before we buy.

I am trying to decide Canon EF-S 18-200 mm 1:3.5-5.6 IS or Tamron 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC LD Aspherical IF Macro .

Here are some link which i found it useful for camera /lense review.

Instead of getting professional review , we can either asking help from camera forumer around as well.

I will continuous to update my list so that it benefit everyone else.

Dec 23, 2008

How long computer is running ? - Parental Control

I think of this question when i start to have my own children and wonder are they also 'surf' net with useful purpose or some other reason...:)

this are some thing which i think about
1) Computer might be a bit hot or warm..
2) computer chair may also feel hot/warm abit due to longer time spent on the computer desk
3) Install parent check software to monitor our children.

Then i found out a old window command which is very long to trace how long exact the pc is opening. Although for professional Wintel person they will have a better skill on doing it. but i just focus on parent which are not computer literal.

1)Click start -> run -> keyin "cmd" -- We will end up at dos prompt.

2) Keyin "systeminfo", it will calculate infor and here is where u going to check

p.s Thank Simon for informing this to me

From Drop Box

Dec 17, 2008

Chewy Junior (Chewy Jr) at KL Pavillion

Recently going out with my family + my parent together for a simple lunch in Pavilion (Since my father nver being there before ).

And i found out this cute little booth at LG of Pavilion . It have a cute name call Chewy Junior. While doing a free testing (Economic crisis so everything need to test b4 buy).

I found out it is very nice with creamy puff. So i quickly browse around and found a promotion package of 9 piece for rm19.

They even got how-to eat instruction as well
From Drop Box

Ooop...due to my ah beng driving experience ,when i open the box at home it already become a rojak..:)

Overall i like this more then Big Apple Donut due to it taste n cremy...yummy..:) 1 thumb up.

From Drop Box

Good article about Canon EOS SLR System

While checking for lense for my 350d , i google around and found a site written by Philip Greenspun.

He start with introduce
Canon body set
Acronym of Canon lense code .
Talk about lense available and their standard usage such as
Kit lense
Wide-angle zoom lense
telephoto zoom lenses
the infamous Wide-Angle Primse lense
Macro lense for physical small object.
Accessories require for Camera lover such as cleaning kit + memory card.
Check out this site for yourself. Again another food for our tire soul..:)

From Drop Box

Nov 28, 2008

December 1st - World AIDS Day

The 1st of December , World AIDs Days, is the day when individuals and organisationsfrom around the world come together to bring attention to the global AIDS epidemic.

2008 marks the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day.

Here are the official site of World AIDS Days 2008

Base on Statistics on 1 Aug2008 , the number of people living with HIV has risen from around 8 m in 1990 to 33 m today, and is still growing. Around 67% of people living with HIV are in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Again just for those people who asking what is HIV.
It stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. After a period of time
this virus damages the immune system, and this causes a variety of
symptoms known as AIDS.
This time period varies, depending on factors such as access to AIDS
drugs, and possibly such factors as nutrition, the presence of other
medical conditions, and stress. In the absence of treatment, the
average time between HIV infection and progression to AIDS is around
ten years.
So it mean that person who infect by AIDS will going to struggle at most 10 years...:(

According to

Try it out for your country to see how well is your country accountable for . Click

November 26 mark bad for Mumbai

Today - November 26 , Teams of gunmen stormed luxury hotels, a popular restaurant, hospitals and a crowded train station in coordinated attacks across India's financial capital, killing at least 101 people in Mumbai

Mumbai bombing and terror attack is spreading around my office when 80% of my collegue are from india. Many of them feel very sad and angry on those muslim terrorist . I even have a collegue who is helding a wedding celebrate in Mumbai. So far we haven't hear anything from him yet.

The needle of the suspicion is on the Lashkar- e- Toiba and Student Islamic Movement of India combine (Now they credibly calling and proving them as Indian Mujahedeen terror group).

The incidents took place one day after the reported arrest of Lashkar -e-Toiba linked Raheel Sheikh by the Interpol in London. Raheel is one of the alleged masterminds of the conspiracy and was involved in the funding of the July 11, 2006, Mumbai serial train blasts that killed nearly 200 commuters and wounded over 500 people on that fateful day.

Country outside of India also express their

US newly appointment President Obama who has condemned the Mumbai attacks saying the United States must work to strengthen ties with India and other nations to "root out and destroy terrorist networks

The White House has held a meeting of top intelligence and counter-terrorism officials after the deadly attacks in Mumbai and said it stood ready to help the Indian government.

Even a economic crisis have hit all world around but those 'MF' terrorist again is trying to attrach world attention by taking hostage and killing Innocent people .

Let' pray together for world peace and again. Let's the good be here and let the bad for gone.

Nov 11, 2008

Google Office in 101 taiwan

While browsing around Pchome site , found out some interesting stuff benefit in Google but now is at Asia country Taiwan.

They office is located at 37 floor initially but later due to expansion they climb it up to 73 floor.

Here is something for us to see . Do hope my company can adopt this ..:)

As for their pantry if not mistaken i did an identical one at some of those office at KLCC.

Nov 5, 2008

The Future of ITIL@V2 certification

Usually we alway follow what other organization offer upgrade course and blinding follow just for the sake of certification.

Now for ITIL ,EXIN one of ITIL exmination board want to hear from us whether to expiry V2 or not . Now is it up to our voice to feedback to them.

This survey is anonymous and will take only a minute.

For any ITIL practitioner please go and perform the survey .

Support what is ready and refuse what is still in draft , no pressure should force us to accept V3...:)

Click here to goto the survey.

Reaching 200 post today

Just reliase that my blog is reaching 200 post start from last year when i start blogging.

Look like it is time to celebrate and continuous my journey of blogging to another hike.

Just as what America is doing right now 'CHANGE' and the first in history. Obama victory is your.

Good luck to you and to me as well..:)

Oct 31, 2008

Hiring Manager checklist

As a hiring manager ,

I always check through again the resume before recruitment/ vendor side pass to me for 2nd level screening.

