Dec 30, 2009

My first visit to Bukit Aman for Saman

Due to some suspect Saman letter from Bukit Aman and because i'm sitting house doing nothing (Thank to my company)..

So i make my way to Bukit Aman to check on my Saman. At first i drive through the main gate and greet by a polity polis and he direct me to the nearby office which is outside

of the main building .

And i proceed to car park and wait grab a ticket . By looking at the Queue is around 10 people in front of me . By just waiting for approx 10 minute

which come to my turn (not reallty bad because i remember last time i got to wait on the queue which is around 100 over people in front of me in a local 'Community' Bank.

I proceed to check with the officier and he explain to me on the detail of the 'Saman' and also the penalty cost . I told him i not really bother about the money but i need to

confirm on the Saman because i am sure that i nver park my car on that area before. So he again told me to check with Petaling Street Traffic HQ. And again i got to give them 1 thumb up on the service provided to me

So i head up to Petaling Street and grab my old time Wan Tan Mee at the narrow street behind my old college..

After my late lunch then i walk to the Saman checking department and greet again by all smiling face around and guide me through the process

the officer in charge also told me his problem because off this last year (2008) cases it will take them some time to dig out the original ticket

So he take down my number and will call me back when they manage to find it and also further ensure me about the 'reminder' letter..

Overall my experience in Polis department during my 'intentional' visit is very good , Maybe our PM really cascade down the instruction

to respective department to be 'effective , friendly ' .. Overall i will like to give them a thumd up on my Bukit Aman experiences..:)

P.s 'Saman' - > Polis ticket for law breaking people..:)

Dec 23, 2009

X Ray your hard disk ?

Taking my time to reorganize my harddisk but where shall i look into this ?? The best way is to get a TDP X-Ray on it.. I found out this tools from this site ,It is good that i also know chinese language to convert back English and Chinese site.. Oooo...abit out of topic..

Before we download it let's see what is the basic requirement

    • Graphic card with OpenGL with a 64MB memory (or more)

    • The memory utilization depends on the number of examined files (for a 100 GB disk with 100,000 files, you need memory of about 15MB)

    • Approximately 500KB of space on a disk for the application + approximately 1 to 10 MB for cache (depending on the number of files on the disk - 10MB corresponds with approximately 180,000 files). You can choose not to use cache (see "Configuration File")

    • MS Windows 2000 SP4 or Windows XP SP

Yes... my laptop meet the requirement , let's send it to the X-Ray room...For a small laptop like my it take just around 5 minute to finish the scan and i got my x-ray report on what is taking

the size of my harddisk ,It is time to delete or backup those into my external harddisk

Err.. there are another version of TDP XRay Pro around ...and it have more user customise feature around as well...Check it out!!!!