Oct 31, 2008

Hiring Manager checklist

As a hiring manager ,

I always check through again the resume before recruitment/ vendor side pass to me for 2nd level screening.

Remember last time when i going out for interview ,a few interviewer actually asking me what is my roles and sometime even the Job description is different with what i'm doing now , headhunter still propose my resume to the hiring manager.

Instead of wasting other people time and also our own time to get a best candidate, Should those hiring manager start to do something first ?

Here is the checklist i will have
1) Read through candidate resume
2) Identify keyword which match on the JD we wanted .
Keyword such as
  • Year of related experience
  • knowledge and skillset
  • Length of working in each company
  • Hobby
  • Any extra skill they have so that we can ask them in detail during screening
Is there anything else for hiring manager to check ???
Although it sound basic ,remember when i need to schedule to interview 3 DBA with 3 hour free slot from my calendar continuous which liking to happen once a year , i believe it is worth to take extra step to make sure. And also not to mention it will help to build up our company imaging
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