Remember last time when i going out for interview ,a few interviewer actually asking me what is my roles and sometime even the Job description is different with what i'm doing now , headhunter still propose my resume to the hiring manager.

Instead of wasting other people time and also our own time to get a best candidate, Should those hiring manager start to do something first ?

Here is the checklist i will have
1) Read through candidate resume
2) Identify keyword which match on the JD we wanted .
Keyword such as
  • Year of related experience
  • knowledge and skillset
  • Length of working in each company
  • Hobby
  • Any extra skill they have so that we can ask them in detail during screening
Is there anything else for hiring manager to check ???
Although it sound basic ,remember when i need to schedule to interview 3 DBA with 3 hour free slot from my calendar continuous which liking to happen once a year , i believe it is worth to take extra step to make sure. And also not to mention it will help to build up our company imaging

Oct 23, 2008

The Devil Wears Prada

Just finishing watching this

The story is about
In New York, the simple and naive just-graduated in journalism Andrea
Sachs is hired to work as the second assistant of the powerful and sophisticated Miranda Priestly,
The ruthless and merciless executive of the Runway fashion magazine. Andrea dreams to become a journalist and faces the opportunity as a temporary professional challenge. The first assistant Emily advises Andrea about the behavior and preferences of their cruel boss, and the stylist Nigel helps Andrea to dress more adequately for the environment. Andrea changes her attitude and behavior, affecting her private life and the relationship with her boyfriend Nate, her family and friends. In the end, Andrea learns that life is made of choices.

Anne Hathaway show cast as Andrea

a part of this she also feature in The Princess Diaries 2 (2004),The Princess Diaries (2001) both movie also one of my favor when jess recommend it to me.

It just snapshoot part of life when we need to make choices whether . I agree with what her decision in final on this 'The Devil Wears Prada' . Sometime just not matter of career & $$ & respect but we alway forgotten actual values of ourself and our family who love us very much

There are even a fan club for her as well . Check this out

Blogspot new feature - I'm Following

It use only for blogger around to keep track on blog which we will want to follow at the same time as admin we can also with other blogger on latest update on their blog too.

By following your blog, your readers tell you and the world that they’re a fan of what you post. Your Dashboard now shows you how many followers each of your blogs has. With a click on the Followers icon, you can browse your followers, see what blogs they write, and read the other blogs they’re following.

Your followers can stay updated with your blog with the Reading List that we’ve added to the Blogger Dashboard. The Blogs I’m Following tab automatically shows the latest posts from all the blogs you follow. You can follow any blog from your reading list, even blogs that haven’t added the Followers widget or aren’t hosted on Blogger. Just click the “Add” button and type in the blog’s URL.

f you’re a Google Reader user, you’ll now see a special folder in Reader called “Blogs I’m Following,” .

What you waiting for ? let's add it in.

Healthy Clock from Chinese ancient observation

Terry Fox Run in 2 November 2008 in malaysia

Today receive information from Sport club mention that ,company is organizing a Terry Fox run and mission is to raising funds for cancer research. The run will take place at Lake Gardens, Jalan Perdana , Kuala Lumpur on 2 November 2008 (Sunday), starting from 9am.

The beneficiary will be Cancer Research Initiatives Foundation ("CARIF"

I cut & paste the story about Terry Fox

Terry Fox was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and raised in Port
Coquitlam, British Columbia, a community near Vancouver on Canada's west coast.
An active teenager involved in many sports, Terry was only 18 years old when he
was diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma (bone cancer) and forced to have his right
leg amputated 15 centimetres (six inches) above the knee in 1977.

While in hospital, Terry was so overcome by the suffering of other cancer
patients, many of them young children, that he decided to run across Canada to
raise money for cancer research.

He would call his journey the Marathon of

After 18 months and running over 5,000 kilometres (3,107 miles) to prepare,
Terry started his run in St. John’s, Newfoundland on April 12, 1980 with little
fanfare. Although it was difficult to garner attention in the beginning,
enthusiasm soon grew, and the money collected along his route began to mount. He
ran 42 kilometres (26 miles) a day through Canada's Atlantic provinces, Quebec
and Ontario.

It was a journey that Canadians never forgot.

However, on September 1st, after 143 days and 5,373 kilometres (3,339 miles),
Terry was forced to stop running outside of Thunder Bay, Ontario because cancer
had appeared in his lungs. An entire nation was stunned and saddened. Terry
passed away on June 28, 1981 at age 22.

The heroic Canadian was gone, but his legacy was just beginning.

To date, more than $400 million has been raised worldwide for cancer research in Terry's
name through the annual Terry Fox Run, held across Canada and around the world.

For whoever interested to make charity do go on the day and make it a terry Fox day for all Cancer victims.

Oct 20, 2008

ITIL Credit Profiler for V3

When i bump out at itskeptic , and found out that someone actually found out a credit system for ITIL V3 Qualification Scheme in order to achieve Expert Certification in ITSM. You will need a minimum of 22 credits achieved in a balanced selection of V3 subject areas to gain Expert Certification.

Here is the link , i try out myself and i only got 1.5 credit out from 22 credits .

Any ITIL taker ? can try it out yourself.

Oct 16, 2008

Canon EF-S 18-200 mm 1:3.5-5.6 IS -Wishlist added

Just arrivel from my feed that DPreview reviewed a Canon EF-S 18-200 1:3.5-5.6 IS.

As what comment on the review , It is a general purpose lense which allows the photographer not to worry much on bringing few lenses when out for travel. Although there are some limitation on 18mm but it wounld't stop anyone for looking a 3in1 lense with a bundle with a VR/IS quality together.

Further news can read from here

Oct 11, 2008

Nok 5800 XpressMusic vs Iphone 3g


Today helping mother in law to check for 3g phone at Pyramid but still not able to found a better phone instead.

So i go back to my favour site GSMAREna and check out any good 3g phone.

Surprising instead of finding a flip phone i end up finding a Banana(Stand) phone.

Even Surprise is touch screen is not even release on N85 recently. Maybe it is a test market strategy.

