Oct 23, 2008

Blogspot new feature - I'm Following

It use only for blogger around to keep track on blog which we will want to follow at the same time as admin we can also with other blogger on latest update on their blog too.

By following your blog, your readers tell you and the world that they’re a fan of what you post. Your Dashboard now shows you how many followers each of your blogs has. With a click on the Followers icon, you can browse your followers, see what blogs they write, and read the other blogs they’re following.

Your followers can stay updated with your blog with the Reading List that we’ve added to the Blogger Dashboard. The Blogs I’m Following tab automatically shows the latest posts from all the blogs you follow. You can follow any blog from your reading list, even blogs that haven’t added the Followers widget or aren’t hosted on Blogger. Just click the “Add” button and type in the blog’s URL.

f you’re a Google Reader user, you’ll now see a special folder in Reader called “Blogs I’m Following,” .

What you waiting for ? let's add it in.
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