Compare head n toe with 5800 vs Iphone
Size -109g vs 133 g
Display -TFT 16M vs Touch Screen 16M
Camera 3.15 MP, 2048x1536 pixels, Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, video(VGA@30fps), flash; secondary videocall camera vs 2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels

There are someone already done a direct compare in GSMArena check this out.

Expected to release on end of year 2008 , rest wait for the release...

Oct 5, 2008

big buck bunny -another open source make carton

Big Buck Bunny is a short compuer animated film by Blender Institute, which is part of the Blender Foundation and guess what , it is made using free software .

The objective of Foundation

  • To establish services for active users and developers of Blender
  • To maintain and improve the current Blender product via a public accessible source code system under the GNU GPL license
  • To establish funding or revenue mechanisms that serve the foundation's goals and cover the foundation's expenses
  • To give the worldwide Internet community access to 3D technology in general, with Blender as a core
Some cute picture

Download of this cute open source short carton can be found at this link . Let's enjoy our life with this cute carton.

Oct 2, 2008

KLPF 2008 , Kuala Lumpur photography Festival

Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival (KLPF) is a combination of photography and travel events. The Yearly Photography Festival organized by Photo Creator Publication (Advanced Images Magazine, Photo Creator Magazine & Travelmate Magazine), will be held at Lower Ground, Berjaya Times Square, on 18-19 October, 2008.

Anyone going ???

Tamron new lense release Tamron AF 18-270mm F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC LD Aspherical (IF) Macro

New lense from Tamron -
Ultra high power zoom lense.

Tamron AF18-270mm F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC LD Aspherical (IF) MACRO (Model B003)

-15X (28-419mm equivalent)
-VC anti-shake system facilitates sharp handheld photography even at the longest telephoto settings.
- Aperture range F/3.5 to F/22
- Weight 550g

Hear only N and C brand mount will be out only initially.

My favor review site dpreview

Hopefully price is user-friendly enough for me to upgrade my stk lense..

Sep 28, 2008

Farewell party for Parthipan

One of my good engineere Parthipan decide to leave my team, hence we organize a team meeting + farewell party for him.

Best Wish to him on his journey to Middle East.

Good luck my friend.

Click to enlarge..

HomeCook Stemboat & Dragon-I visit at Bkt Tinggi@Jasco

Time come again for family gathering, when Cecilia & Steven come down from penang to visit Mum(Jesica Mother) due to Father day special.

So Mum decide to organize a home-cook steamboat ,and we really make fun n joy during the time .

We visit Dragon-I at sunday. And it is my first time on that restaurant again i can said it is a 1 thumb out restaurant. Although the price is not cheap for lower salary worker like me but it is still worth to try it.

Sep 20, 2008 measure your bandwidth

Test your bandwith and internet speed with

Another web base speedometer site which totally running on the net and provide a graphic interface for us to link back .

As standard , before starting the speed test we disable all download manager , e mule, p2p stuff.
we need adobe flash to install i believe mostly 98% of people who using browser to surf net already got it.

They even list out what might be the possible cause of internet slowness happen. and even a test on no of connection which seen to be useful for some of us.

Why is my internet connection so slowly?
There is a large number of factors which can influence (in a negative way) your internet speed. Most important are following:
  1. Performance of your computer (e.g. slow harddrive, low memory)
  2. Performance of your dsl modem (e.g. old firmware)
  3. How well your operation system is optimized
  4. Low signal strength when using wireless connection
  5. Other data connections at the same time when performing our test (VoIP calls, IPTV)
  6. Physical quality of your internet line (e.g. old cables)
  7. Temporary connectivity problems at your internet provider
  8. Temporary overload of our server-cluster. Thanks to our partner Akamai and Rapidshare we can almost completely ignore this factor. Our testfiles are distributed on over 60.000 servers worldwide with a direct connection to almost every access provider in the world. The system identifies automatically your provider and delivers the test-files from the nearest server with the lowest load.
Last resolution is alway change your internet plan with a better ISP ...:)

Sep 19, 2008

Brainstorm after lunch

While all of us having our delicious KFC (Try to google around if anyone don't know what is KFC).and we have a small talk to stimulate our sleepy brain.

1) What kind of job employer prefer with 0 year of experience , the most year employee have the most un-welcome..:)

2) In what kind of sport will people win when they moving back ?

Guess and tell me your answer


2)Tug of War

Sep 16, 2008

Extraction from America people who talk about US Economic

I agree with one of the forum said .

Extract from the forumer...
American companies like MacDonalds and Bank of America gets sued on
daily basis by americans. American companies like Walmart gets sued by
americans on an hourly basis. Feel free to go to any local court house
in your city, and see for youselves. When the judge, jury, and the
american public feel so justified and so righteous to sue and win
judegements from american companies for whatever reason. This is called
financial "gang rape" of American companies. American companies are
leaving America like they are on fire. I have traveled to 11 foreign
countries, and no one cannabilize their own companies like Americans.
You have done it to yourselves.

We have been living large since the mid 90's. It is a complete joke to
blame this on the President when Wall Street was corrupt, people bit
off more than they could chew, everyone had to buy a bigger house, new
car, new TV, etc., and now we are crying because our jobs are going to
countries who are becoming better educated, and are not as greedy, and
don't believe everything is owed to them. It is funny how everyone from
Wall Street to suburban America is hurting and we go and blame the
White House. If everyone saved 30% of what they made (like they do in
many other countries) and stop living from paycheck to paycheck, we
wouldn't be having this problem. The sky isn't falling, there are still
many smart banks like Wells Fargo that got it right and didn't hand out
money to every waitress who wanted an million dollar home.

This is a turn around in the market which was a long time coming. I
hate to break it to all of the McCain and Bush haters out there, but we
are in a global economy and Clinton put us on that bandwagon.

Stop blaming others for your problems and start saving as much money
as you make. Obama is not going to turn this around through his
redistribution of wealth theory. Americans have to stop living in the
past and understand that we don't deserve to make more than everyone
else in the world. We need to be competitive and that means sacrifice
and discipline.

Will we going to see a turnaround happen in US and later around the world ?

Sep 7, 2008

My Taiping food experience

While browsing for our window tint supplier , we drop by Puchong to have a lunch as well , as you know pregnant mother easily get hungry anytime.

So we decide to try 'Taiping Lan' restaurant at that area and it is also recommended by Ah Xian too.

"Chai Poh" egg one of my favor but abit oily , Rate 2/5

Recommended 'Chicken ' dishes - Rate 3/5

Normal 'Kai Lan' but abit oily,not suitable for us to taste...Rate 2/5

After the food , both of us getting stomach wind , maybe because of the 'Chai Poh' egg.

Anyway else who like taiping food can go ahead , maybe i total KL boy hence those food is not really up to my taste..:)

3 Seat Belt safety caution..:)

Today when i park my car at public car park, and saw a cute scene .

Check out this picture

That driver owner really taking care of everyone on board including a piggy toy too..:)

Sep 5, 2008

Eight Lies of a Mother

Receive this inspiring story about a mother , and i believe this also happen in every corner of the world .

Take care them while you still can.


1.The story began when I was a child;
I was born as a son of a poor family.
Even for eating, we often got lack of food.
Whenever the time for eating, mother often gave me her portion of rice.
While she was removing her rice into my bowl,
she would say "Eat this rice, son. I'm not hungry".
That was Mother's First

2.When I was getting to grow up,
the persevering mother gave her spare time for fishing in a river near our house,
she hoped that from the fishes she got,
she could gave me a little bit nutritious food for my growth.
After fishing, she would cook the fishes to be a fresh fish soup,
which raised my appetite. While I was eating the soup,
mother would sit beside me and eat the rest meat of fish,
which was still on the bone of the fish I ate.
My heart was touched when I saw it.
I then used my chopstick and gave the other fish to her.
But she immediately refused it and said "Eat this fish, son.
I don't really like fish."
That was Mother's Second Lie.

3.Then, when I was in Junior High School,
to fund my study,
mother went to an economic enterprise to bring some used-matches boxes that would be stuck in.
It gave her some money for covering our needs.
As the winter came,
I woke up from my sleep and looked at my mother who was still awoke,
supported by a little candlelight and within her perseverance she continued
the work of sticking some used-matches box.
I said, "Mother, go to sleep, it's late,
tomorrow morning you still have to go for work.
" Mother smiled and said "Go to sleep,
dear. I'm not tired."
That was Mother's Third Lie.

4.At the time of final term,
mother asked for a leave from her work in order to accompany me.
While the daytime was coming and the heat of the sun was starting to shine,
the strong and persevering mother
waited for me under the heat of the sun's shine for several hours.
As the bell rang, which indicated that the final exam had finished,
mother immediately welcomed me and poured me a glass of tea
that she had prepared before in a cold bottle.
The very thick tea was not as thick as my mother's love,
which was much thicker. Seeing my mother covering with perspiration,
I at once gave her my glass and asked her to drink too.
Mother said "Drink, son. I'm not thirsty!".
That was Mother's Fourth Lie.

5.After the death of my father because of illness,
my poor mother had to play her role as a single parent.
By held on her former job, she had to fund our needs alone.
Our family's life was more complicated. No days without sufferance.
Seeing our family's condition that was getting worse,
there was a nice uncle who lived near my house came to help us,
either in a big problem and a small problem.
Our other neighbors who lived next to us saw that our family's life was so unfortunate,
they often advised my mother to marry again. But mother,
who was stubborn, didn't care to their advice,
she said "I don't need love."
That was Mother's Fifth Lie.

6.After I had finished my study and then got a job,
it was the time for my old mother to retire.
But she didn't want to; she was sincere to go to the marketplace every morning,
just to sell some vegetable for fulfilling her needs.
I, who worked in the other city, often sent her some money to help her in fulfilling her needs,
but she was stubborn for not accepting the money.
She even sent the money back to me.
She said "I have enough money."
That was Mother's Sixth Lie.

7.After graduated from Bachelor Degree,
I then continued my study to Master Degree.
I took the degree, which was funded by a company through a scholarship
from a famous University in America .
I finally worked in the company. Within a quite high salary,
I intended to take my mother to enjoy her life in America .
But my lovely mother didn't want to bother her son,
she said to me "I'm not used to."
That was Mother's Seventh Lie.

8.After entering her old age,
mother got a flank cancer and had to be hospitalized.
I, who lived in miles away and across the ocean,
directly went home to visit my dearest mother.
She lied down in weakness on her bed after having an operation.
Mother, who looked so old, was staring at me in deep yearn.
She tried to spread
her smile on her face;
even it looked so stiff because of the disease she held out.
It was clear enough to see how the disease broke my mother's body,
thus she looked so weak and thin.
I stared at my mother within tears flowing on my face.
My heart was hurt, so hurt, seeing my mother on that condition.
But mother, with her strength, said "Don't cry, my dear.
I'm not in pain."
That was Mother's Eight Lie.

After saying her eighth lie, She closed her eyes forever!

Sep 3, 2008

New family member is coming

Hi friend & Guest,

My wife just give birth to a new baby girl and adding a new member to my family , hence i will not able to publish any new till i totally free up from being a new born fathers.

Take care and visit back for my update after 1 months.

Aug 21, 2008

HP & AMD lunch scholarship 2008

Just got this news ,

Hp & AMD is lunching a scholarship for 3 pax worth around RM 25000

* No Bonding
* Lump-Sum payout
* Package HP Pavilion tx2520au Entertainment Notebook PC*

Check out this link

Application ends 30 September 2008.

Aug 18, 2008

Sync Toy V2.0 fresh from microsoft technet

Recently i log a call to IT department for laptop repair due to overheat but timing is just not right because i'm in the midst of heavy reporting period so i need a workstation to backup my files and enable me to work in other workstation.

And i found out this tools from one of oracle blogger site , SyncToy
SyncToy helps you copy, move, rename, and delete files between folders and computers quickly and easily.

* Supported Operating Systems: Windows Vista; Windows XP

Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0
1GHz Intel P3 processor or equivalent
256MB RAM, 512MB RAM recommended
20MB free disk space

the configuration just very simple, create a source and target folder either local harddisk and remote workstation which we have access. I haven't try out with live Mesh/rapidshare

You can download this file from here.
the latest version is v2.0 just release from 8/15/2008.

Aug 13, 2008

upline - Share and backup your files anywhere

While browse around google , again i stop by a site which look very familiar with me.

A site call upline .

Data disasters don't have to devastate. HP Upline protects your digital world - whether your hardware fails , your computer is lost or catastrophe strikes. And also it allow us to share photos with friends and family ,access workfiles from anywhere ..

Although it is a paid service but i believe for those data which mean values to them is it worth it.
Technorati Tags:

Aug 10, 2008

WiMax -P1 experiences

During PC fair Aug 2 , i have registered myself for a test trial and P1 Customer service call me 4 day ahead to arrange to send in the equipment to me via Courier
but later call me back again on Thursday to change to deliver by WiMax engineer itself so i quickly confirm it and later i found out that it is 8/8/2008 Beijing Olympia date and time as well.

So on friday i quickly drive out to fetch my wife and jam all the way from Pj - LDP-NKVE till KL in peace and the guy Ramah already a very good person.

We try to test it out and found out that my area really out of coverage although (At P1 Coverage map Setapak did under cover).

So Ramah told me that , he will go back and double check again on the modem to make sure it did work and will come back to me.

On Saturday when i on the way to KLCC , P1 staff call me again and double check whether is there any engineer come to deploy the equipment and i confirm with them. ( Another great services ). and later he told me to put myself into their waiting list in case coverage is enable then they will call me back.

As myself is inside a service delivery sector, i believe they way they handle customer is really a 1 thumd up , which even Maxis, Celcom,Jaring and especially Tmnet fellow need to learn from.

Again i will recommend people to go for P1 just because i'm a long victim of Stremyx line because i don't have choice till i found one..

If you like to go for a 2 week free trial can goto tis P1

I also found out a blogger which also blog about P1. Do click on this Prasys' Blog

Red Cliff / 赤壁

Last week just finish watching Red Cliff (赤壁) episode 1,

The Battle of Red Cliff is started due to a women call Xiao Qiao which is Zhou Yu wife and Cao Cao also heavy admire her too.

and the battle is begin with Liu Bei and Sun Quan alliance together to defect Cao Cao 80 Millions army.

With Zhuge Liang n Zhou Yu serve as their advisory , they able to destroy Cao Cao army in the last battle.

If anyone need to read about this story in depth can go to this link

How about you ?

Aug 8, 2008

Beijing Olympic 2008 - A whole world event

Official logo of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games

Beijing Olympic 2008 also officially known as the Games of the XXIX Oympiad . As part of a chinese people around the world . I am so proud to hear that Beijing on today 8/8/2008 having a clear sky .There is a media notices on press conference on air quality of Beijing . Click here

Because on thurday 7/8/2008 . It air pollution index was recorded at 96 , which come close to exceeding the national level for accpetable air.

To help ensure clean air ! Beijing imposed drastic measures in mid-July, including pulling half te citys' 3.3 million vehicles off te roads, halting most construction and closing dozens of factories.

Let's pray and bless everything go in peace and happy during the events and be together to help n archieve it.

Ooopp ,although i'm not china citizen but i'm aproud chinese.

Aug 5, 2008

Malaysia credit card interest skyhigh 2008

Today helping my mother in law to check her 'lion' bank credit card and found out some incredible calculation which previously i myself never realize.

In conclusion - No matter how much we paid to settle as long as there is still balance inside our credit card account , they will charge finance charges base on last month remaining balance.

And here is the rest of it.

For example in Aug 08
Jul-08 Balance bring forward is 3000
1-Jul-08 Payment 2500
Financial charge 3000*1.5% =45

I also cross check my HSBC settle and guess what ? they use different formula using the same exampel as above

Jul-08 Balance bring forward is 3000
1-Jul-08 Payment 2500
Financial charge 500*1.5% =7.5

But when i google around and found HSBC got another interest rate calculate and it again confuse is the link .

Now i'm finding way to get in touch with BNM(Bank Negara Malaysia) since they are the one who build up the guideline on how it should do.

Will continous to update all of you when i found it out.

Just in case anyone want to stuck those bank via BNM. Here is the form to download .

Can also cross reference to here to read out the procedure .

A family tree for all of us.- Newnai, Kindo & Geni

Recently when i google around for online movie on and found a very cute advertise(I did click people advertise) and found out a cute family tree make in China. It is call
In translation it is about family,care and love . What is it about ? It is a family tree system which build around our family in social network. Every user can build their own family and share it with their family/relative and from there the tree will expand and build themself.

This is how cute there are

I manage also to look around for some english site because i'm a chinese Readonly...ahahha can't really type chinese letter in computer.

I found another site call genealogy- Free Family Tree - What main different compare with Newnai is - It allow private family tree so that only people which we give them access will allow to edit/add into our tree. Which i don't think it match what i wanted too.

ANother site call Kindo which support more then 10 language worldwide.Although don't have malaysia language...ahhahaha..:)

Jul 30, 2008

Squarespace & Oracle Coherence

Today receive notifiction about LewisC blog abt Oracle Servers Up blog site Squarespace.

I'm being with oracle product around more then 6 year. Being eager to try any of their product during my free time.

Although currently i'm blogging at blogspot and wordpress but i will like to try out how is thiss SquareSpace work as well.

Lewis and I also have the same though when we saw that news Oracle , because we both also think that maybe a RAC will run on it . But with a luxury brand such as Oracle i also wonder how SquareSpace going to get any profit because that S/w is even expensive than the H/w.

So later Lewis found out that they are using Oracle Coherence -What is that ?

Coherence provides replicated and distributed
(partitioned) data management and caching services on top of a
reliable, highly scalable peer-to-peer clustering protocol.
has no single points of failure; it automatically and transparently
fails over and redistributes its clustered data management services
when a server becomes inoperative or is disconnected from the network.
When a new server is added, or when a failed server is restarted, it
automatically joins the cluster and Coherence fails back services to
it, transparently redistributing the cluster load. Coherence includes
network-level fault tolerance features and transparent soft re-start
capability to enable servers to self-heal.

Let's me to test it out and give a field report by this Fair is coming..:)

Jul 27, 2008

Malaysia ranked 3 in global outsourcing ?

While searching for pcfair information , i found some information article at Pikom' which qoute from Bloomberg News about outsourcing in malaysia.

I put my comment in bold+italic tag

June 19 (Bloomberg) -- The outsourcing industry in Malaysia is trying to find its niche. It isn't an easy task because everyone else, from Brazil and the Czech Republic to suburban Cincinnati, is trying to do the same even Russia , Vietnam also starting to boom.

The recently released edition of the Black Book of Outsourcing, an annual state-of-the-industry report published by Clearwater, Florida-based Brown & Wilson Group, gives some clues about the hard road ahead for Malaysia.

Latin America and central and eastern Europe are witnessing tremendous growth in outsourcing, as global companies unload operations such as call centers, payroll processing, software development or technical-help desks to outside vendors.

China, the report said, is still low on customer satisfaction and will take another 10 years before emerging as a rival to India, the market leader. ---> I don't really agree on that as because they are heavy recruit more people from around the world to join them. It just matter of time.

Meanwhile, the U.S. is gaining from ``reverse outsourcing,'' the Black Book survey showed. Top Indian service providers -- such as Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. And Wipro Ltd. -- have recently boosted their North American operations.

Tata Consultancy started a 1,000-person code-writing factory in Milford, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati, in March. Wipro last year set up a unit in Atlanta.

Where does all this leave Malaysia, which ranked third globally, behind India and China, in consulting firm A.T. Kearney's global services location index last year?

Puzzlingly, Malaysia has so far performed below its potential. The multimedia super corridor, Malaysia's answer to Silicon Valley, has about 40,000 workers engaged in outsourcing work, compared with more than 1.5 million in India.

`Smaller Than Tier-3'

Given that Malaysia's population is just 25 million, a fairer comparison would be that the entire outsourcing industry there is ``smaller than a tier-3 Indian company,'' according to Zulfiqar Zainuddin, who works closely with outsourcing companies at Multimedia Development Corp., a government initiative to make Malaysia a competitive destination for information technology.

It has taken time, but Zulfiqar is optimistic that Malaysia is now ready to deliver the goods.

And there's no reason why it can't. Doing business in Malaysia is easy. The country's long history of openness to global trade and foreign direct investment has helped create a workforce, which although much smaller than India's or China's, is well-versed in supply-chain management, a promising area for high-value outsourcing.

A Frost & Sullivan study in November 2005 said Malaysia probably had more enterprise resource-planning professionals than any other country in the Asia-Pacific region.

New Opportunities

Besides, the government has made it very simple for vendors in the multimedia corridor to hire foreigners, clearing employment applications in just a few weeks. ----> this is only be done recent year

Some vendors have begun to exploit Malaysia's potential.

Among them is Teledirect Telecommerce Sdn., part of WPP Group Plc, the world's second-largest advertising company.

Teledirect's customer-service agents in Malaysia manage the reseller network in India, Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines for a large global company, which Chief Executive Officer Laurent Junique wouldn't name.

``We hire top-notch personnel, who are also multilingual,'' says Junique. ``They do a multitude of activities to grow the businesses of our client.''

Another lucrative outsourcing opportunity lies in supporting the growing Islamic banking and finance industries, in which Malaysia is something of a global leader.


The country also has a deep talent pool to serve the oil and gas industry, which has been in Malaysia for 130 years, notes Zulfiqar of Multimedia Development.

This, too, is beginning to happen, with Lysaker, Norway- based Petroleum Geo-Services ASA, the world's third-biggest surveyor of oil and natural-gas fields, setting up a data- processing center in Malaysia, its second-largest such unit after Houston.

but it also depend whether did malaysia company know how to lower down our cost to compare with them. Cost of fuel spike also effected our living expenses and company profit turnover as well.

At 2,500 ringgit ($765) a month, the starting pay for an undergraduate in Malaysia is more than double the level in India. but after 2 year they will be a big gap where malaysia 2 year experience is still around rm3k but india will be around rm 3-4k due to competitive job market in india.

That, in itself, is not an insurmountable challenge, says Scott Warner, chief operating officer at SRG Asia Pacific Sdn., which runs customer-contact centers. Throw in Malaysia's superior telecommunications infrastructure and ``we can be very competitive with our prices,'' Warner says.

Besides, wage inflation in Malaysia is much more muted than it is in India, while employee-attrition rates -- a big headache for Indian vendors -- are more manageable.

Clock Is Ticking

``Higher costs compared to India and the Philippines are our advantage,'' says Junique of Teledirect. ``We are guaranteed that no one will outsource activities that are worthless to them.''

Annual revenue will grow 30 percent until 2012, according to David Wong, chairman of industry group Outsourcing Malaysia.

``If we do not grow at 30 percent, the rest will catch up,'' says Abdul Hamid Sheikh Mohamed, executive director at Symphony House Bhd., a Malaysian information-technology company whose business processing unit prepares payrolls for clients and manages call centers.

In the crowded marketplace of services outsourcing, Malaysia's main competition isn't with India; it's with time and itself.

When you finish reading it ,maybe you will have your own comment on it please share it out with me too.

Full article can be view from here.

Jul 21, 2008

New theme , new direction

Hi friend/first time visitor,

I just change my blog recently with a new clear n tidy . My direction is changing since i have host my other interest to another blog ( Car related, photo skillset ,PC D.i.Y, new techi thing which i bought , dream lifestyle) .So that visitor will not get confuse to find info from here.

Please drop and give some suggestion for me to add on to provide value added information for all of you.


Jul 19, 2008

Why window tint car ?

In a tropical country like malaysia , Sun is alway on top of us.

So window tint is require to keep our car as cool as possible at least when we jump into the car we did't feel so hot as well.

In last 2 year of malaysia market . Vkool is the top among other brand such as 3M,Ecotint.

When i check around car accessory recently i found out that we have more branded tint now. and due to malaysia inflation happen such as Fuel price hike . Every price also getting increase like a chain effect.

That is why nowdays alot of motorbike/car robbery happen . And here come the security tint which they said it is a few mil thinker then normal one.

In market right now we have llumar 4mil-8mil paper ,Wingard 2in 1 ,Vkool secure and most of their price is around 1.6 onward till 2.2k for whole car.

Why security tint -
1) Violent breakage
2) Accidental breakage
3) Windborne Debris - not in malaysia
4) Anti-Graffiti/Vandalism

Can refer to llumar site for explanation.

Jul 18, 2008

Anyone require D.I.Y Resignation tools ?

Anyone even think of doing a DIY resignation letter tools ? I think someone did it just now after rumors saying that Mr Yang of Yahoo CEO is missing in action , and someone go and create a domain and site purposely for a laught.

I try this tools but it generate a rubbish email out from my outlook , maybe you want to try it out ?

DIY Yahoo! Resignation Letter

Be Honest i still prefer the world with Yahoo , MSN , Google is around at least internet world is much more balance instead MSN taking over Yahoo. Only people who love it so much should be the stakeholder of yahoo itself .

Jul 17, 2008

CMDB -Configuration Management Database+ new link

Why i write about CMDB , because as vendor provide services we need a source of repository about IT Assets which we scope for our customer .And a few organization do keep accurately even reach 80%

As we all know when Mainframe time , each asset of company is easily record because of it size and values and even those software which run on them can easily counted by finger.

as time past till today . thousand of license/OOS software is release each year and even hundred of computer accessory /peripheral is produce each day.It continouse to grown in web2.0 , internet , intranet computing.

And that is why we need CMDB to record and maintain IT Asset information, but who will take responsibility for integrating all those disparate data ? At what point should change on Assets is captured ??

It really like a puzzle till i intouch with ITIL framework and when i join HP.

I reliaze important of those information is needed when we need to provide a better service to our clients.

And CMDB is heavy link with what we call Configuration Management (ITIL). To provide foundation for successful IT Service Management and underpins every other process.It is these assets that deliver IT service and they are know as Configuration Item(CIs).
Wat apart of CMDB with normal inventory system is CMDB recording relationships/links that define how each CI is interconnected and interdependent with it neighbours.

For example. When we want to record a Server Name, we will likely think of what is install on it , Specification of the server , Application running on it , License of the software/hardware ,SLA of the vendor who provided the hardware/software ..etc. In database team it server just like a multivalue DB which can either go horizat or vertical.

How we going to do that if we are a big MNC(MultiNational Company). Yes auto-discovery. CMDB itself will communicate with hardware/software inside our client network and populate those information in places.

If you still like to read out more detail of CMDB ,can goto this site

Just found out this site which i crawling news from google reader.

Bookmark and RSS on this 3 site for more news.

1) - free article on ITILv3
2) itSMF
3) realITsm -- Might get a free book from the Author itself.
4) itiltrainingZone. - Free mindmaps is given after registered as member.

Dont' miss your chance to be part of ITIL member around the world!!!!

Let's rescue our world!!!

Recently being tie up on world and my personal blog at , no time to update blogspot.

Finally time is come , although i still left out 1 report not yet present to my manager but it should't stop me from saving our world.

How to save our world ?

With all my petrol , aircond , Bt-download already alot of waste in nature energy. So let's start to save some carbon.

I got the idea from one of my favor site at*Chinese** , although alot of people will think if stay in landed property will have more space to plan some tree/flower. But according to the author ,he spent time to decor his balcony and squezz out a small place for planting.

Every start be part of earth saving ,later in 10 year our little flower/plant will become a 6-7 inch tall.

Although i already got my 2 cactus sitting ourside of my balcony but i think it just not enough to save world. Let's plan picture below .

Cute and nice

Jul 7, 2008

My own blog - is going to decomm

What is inside , it is about HTPC, new gadget , Car, Photographer, Pc Modding , Talk abt my experience on setting up a blog using PHP/MYSQL/APACHE.

After running my own blog for about 2 month , i decide it is time to stop my own hosting.

1) Environment friendly . Because i'm running a resource hungry old cpu +mbox which is not power efficient enough and i'm running it 24x7 for 2 mth which bring some warm air at my room as well.

2) Economic not friendly - Due to oil crisic ,everything price sky high but salary is not. In order to further reduce cost incurr , i have to decide to move it to other web hosting site.

I plan to take 2 week to totally decommisson my own blog and move all it content it to a free host website which surprising run faster then what i expected.

Here is the new Url , why jessiray again ? hahaha..because it will be me and my wife blog in future which i will going to sub-domain it later on.

But not to worry , will be still here around to share other news ..:)

As of what will be the old pc will going to be ? it will be my testing ground for HTPC and p2p..hahahah..:)

See ya

Jul 1, 2008

Stremyx slowness is back again July 08

Don't know whether because of fuel price increase , more and more people is surfing net at home or watching online movie.

I call out to tm helpdesk and they even rest 'port' but still can't get back the speed and it is very obvious after 2pm till now which is around 10pm. Each night i almost fall asleep when i try to post my blog. I even test ping at yahoo,google,blogspot ,amazon all of them have requet time out .

I trying to search around low-yat net for more information and found out there are alot of people with disappointment on service offer by telekom.Here is the thread for

Even i notice that when i sign the package but i don't have much of choice available. Because it monopoly the whole malaysia line connect to house or what they call it "last mile".

Last time when we encounter slowness happen , we try to get other proxy /dns server to work on but this time nothing much we can do. I a bit suspect that WIreless@KL have something to do abt this.

Malaysia just not mature enough to give Free WIFI for whole city because of it infra and inter-link connection is not even 'broad' enough and further it is monopoly by a giant which 'eat alot' , 'talk more then do' , 'poor manage'.

Although our nation election just finish with big 'changes' but for Broadband i doubt anything will change for coming 2 year ahead. So far i tested Umobile , Maxis3g is 'sxck' at my area the final
hope is WiMax. Let's bless for malaysia surfer future on them .

Jun 29, 2008

ITIL - Incident Management

In ITIL v2, they have focus much on incident management . Just to remind all of those outside. ITIL is not a standard it just a collection of best practice.

First we should ask what is incident ?

Incident is an event which is not part of standard/normal operation . For DBA case it might be tablespace getting full ? For Window Admin it might be Disk Drive missing.

As because we are 'paid' to provide services hence as part of our service delivery we are 'monitor' according to Service Level Agreement.(SLA)

As incident management , as long as any 'incident' happen during operation our job is to quickly restore the service within SLA given time.

According to ITIL guidebook , incident management consists of these process

i)Incident detection and recording - Record down the incident for future investigation.

ii)Classification and initial support - Classify the incident to severity or priority.

iii)Investigation and diagnosis - Troubleshoot and diagnose incident

iv)Resolution and recovery - Finding the best solution to recover the problem , we might able to search through past record for solution as well.

v)Incident closure - Identify whether incident is resolve but monitor these issue and communication with customer.

This is just part of my day2day operation duty..:)

Let's adventure more in ITIL

Jun 25, 2008

Management Survival kits

Today receive a few funny article , but i can't ignore that it spell the true for real life.

1) To be sitting and doing nothing , you must be sitting very very high up.

2) Bullshit may give you on the top but it would't keep you there for long

3) Not everyone who drops shit to you are your enemy ,not everyone who get you out of shit is your friends. And when you are in deep shit keep your mouth shout.

In anywhere i work before , this scenery repeat and repeat again , what can i said ? I just someone quietly doing my jobs , sitting just right not high and low and i nver bullshit..:)

Wireless coverage in KL

Latest news from

Here is the newss.

What is Wireless@KL?
KL Wireless Metropolitan Project, Wireless@KL is one of the pioneer projects initiated by DBKL and MCMC under the 'Klang Valley Broadband Push' (KVB90) to transform Kuala Lumpur into a wireless city. It is also in line with Kuala Lumpur Structural Plan 2020 to make Kuala Lumpur a world-class city.

What does Wireless@KL offer?
Wireless@KL offers you FREE access to the Internet via wireless broadband service at speeds of up to 512 kilobits per second (kbps) and at a maximum data usage (download / upload) of 500MB per month.

Where can I access Wireless@KL?
There will be 1,500 Wi-Fi APs (Access Points) around the city in commercial areas, offices, residential areas, community centers and other public areas. It aims to provide 80 per cent coverage of Kuala Lumpur, and it will be available for free for the first two years. Please refer to the coverage section for the list of outlets.

Who can access Wireless@KL Network?
ANYONE in KL can enjoy Wireless@KL. It's available to the public at large, whether you're a student, housewife, tourist, business person, executive or agent. You can connect to Wireless@KL anytime, almost anywhere in KL.

How do I access the service?
All you need to do is be in a Wireless@KL hotspot. You then have to switch on the wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) appliance which is readily available on your laptop, PDA, Wi-Fi/dual-mode phone or infotainment device (i.e. iPOD, Sony PSP, etc). You then connect to the Wireless@KL network and sign up. It's as simple as that.

What do I need to do to access the Wireless@KL Network?
Users are required to register to obtain their free account. Once registered, users need to login using their chosen username and password.

What benefits do I get by registering myself at Wireless@KL?
Users would able to surf the internet for free. Users would also be able to access the Wireless@KL portal where you'll find useful information on where to go around KL city, the latest news on KL happenings and much more.

Login to this

I don't know how far good are them but I really doubt because it is lunch by DBKL maybe just another similar IT IS( project which always goes down

Jun 22, 2008

Camera Dry Cabinet ? - AIPO

When Ryan ask me whether i want to buy a dry cabinet to store in my 350d , i though him that i snap picture very frequent and my camera is actually store at my cloth cabinet with a few wet sucking hippo..:)-->Humidity

When i went to Maju junction for photo exhibition then i start realize that is actually a cabinet with tempted class and plastic seal .

So i call up Ryan and ask him and he told me that he is selling Aipo brand

I try to search around google and find some information abt the product and it really not bad to have it . I believe people who stay near the sea will benefit alot because of all the maintenance fee they need to paid for the lense and body service due to heAVY Humidity.

Here are some of the offsite link for you to check it out. there is the price list being show on the net (In Malaysia ringgit).

Got to wait for my budget due to the fact this 2 month , i am in negative balance sheet..:(

Jun 21, 2008


Plur is a social journal just like twitter , although i doubt Plurk is just a clone from twitter but putting all those into timeline instead.

As Author of this blogger something it is very difficult to follow up and chat with other people especially when they are using different social group such as facebook , friendster , myblog ...etc

Something different with twitter is it have a system call Karma ,we have to earn more through social to get more karma and use other feature as well.

Let's bush around Plurk and Hon hon hon

Tiny presentation tools -ZoomIT

I got to know this tools from AMIS technology blog when they told abt that, although my job is focus in operation but something in order to give some detail on how new process /instruction i need to give some hand on to my engineer.

So i goto the link provided and download it . let's see how it work

There is actually 3 key to activate it , first i use the default which is Ctrl-1 , it will zoom the existing page

Original page

When Ctril-1 is keyed - It will zoom the page and allow us to move versus mouse

When Ctril 2 is keyed , movement will be stop and let's start some highlight and drawing..:)

it work the same in mouse when we left click it will activate Drawing Mode and right click will go back in Zoom Mode , follow the sequences.

Guess what i notice ,this tools just publish on 28 May 2008.